3rd peptide injection today

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    I had my 3rd peptide injection today and the next one will be in 4 weeks because I am doing so good. I just started having some achyness a few days ago before this shot today but the doc says that is typical for RA but nothing that a couple of IBprofen couldn't handle. I am very pleased with my results and very grateful for these shots. I have had some stomach issues with gas and bloating so doc wants me to go gluten free, so I will give it a try. I want to do whatever I can to try to find the triggers that cause my flares. Stress is my biggest trigger and food can also play a big part. I will kept you posted on my continued results.


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    Glad things are going so well for you. My doc told me not to take ibuprophen as it decreases immunity. Of course, that's probably what is desired for RA. I take only acetaminophen but I'm on the wide-spectrum immune/autoimmune serum.

    Keep us updated. This is exciting!

    Love, Mikie