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  1. Didoe

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    Members with FM, would you share here if you have these symptom:

    When swallowing, it feels like you are swallowing a lump , near your throat glands, like its swollen or achy?

    My voice is gotten lower and more throaty too in the few months

    Doc finger check seems to feel things are normal, but inside its not
  2. elliespad

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    I used to complain of that all the time. Reached a point where I had a respiratory infection and couldn't bring up any secretions, even though I was practically drowning, coughing, and you could hear it. I kept saying I had a shelf in there that was blocking it from being coughed up. I was gettting numb and tingly in face and arms when I would lay down. Trouble breathing. Mind you, I had a severe respiratory infection. In and out of ER, getting told I had Asthma (I do not), giving me nebulizer treatments, inhalers. They wouldn't listen.

    Finally, a doctor who listened! Used Stethoscope on throat, heard STRIDOR (a high-pitched sound, caused by airway obstruction). He ordered a FLOW VOLUME LOOP, which is like a Spirometry but done 3 times in rapid succession. Apparently this is how to accurately diagnose this. Regular Spirometry won't show it.

    I had a GOITER causing Tracheal Compression. The half that was removed was the size of a small orange. Doctors COULDN'T feel much swelling because mine was RETROSTERNAL GOITER, meaning it grows below the collarbone. This was back in early 1990's.

    The official Dx. Iwas given is Autonomous Multi-Nodular Goiter. I have recently been told I have Antibodies to my thyroid gland.

    I also had a feeling of a lump, and trouble swallowing. As a matter of fact, all my life, even as a teenager, I HATED to have anything around my neck, never could stand a sweater or turtleneck. Also, my singing voice got MUCH lower.
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    I had it many times - my RH Specialist told me it was spasms from the neck muscles in fibro. It feels like your throat is closing in, like there's a lump there. No - nothing terribly serious - just another side effect. Muscle relaxers and rest to tone the spasms down help. Best of luck!
  4. Didoe

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    I'll be danged...what a difference a doc makes
    I also go numb, but chiro says its a pinched nerve and refused to do a full MRI "isn't necessary we already know the history down there"
    I also could never wear turtlenecks, feels like I'm being suffocated
    ALso a mouth breather, practically pant at times with the fullness in my throat
    If you're back to read, please let me know if you're family doc found this or did you see a specialist?

    My last word is how can someone have so many things medically wrong (referring to self not U) I mean its not like one disasterous illness, its a collection of illnesses eating away at my life, bit by bit. I would expect this if I had whooped it up with bad living but I wasn't even smart enuf to party hardy to get this sick.

    Your post showed up after I answered Elliesma...you maybe right..its just that I've reached a point I dont know what to ignore and what to worry about. With my medical history its usually prudent to worry...:) [This Message was Edited on 04/06/2007]
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    Sorry, just got online again. It was an Endocrinologist that diagnosed it. I already had a 10-15 year history with thyroid and knew I had goiter, but not that it had grown that big. Being that it was below the collarbone, it wasn't apparent externally just how big it was. They were always watching it. Had Scans, Uptakes, biopsies, chest x-rays. If you have had a chest x-ray VERY recently, it MAY even be obvious on that. Why noone picked up on my chest xray done at the hospital looking for pneumonia I'll never know. Before my surgery, they wanted my most recent chest xray, and you could plainly see about a 20% deviation of my trachea. DUMBASSES. LITERALLY bent sideways. They could order you an Ultrasound which would give them a good picure. I have also had my ENT do followup on it in recent years, because I won't follow my Endos treatment. He is gung-ho on Synthroid and I prefer Armour or Compounded T3/T4. I hope you get this figured out soon, and hopefully before your next respiratory infection, or cold.

    Wishing you well,,
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  6. Reidsbeads

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    I even had my dr refer me to a ent dr who put a scope down there and said there is nothing wrong. I also get a thick flem but i think thats the beginnings of a sinus infection. Does it come with miserable headaches also? I dont know what it is but the doc with the scope told me everything is normal...lol i really dont have a clue as to what that means anymore (normal) ;> Do you smoke? I do and I just figured that it might be from that. So dont worry but you should get it checked by an ear nose and throat specialist cause they can check it with a scope.
    Good Luck....Tam