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    Ok, you all know how much I've "preached" meditation here and how absolutely
    it can do so much...lower pain levels, lower blood pressure, reduce depression and
    the beat goes on with what Meditation does....we just have to DO IT.

    Talking to my rheumy today, I'm still getting acupuncture and still have too much
    pain, she is not a drug pusher....but today she kinda lectured me a bit for my own

    Trying to get me involved in a happy hobby....I'm not willing or want to paint anymore,
    just can't get back into that art work again.

    So we talked about Meditation...she is from Indian parents and said her parents
    still do meditation daily, not meditating is like not brushing their teeth she kinda
    compared their feelings on meditation...my rheumy meditates too.

    So I agreed to make it a daily 20-30 minute thing to do and said 3PM would be a good
    time for me to do this....on days I won't be able to I'll get in the meditation at another time.

    She believes it will level out pain levels, take the edge off pain.

    Meditation can also lower blood pressure, reduces depression (I know that for sure)....

    I've talked it up so much here but fall off my plans...so my plan is 3PM daily in
    total silence, turn everything off and stay with it daily.....it builds up in the brain.

    We live in such crazy times and it's tough to be calm.....
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    Jamin I think that is a great initiative, what timezone are you in, if it is a time that is appropriate for me too I'll gladly join in. The more minds in the same direction at the same time the more powerful. I'm in GMT+1 and usually try to meditate or spend some time on feeding the mind positive stuff from 7-7:30 pm. Sometimes if I am not able to concentrate at all I simply use guided meditation commentaries. Some can be found right here.
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    Good for you Jam! I meditate daily, in the morning. I get up, have my coffee, and then meditate for 20 to 30 minutes. It really helps center me. Once in awhile I do it in the evening too - I've read twice a day is best, but mainly just do the morning.

    You might find after doing it regularly for some weeks that your interest in painting may come back on its own. I found that when I've done it regularly, suddenly I WANT to play the piano. Meditation just brings out positive things with no effort.

    And for those who say it's too hard, it's not, really - it just takes practice. You wouldn't start an exercise program and expect to get results after one workout but I think many people look at meditation that way. It can take several days or a couple of weeks of daily practice before your mind starts to get quiet at all. The mind's normal state is to be busy so for meditation you have to just keep letting go, observe how busy your mind is and let go some more - basically learn not to try, and don't beat yourself up when your mind starts up again.

  4. Soul*

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    I do in the morning too Mary, it's easier to do at a time that the atmosphere around is still 'quiet' too. Early evening time is another relatively quiet time. It's nice to simply do during day too. And to have some mind traffic control every few hours during the day to check where the mind is going and if it still is directed towards where I want it to be.
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    Hi Jam - one more thing - I think that the book that really got me started meditating many years ago was The Relaxation Response by Herbert Benson. He was a cardiologist who found that people who meditated regularly were able to lower their blood pressure. It's an old book and very easy to read and very interesting, and it contains a very simple technique which I modified for my own purposes and still use today. So you might want to check it out -

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    I'm addicted to my talk radio, I get such an education from all the topics and people calling in with their opinions...BUT, at 3PM a new segment comes on and I've decided to miss at least 30 minutes of that segment....not my favorite segment.

    I usually do silent meditation but decided today to use a mantra, Relax Relax Relax Relax Relax Relax Relax......say this for 20-30 min in the mind and brain gets IT... and find it relaxes the whole body, I did it this morning at 10:30 and got a nice LIFT to go out for bridge....

    I know a friend who some years back would go for day long meditation sessions, even weekend sessions...I've never gone that route, but as Mary has said, the longer one faithfully does it, 20-30 minutes at least, the more powerful effect....

    And yes, good to TURN OFF the noise, of life. jam

    Soul I'm in PST....
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  8. Soul*

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    Oooh that is a nine hour difference meaning midnight for me, not a time I should be up :p I'll just stick to my morning times and evening times.

    I feel that meditation isn't about giving yourself a hard time. To me it isn't about stopping habits, it's about creating new ones so that old ones become redundant.

    The biggest relaxation to me came in accepting that my thoughts do drift of now and then and not to have even more thoughts about that but just accepting that I can redirect the moment I do realize I drifted of.

    It's keeping my mind in a happier and more peaceful comforting place which isn't a hard routine but a moment to enjoy. It's a way to rest your mind without sleeping or having to close your eyes first.

    And it's about having the good company of all what I value in life and being able to tap into that at any given moment when in the mids of situations where I need it. Like having a friend by my side at all times who is the most comforting company to have.

    Silence can definitely help, I've been on week long silence retreats several times in my younger years, they are special but all and all to me it's about day to day life and being able to apply what I experience in meditation in every situation when I need it most. That takes practice but the good thing is that life itself gives us plenty of opportunity to do that ;)
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    Soul, where is GMT?
  10. Soul*

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    Jamin GMT is Greenwich Mean Time. I'm on European standard time I guess... not sure how that translates to what you are used to. I thought GMT - and + was used worldwide but it seems that you all have different names for timezones. Wonder how you figure out how many hours plus or minus that is in comparison to others...
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    Thanks Soul, I thought you are in Europe...

    45 minutes today and so happy my rheumy convinced me to
    be serious and commit to daily med at a specific time.
  12. Mikie

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    Meditation is when we relax and clear the mind of all the internal chatter. I prefer to say a mantra only a few times and then, just let my mind go to an empty place. Some of my favorite mantras are : Let if flow, let it flow, let it flow; Everything is exactly as it is supposed to be; and, one from the Bible--"Be still and know that I am God."

    It is said that when we pray, we talk to God; when we meditate, God talks to us. I have had some revelations spoken to me in my mind while meditating. I believe it is the voice of God or one of his angels, spirit guides, or some kind of spiritual messenger. These messages have always been inspiring and helpful.

    Love, Mikie
  13. jaminhealth

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    I find using my one WORD over and over sinks in and body relaxes....

    So we all find what works for us....I know meditation helps everyone and too bad SO MANY don't go there.
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    I had just had an interesting conversation with a bridge friend who was telling me one of her church ladyfriends just came back from India, she was going for 3 weeks but stayed 6 weeks, I think it was.

    This lady was seeking changes in her life, she has 2 little children 4 and 7 think and she has a hard time managing these children.

    Anyway, bottom line she was telling my friend her life has changed since she meditates daily. My friend has an interest but worries about her mind wandering, and I've said to her, that happens, but you bring it back to your mantra whatever you choose. And one just has to do it and practice practice practice, until it's a part of your life you don't want to be without...

    This guru is in LA this monday evening and this lady is going and my friend said "oh I'd love to go"...so I hope Ellen will go and learn what she needs to learn. My friend deals with 20 yr long skin cancers that are forever being cut out and she's in a lot of pain always. So I KNOW her learning to meditate will help her.

    I just completed my 40 minutes and feel more energy.

    Anyway, nice story....jam
  15. mbofov

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    I've read the same thing Mikie said - that in prayer we talk to God, and vice versa. I don't believe in God per se, but I do meditate daily and find it just clears my mind and helps center me. Whatever works for people, like Jam's mantra of relax, I think is great. I work on clearing my mind and trust that good will come to it - hard to explain.

    My 64-year-old brother just started meditating about 2 weeks ago and he has nothing but good things to say about it. He went to a Transcendental Meditation class - anyways whatever gets you doing it is great. He says it gives him more energy, just like you, Jam. It doesn't give me energy but again it grounds me and when I do it faithfully, my life just changes in subtle ways for the better.

  16. jaminhealth

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    Mary, good to hear about your brother, that is great.

    Since I no longer believe in a god, I'm my god, so I trust in me and with the mantra Relax, doing it now daily I can feel my body relax, as it's always in a state of tension/stress.

    Now if it ever turns out there is a god, then, well I don't know what then....as I see it, my brain is my god and I keep working to keep it healthy.
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    Well, I just talked with another friend I met thru the FM/CFS group probably 10 yrs ago, we stay in contact and give each other support....she asked if I had any ideas to help with BP, she takes meds and eats celery but can't seem to keep it under control.....I chimed in MEDITATION....do it, make it a daily habit...

    Then she said she taught her son years ago and he meditates as does another friend's son meditate.....well, duh, how about practicing what your children practice....

    Anyway, I gave her my lecture and how meditating daily can help with the BP....carve out a daily time and commit.

    J, if you are seeing this, I care about you. jam