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    So how does this mesh with Lyme?

    whittlemore peterson diagnostic me/cfs test. news report form you tube
    4/8/09 7:10 AM

    <Quote>In this study our aim was to subgroup ME/CFS patients based on serum chemokine and cytokine profiles with the ultimate goal of establishing disease parameters on a molecular level that correlate with distinct disease phenotypes. We used suspension antibody microarrays of 25-cytokines and chemokines on a Luminex platform for serum profiling of 168 ME/CFS patients and 140 healthy controls. Our analysis has revealed distinct pathogen associated signatures with significant 5- to 200-fold differences between patients and controls for the inflammatory serum chemokines IL-8, IP-10, MIP-a and MIP-1b, as well as the pro inflammatory cytokines IL-6, TNFa and IL-1b.

    Moreover, our data shows for the first time in ME/CFS a cytokine and chemokine profile, which suggests a TH17 shift in subgroups of our cohort. We conclude that cytokine and chemokine patterns in subgroups of ME/CFS can be used diagnostically, as serum biomarkers to stratify patients for appropriate anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral therapeutics.<Unquote>