39-29-99.... Thats not my ......

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Donna39, Jul 26, 2003.

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    measurements either. Its just the way I feel.I'm 39 yrs old.I look like I am 29,but I feel like I am 99.Its true what they say about looks being deceiving for sure.I have always cared about how I look and have always tried to look my best. But these days when I look in the mirror at myself,I am asking "Who are you"? I don't know that person any more.A couple of days ago I posted on how good I was feeling.I almost felt as though I have never had this DD.
    Almost a pain-free day.I felt so alive and energetic I didn't even want to go to bed that night,because I didn't want that feeling to end.But it did and now I am back to feeling so sick,depressed and in pain.I cried my eyes out last night to my husband.Why does this roller coaster ride keeping taking me up and down.WHY!!!!!!!I want another day of feeling alive again. Feeling so depressed.Donna
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    I'm sorry you're so down, though I'm not sorry you felt so good! At first it was really depressing for me, since every time I felt good I thought I was cured. Then a day or two later, bam. And even now, after 6 years, I still wonder if I'm cured when I have a good day after starting a new treatment. I don't think I get quite as depressed as I used to; maybe I'm less hopeful or just less naive. Or maybe it just depends on where I'm at emotionally or hormonally. I'll be thinking of you.