38 Natural Alternatives for Herpes Family Viruses

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    Wanted to provide some guidance for those beginners who would like to get a comprehensive list of Natural sources of Anti- Herpes family virues which includes HHV-1,2, HHV-4 [ EBV], HHV-5 [ CMV], HHV-6 . Note : the majority of these below contain substances toxic directly or indirectly to the CFID Herpes family viruses such as CMV, EBV, HHV-6 when taken in appropriate doses so its not only HIV. The original article was meant for HIV patients at: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/38-natural-alternatives-hiv
    1. Whey protein concentrate supplementation can stimulate glutathione synthesis and, possibly, decrease the occurence of associated co-infections.
    2. Curcumin is an effective treatment for HIV-associated diarrhea.
    3. A polyphenol and antioxidant rich fruit and vegetable concentrate has therapeutic value in HIV patients due to enhanced proliferation, which could restore disturbances in T-cell homeostasis.
    4. Neem leaf extract safely increases CD4 celllevels in patients with HIV/AIDS.
    5. Selenium supplementation suppresses the progression of HIV-1 and improves CD4 count.
    6. Cinnamomum zeylanicum has therapeutic activity in HIV-associated oral candidiasis.
    7. Elderberry, green tea and cinnamon extracts rich in certain flavonoid compounds were shown to block HIV-1 entry and infection.
    8. Licorice contains the compound glycyrrhizin which has significantly inhibits HIV replicationin the peripheral blood mononuclear cells from HIV-seropositive patients.
    9. Sumac (Rhus chinensis) contains compounds with anti-HIV activity.
    10. Lactoferrin (from milk) may inhibit HIV virus infection in children.
    11. The use of Alternanthera pungens herb tea by HIV-infected patients may lead to significant increase T lymphocytes and decrease in biomarkers of oxidative stress, and might help in the prevention of the opportunist diseases.
    12. Plasma antioxidant capacity can be increased by long-term ingestion of polyphenols from fruit juices or fruit-vegetable-concentratein HIV-seropositive patients.
    13. American ginsengreduces oxidative stress in patients taking the antiviral medication zidovudine without altering drug pharmacokinetics.
    14. Korean ginseng improves treatment outcomesin HIV-infected patients on antiretroviral therapy.
    15. Glycyrrhiza uralensis (TCM herb)improves immune function in HIV-infected patients.
    16. Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) has therapeutic activity as an ajunctto HIV/AIDS.
    17. Lemon juice and lemongrass have therapeutic value in the treatment of oral thrush.
    18. Tea tree is an effective therapy for fluconazole-refractory oropharyngeal candidiasis.
    19. St. John's wort (H. perforatum) inhibits HIV-1 viral infection.
    20. Lignans found within Schisandra demonstrates anti-HIV virus activity.
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    The remaining Anti-viral natural Sources are:

    1. Seawead (S. fusiforme) inhibits HIV-1 infectionin T cells, primary human macrophages, microglia, and astrocytes.
    2. Black and green tea contain compounds which inhibit HIV-1 entry.
    3. Olive Leaf extract exhibits anti-HIV activity.
    4. Lentin, a novel and potent antifungal protein from shitake mushroom exhibits inhibitory effects on activity of human immunodeficiency virus-1 reverse transcriptase and proliferation of leukemia cells.
    5. Chrysanthemum morifolium contains a flavonoid with anti-HIV activity.
    6. Croton tiglium, Cynomorium songaricum, Xanthoceras sorbifolia, and oleanolic acid derivates exhibit anti-HIV activity.
    7. Hyssop and Dittrichia viscosa have anti-HIV-1 activity.
    8. Pomegranate exhibits antiviral activity against HIV-1.
    9. A polysaccharide from Rooibois leaves has a strong anti-HIV activity.
    10. Rosa damascena contains compounds with anti-HIV activity.
    11. Rose flowers contain compounds with with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) type 1 reverse transcriptase inhibitory activity.
    12. Carnosic acid, a component found within Rosemary, inhibits HIV-1 protease.
    13. Phyllanthus niruri (syn. P. amarus) inhibit wild-type HIV virus and reverse transcriptase inhibitor-resistant variants.
    14. Calophyllum brasilienseand Clusia quadrangula exhibit HIV-1 inhibitory activity.
    15. Melissa, Sweet Basil, Perilla, Prunella vulgaris and Savory has potent anti-HIV-1.
    16. Black cohosh contains a compound Actein which exhibits potent anti-HIV activity.
    17. Black and green tea contain compounds which inhibit HIV-1 entry.
    18. Blue-green algae extracts inhibit reverse transcriptases activity, including that HIV-1.

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    Thank you for sharing this comprehensive list. Always a relative subject for those struggling with Herpes co-infections.