33 years of fibro

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    I am new to this site folks. Hello to all my new firbo friends, my name is Cass. Yes, I have had the condition before there was a name. Lately things have been very hard on me. My doctor sent out letters to those he was treating for pain. He is no longer helping fibro people. If that was enough, a Rhumatolgist did not want me for a patient. He told me I belonged in a pain clinic. Then, I was sent to a pain clinic just to hear the doctor tell me I was a liar, my pain was not real and take an aspirin. Any comments?

    Just for the record, I have never abused my medications. I went to the pharmacy to obtain a print out of my meds. I also had my insurance company send one as well. I don't abuse my med's, I also drink Xango. It is a juice from a fruit tree. I became a distrubtor just to drink the product, I don't sell it. It is loaded with anti-oxidants and I love drinking it for energy. I am not writing to sell the product. Please don't think that, check into it because it helps me. We all need to be on a vitamin and try and put good things into our bodies, sick or not.

    As for depression, we aren't depressed. The disease depresses us! I stopped taking all those anti-depressants. They were weight gain not to mention problems. Oh, the juice has what is called Zanthones in it, which is a natural anti-depressant. It doesn't always help, I still get depressed when the pain rules. However, I am on one depressant and I plan to stop taking that next week. There is no cure for what we have, I found what works for my disease more tolerable is all. Learn to make it your friend. My skin looks pretty good too, at least that is what others have told me. Yes, the doctor at the pain clinic told me I looked to good to have fibro, forgot to mention that one. How are you suppose to look I asked. The next thing I knew he was done with me.

    Thanks for letting me share my overwheleming news. I pray each morning for all the good in the world. I pray for all my fibro friends to get through the day, especially those who have to work. I pray for all those sick in the world that I don't even know.

    (edited to remove content) I have chronic pain and no doctor. I am not giving up, God doesn't get us as far as we come, just to let us down at that time. I plan to re-visit you all again. Please keep your spirits up, don't let the illness defeat you. Find all the good in each day, hey, I am chronic pain person. If I can you can too. Put yourselves in my shoes especially if you don't have a doctor. I will handle this and let you know what I did about it. I hope we can get to know one another. I am going to be moving to Oregon, does anyone know of a doctor there who believes in fibro? My address is (edited to remove email address per rules)
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    Nice to see you here, welcome to the board. There is a search box on top of this page, you can put in a search and find lots of interesting posts about it. Choose the "title and Content" option. Your story sounds so familiar, we have all been thru the very same obstacles.
    I just figured a way that accually worked when finding a FM litterate and willing doc. I called the offices and asked upfront if the doctor/s treated FM. I found one that did.

    I hope you will get pleny of replies! Post often!

    Happy New Year!