30% of FMers have low Growth Hormone.....Secondary to other Factors.

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    Dear All,

    Dr. Bennet seems to be the one on the Growth Hormone wagon. He does admit that it is probably secondary to other problems. Auto-Immune problems? (stress due to Auto-Immune problems?) I can see where taking Growth Hormone could help FM...But your not treating the root cause. IMO

    Excerpt below....Article below that.

    "It is postulated that impaired GH secretion is secondary to chronic physical and psychological stressors."

    Bennett RM

    Adult growth hormone deficiency in patients with fibromyalgia

    Adult growth hormone (GH) deficiency is a well-described clinical syndrome with many features reminiscent of fibromyalgia. There is evidence that GH deficiency as defined in terms of a low insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) level occurs in approximately 30% of patients with fibromyalgia and is probably the cause of some morbidity. It seems most likely that impaired GH secretion in fibromyalgia is related to a physiologic dysregulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA) with a resulting increase in hypothalamic somatostatin tone. It is postulated that impaired GH secretion is secondary to chronic physical and psychological stressors. It appears that impaired GH secretion is more common than clinically significant GH deficiency with low IGF-1 levels. The severe GH deficiency that occurs in a subset of patients with fibromyalgia is of clinical relevance because it is a treatable disorder with demonstrated benefits to patients.

    Curr Rheumatol Rep 2002 Aug; 4(4):306–12

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    What does IMO mean? Thanks.

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    IMO = in my opinion
    IMHO = in my humble opinion!!
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    IMO = In My Opinion
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    I take Diatx for low growth horomone. the insurance won't cover it because it is a Vit B complex, even though my Rheumy prescribed it. It costs $21 per month. It is supposed to help maintain your kidney function too, which is important to me because my mother was on dialysis when she died a few weeks ago on Nov 30th. Hope this helps someone. Thanks, Sandi
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    Dr. Bennett isn't the only one who has found that many of us have low HGH. Lakediver and someone else here were taking the HGH through their docs and, if memory serves (and often it doesn't) through a low- or no-cost program through the pharmaceutical company. Lakediver doesn't come around much anymore. I think she is doing so much better that she is well. There is a downside to taking the actual hormone: It can feed any cancer cells in the body.

    I take the HGH stimulant which prods my body to make its own HGH. It is a bovine product, so I am sure to get one not produced in the UK. The one produced by the pharmaceutical company is synthetic. The stimulant does not have the side effect of feeding cancer cells and it will not prod one's body to make more HGH than is needed.

    I have a book on HGH but haven't had a chance to do more than just scan through it.

    Love, Mikie
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    My doctor wants to do a Stress Test and then test for Hormone levels right after. I guess to see if my muscles are being replenished with hormones for repair. How was your test done?

    My doctor did mention rapid acceleration of cancer cells as a potential side effect.

    I have to wait awhile since my last Stress test wasn't very long ago and my insurance won't cover another Stress test so soon.

    My goal is to get better without going broke. Being broke and like this could be much worst.


    Current Meds...

    Milled Flax Seed
    Ibuprophen when needed
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    The stimulant is available through the Health food store. I haven't looked to see whether they have one here as mine is old; it lasts forever. As I mentioned, with the stimulant, it won't make HGH in the body unless you are low. I do feel better when I take it, a little more energy and a few other small things.

    I didn't have any labs after my stress test, but I passed with flying colors. Thank God, it was on a day I was feeling pretty well after resting up for a couple of days prior to the test.

    Love, Mikie