31 yr. old FMS sufferer - TIRED OF MEDS!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Missi, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. Missi

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    Hello... I am so frustrated with being placed on different
    anti-depressants that are suppose to "cure" me of my PAIN. Is anyone else feeling frustrated and alone;feeling as though doctors and family just do not even get it? The daily pep talks we have to give ourselves just to make it through each big event or sometimes each hour."NORMAL" adults take for granted all they can accomplish WITHOUT PAIN. Sometimes I feel as though I am some sort-of being perceived by others as an outcast. Currently; I am on NO MEDS and damn proud of it. I did buy the ZMA that everyone is raving about and the couple nights that I have taken a couple tablets; I did sleep great.Also, I would like to add, if family members, work associates and friends only knew the true meaning of REAL PAIN; then we would be taken more seriously-wouldn't that be refreashing!!!!
  2. Echos

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    Welcome to the board. I too feel your frustration and understand your pain. Living with these illnesses on a day to day basis is a struggle, but I will do it. I do take so many different meds that I gag at the thought of having to wake tomorrow morning and count out the medications and try to get them down one at a time. I am very lucky with my family though. I have a husband whom is very sympathetic towards my pain and fatigue and all else I have to deal with daily. I do wish others would take this more serious though. If they felt and lived one day as we do, this would be a whole different ball game for us. I'm glad you found us here and hope you come back often. You will find many kind and understanding people here, all of which know exactly how you feel and what your going through. My thoughts are with you.
  3. Shirl

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    Hi Missi, welcome to our world! I do believe we are the most misunderstood people in the world!

    We can all relate to what you said. From doctors, friends, family and even the children sometimes don't believe or understand us (I must admit, my dogs seem to know when I hurt!).

    I have Fibro, been at it for 20 plus years, so I have pretty much encountered just about every silly question, accusation, etc. you can imagine concerning the reasons why I can't do this or that. Why do I have so much pain, why don't I go to a doctor??? The last is the biggest joke of all!

    I don't take any meds except for a low dose of Xanax in the evening, the rest is supplements, herbs etc.

    I am also a ZMA person, and it truly does work for sleep, pain and constipation! What more could you ask for?

    Sure glad you found our board, you are amoung a lot of people who do understand, feel that awful pain, and are more than willing to help if we can.

    Again, a big welcome to you, and please post often, would like to get to know you better.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. catgal

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    Hello Missi~~I think all of us have been through the anti-depressant routine without any relief--only alot of frustration and empty wallets.

    As you read the posts here, you will find that all of us are trying and/or doing a different approach to pain management and health care. Some are on various combinations of vitamins/herbs; others on mixtures of medications; some on narcotic pain management; others on special diets; some are into body cleansing, and the list goes on & on. Everyone is trying to find the right protocol for themselves. For what works for one may not work for another. A long process of trial & error.

    Many have not yet found a physician/provider that believes in FM or will help them with the pain. And so they suffer every hour out of every day AND night. Some are told it's all in their heads and are sent to psychiatrists while others are put on pseudo-medications that offer no help. It is amazing what we go through just to try and live with this disease.

    I am 53 and have had FM/CFS since I was 15. Now at almost 54, I have spent a fortune in my lifetime on vitamins/herbs, diets, exercise gimicks, FM fads, doctors, specialists, anti-depressants & muscle relaxers, and whatever else. But, nothing ever helped to relieve the constant aching, pain, exhaustion, and flares up until two years ago when I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease (ddd) with multiple back problems. I also have 3 different kinds of arthritis.

    I was finally put on narcotic pain management for the ddd and back problems along with soma (an excellent muscle relaxer), klonopin (for restless legs & sleep), and bextra as an anti-inflammatory. No recognition was given for the FM. However, the narcotic pain meds have not only eased the back and arthritis pain, but also the aching & pain of the FM. But, all the meds are prescription and quite expensive, and I have no insurance, so over half of one of my two monthly paychecks goes to medical expenses. But, I definitely feel better, am still able to work, and have some quality of life.

    I hope you will make yourself at home here for this is like a 2nd family....one that understands, offers support, compassion, information, personal experiences, ideas, and is always willing to listen and do what they can to help. We hope you come back often and feel free to ask any questions or respond to any of the posts. There are no strangers here--just fellow sufferers from all over the globe.

    If you haven't already, take some time and fill out your bio so we can get to know you better. Take care, and I'm sure that others will be along to "Welcome" you and offer support. Glad you're here, Carol...
  5. pam_d

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    Carol said it: QUALITY OF LIFE! That's what we're all after here. We all have varying degrees of pain, neurological symptoms, fatigue, and many of us are also coping with other illnesses like MS, lupus, RA, and the list goes on. I have enormous respect for all of us for getting through each day & striving to make our quality of life better-----sometimes the improvements may be tiny, but hopefully will allow us to get back some of the quality of life we have enjoyed. I take no regular FM meds, just supplements, and the occasional prescription med for a bad migraine, but I make no judgements about those that use many; in fact, I have nothing but the utmost respect for those who have found a combination that works for them, & allows them quality of life in at least some measure. I agree with you, those around us, from many doctors, to friends, relatives & co-workers, have no idea what we go through each day, can't imagine what it's like to be in our shoes! Luckily, we have each other here!

    I'm ordering the ZMA, too, after hearing how many people rely on it & will hope for the best!

  6. pinkquartz

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    i do sometimes tell people that i never ever felt this type of tiredness and pain until i got this DD.
    but while its frustrating for us that 'normals"don't understand it's not their fault !!
    I have been as descriptive as possible with people close to me but if they are healthy and strong then they will not have a clue!!!
    thats why this board is brilliant ,so many people who sadly do know !