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    Just wanted to give you an update on how I am doing with the Olive Leaf Extract (200mg), Milk Thistles (liver), and St. Johns Wort (mood).

    As you know, I just recently started taking these supplements and I REALLY have noticed a change. The first day I took them, I took them right before I went to bed and I woke up feeling, like I said before,10% better.

    Yesterday, I woke up with just the normal pain that we experience. Nothing severe like it's been this past week. I've also noticed that I'm starting to have my sense of humor back and tend to not be so impatient anymore. I mean, every now and then that "other person" wants to pay me a visit, but now I think that I can control it.

    The only problem that I ran into yesterday, is that according to the label of the above mentioned supplements, is that I should take them twice a day. Well yesterday, I took 1 of each in the morning with my oatmeal and toast....then I took the 2nd during my lunch...tostadas, rice etc. You may be askin yourself, "Why is she telling us this?" Well the reason is that today, I woke up feeling a little bit sore, with the normal "acky breakies," but I can only think of two reasons:

    1. I should have taken the second set of supplements yesterday with dinner; which I will do today just to see how my body reacts

    2. The deep massage that I got yesterday was a little to deep;

    So, I'll blame it on the massage from yesterday.

    GOSH DARN THESE KEYS KEEP STICKING AS I'M TYPING! Oh sorry ladies/gents.....that's the other person coming out that I was referring to above earlier. :)

    THE GOOD NEWS?.....After 3 months of menstrual cycle bleeding/disharge, IT HAS STOPPED and it only took three days of me using the above supp's! I mean, I've been going round and round with the gyno and he has not been able to pinpoint my problem. Well, to be honest with you, neither have I, but let me tell you that it is a relief. No more riding the white horse, or smoking cigars....at least for today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

    This morning I got up and was so happy to see that it had stopped that I woke my husband up and told him about my experiementing with these supplements and how they have REALLY HELPED ME OUT. LIFEDANCER.......I think I'm ready for the Chasenberry....(?) :)

    You know, funny thing.....today, I see my gyno and now what am I going to tell him? I think that I wiil still request that he run tests on my just to be sure that I'm not "numbing" something with the supp's that requires immediate attention.

    Also this morning I noticed that my nose and ears are starting to drain...how gross... and I can feel a slight sore throat coming on. I know.....I know....it could possibly be part of the "Herxing" process. However, this time around it's less mg's.....and it's not sneaking up on me or just showing up with a "BAM" your sick today feeling. I can feel it coming and I can prepare for it. It's almost as though I'm REALLY coming down with a cold.

    These are the things that I have noticed changing within a 3 day period!

    So for all of you that are thinking about the above supplements, it has worked for me these past three days and I would highly recommend them.

    But don't tell them I told you so. :)

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    I am happy to hear your good report Cookiemonster. I take the same supplement among others. I have been on the St. John's Wort since Nov. 02, the OLE since Jan or Feb. 03, and I just started milk thistle last month. They certainly do keep our symptoms under control to a large degree. It is great to find any measure of relief! As far as "the other person coming out". I was experiencing that also but once I started on GABA it calmed me and I have become more tolerant. Hey. I'm still not perfect yet but I do feel better most of the time. That keyed up feeling ready to explode has been tamed. LOL. Anyway, I just wanted to celebrate with you. It is wonderful to have good results.
    My best to you.
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    Thank you for posting, - you sound so uplifted and i`m absolutely delighted for you.

    You may feel worse yet but at least like you said, you`re ready for it.

    It`s such a relief to have improvement and be able to do this naturally, without spending mega bucks either... Don`t forget the liqiud intake, to help flush the system.

    Looking forward to hearing from you again.

    Love Pat.