32 and being tested for Rheumatoid Arthritis (Have ?s)

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    I went to my Dr. because I have had lots of aches and pains, mostly in my legs and feet and have been very, very tired. I thought I had Lyme's, but that came back negative, but my Rheumatoid levels came back high, so they are sending me to a specialist who I will see in a few wks.
    Just wondering if any of these things are some things other have experienced, my pain started out mostly first thing in the am as my feet would hit the floor, I would stumble about because they hurt so bad, it would get better as the day progressed. More recently the pain goes all the way up my legs and doesn't get better all the way, yes there are times they feel "better" but not 100% and after I have sat for sometime, I am always stiff and sore. I have also been anemic most of my life, which I was reading is linked to RA.
    The one main ? I have is to know, if anyone that has RA has ever had the feeling like their bodies were soooo (something) that they felt like the insides wanted to come out of the skin, like a very swollen tightness feeling, even the swelling isn't visibly noticeable.... I am feeling crazy.
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    Here is the site that is the Mayo Clinic's entire section on Rheumatoid Arthritis. It would be a good idea that if you suspect you have R.A., to thoroughly read up on it before seeing the specialist. Good luck and best wishes

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