3am & miserable....ultracet question

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  1. pam_d

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    Hi, all, those in other parts of the world are awake, hopefully those in the U.S. are getting good sleep now.

    I am having a miserable time with foot & hand pain. My extremities are always cold anyway, this is not new, but now it has gone beyond that to great pain. I am presently being tested for thyroid T-3 (had the other tests already) and after that my doc (who's very methodical & goes step by step) will test for the hypercoagulation; these two are things I learned about here (thanks to all of you) that seem to sometimes be underlying factors for cold extremities. I also have food allergies that I am dealing with, that I believe are at the root of a lot of my problems, and am just in the early stages of trying to get my diet "down", using digestive enzymes, probiotics, etc...still struggling with this but working on it.

    I generally do not take prescription meds for my FM, and I manage to get by OK most of the time. But the pain in my extremities has gone beyond anything I have ever dealt with before. I know that many others here have commented on hand & foot pain before, so I know that this is a fairly common problem. What helps for this? I am already doing epsom salts baths, heating pads, etc. (I'm hoping as winter lifts, I may feel a little better as the cold doesn't seem to help any.)

    I was given samples of Ultracet by an FM doc I saw & a prescription-----never filled it, because at the time, I hadn't even asked for pain meds, don't generally like prescription drugs, etc. But I never say "never" with this illness......does anyone find Ultracet helps with this kind of pain? It literally pains me to ask this question, and to complain about pain; the neuro symptoms of FM have always been the worst for me to bear, but it has only been recently that the pain part has kicked up so much for me. Advil & Aleve do nothing------again, anti-inflammatories just don't help with this kind of pain!

    Thanks in advance for the guidance of anyone here who has extremities pain, or has used Ultracet. I apologize for the complaining......I try not to do that here, but I'm always grateful for you all being there.....

    Thanks & Hugs,

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  2. stillafreemind

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    I am sooooo sorry you had such a rough night. I do not have pain meds..so I am sorry I cannot help you out there.

    For me..its heat and hot/warm baths. And I know there are times when it just does not cut the mustard.

    Are you on magnesium? It does seem to help alot of the chronic aches and pains..BUT..this fast changing weather has us riled up too I think.

    I am in hopes that you are feeling better..please let us know how you are when you can.
    wishing you the best...Sherry
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    and it helped for awhile. When I complained to my doctor about increasing pain again, he doubled the dosage and that has really helped me. I haven't found anything that totally eliminates the pain, but I don't think from my own experience and others here that nothing totally blocks the pain. But just taking the edge off of it really helps. So I would definitely give it a try. I haven't really noticed any side effects except that I sweat easier that I used to, but that's no big deal. Good luck to you.

  4. pam_d

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    ..for your replies; it's a vicious cycle, isn't it? We're in too much pain to sleep, but we need the sleep so badly to ever heal.

    Thanks again for the ultracet info, & your suggestions. I value the combined wisdom & experience everyone here has!

  5. northwoodssue

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    Hi Pam:
    Hope you got some rest last night and are better this am. I have bad hand , wrist and feet pain. I use a sleeping pillow to take the pressure off my feet, or just use an extra pillow. It does help some. I do reflexology and massage for my feet too, and it helps. I find temporary relief for the wrists, hands with heated acewraps. But nothing works all the time.
    I take ultram for pain and it takes the edge off only. I tried ultracette and it helped more than the plain ultram. Ultracette is only ultram with tylenol, so I take my ultram with an extra tylenol and it helps better.
    Sure hope you find some relief with this.
    let us know, we care,
  6. bluebirder

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    Yes I have Ultracet "in my toolbox" as the Dr put it. She knows I won't use it unless I really have to. I have found that sometimes I have no choice if I want to decrease the pain to achiness.

    Normally I put it off until night but sometimes have to take it in the day.

    I wasn't sure the meds were really helping much until the other night when I was tired anyway so didn't take them. Boy what an "awakening" and inabilitly to get back to sleep! Too much else going on in my life now, so I have finally come to the conclusion I HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF MYSELF so I can deal with the other things as I can.

    Really work with your Dr. Let them know just what does what to you. And don't do like I did and think that because you still hurt it isn't helping. With this disease and others like it we need to simply control the symptoms to a level that we can function at a decent level. We also have to listen to our bodies and stop so we CAN finish a job later.

    We are here to help each other...listen sometimes when each of us is down....but remember to help each other back up as well. I am putting my trust in God to get me through the bad days and on good days I will Praise him for getting me through and see if I can support someone else.

    Hugs to all.
  7. pam_d

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    I can't believe the support I get here, I'm so grateful to you. This has been a real personal crisis for me; I'm so much more used to the debilitating neuro symptoms, and now I am at a place where the pain part has gradually gotten intolerable. My doctor says it sounds like neuropathy pain (NOT diabetic). I have managed to get along without drugs for 4 years, but I have always felt that whether we use pain drugs or other drugs, or just supplements, we are all together in our desire to find the best quality of life we can-----and I'm at a place where my quality of life is really suffering right now. I'm still determined to find the CAUSE of this pain, I've learned a lot thru my allergy doctor & continue on, but I think am going to try to relieve my pain a bit in the interim. Thanks again for all the info, I feel I have real comrades here!

  8. starstella

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    I've been using Ultram (it dosent' have the tylenol in it) for almost 2 years now. Sometimes it helps more than other times, but I'm not too eager to use the narcotic drugs on a regular basis. I understand your reluctance to begin using pain meds, I just hate being reliant on them but if I wasn't I would not be able to work. Sometimes I feel tremendous guilt, and feel that I should be able to handle my pain without medication, but I just can't.
    I went for about 2 years with unexplained foot pain until an EMG test showed I had lumbar disk problems. My doc treated me with Neurontin and a lot of physical therapy which stopped the foot pain. Unfortunately I still have pain elsewhere (headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain). Had to stop the Neurontin because it made me tremendously dizzy. I like the Ultram because I don't get a "high" feeling. It used to give me energy, but I am too used to the med now and don't get that effect any more. I have read from another fibro information source that the Ultram works best if taken on a routine instead of an occasional basis. I take mine regularly, but I have read other posts on the site stating it is taken only when really needed. I think you should give it a try. You may find that you experience a better quality of life.
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  9. pam_d

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    Thank you! I once tried neurontin a couple of years ago & it made me dizzy, too. I'm a little bit--cautiously----- optimistic I may be coming out of this flare, but I'm definitely keeping ultram as an option. Thanks for letting me know your experiences.