3rd week doing better

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    i'm following the Dr. Terry Wahls diet. she cured herself of MS coming up with this plan after doing huge amount of research. she targeted mitochondria, our cellular energy sources, as the thing to heal and bring back on line.

    her plan is no dairy, wheat, sugar--the usual culprits, but she also has a specific plan for what to include: 9C all colored vegs and fruits every day. bone broth. seaweed. healthy meats- but she doesn't have huge amounts of meats. fish couple times a week. organ meats once a week. mainly lots of fresh produce. she does have gluten-free recipes in her book, 'Minding Your Mitochondria.'

    i've loaned my book out, so maybe am leaving something out. i'm grain-free now. making lots of smoothies and discovering more and more ways to incorporate vegs into them. i like using blender better than my juicer- i get all the veg that way. can put some apple juice in to sweeten taste. i put a little stevia, too. coconut milk/almond milk, chopped kale, cucumber, beet chunks, a little lemon juice and apple juice, some chopped ginger- and water to thin it out. it's amazing. there are endless combinations to try. can also make wonderful fruit smoothies.

    i'm going to keep posting about this because i'm having such a good response to this dietary approach.

    i had turkey burger with organic bacon, egg-free mayo, cut up organic tomatoes, wrapped in lots of fresh lettuce for breakfast. it was sooo good.

    the thing is, i've been in a better state every since going on this plan, and i'm nearing end of week three. i exerted myself way too much the last two days working on a project and should have crashed out for days, but after a nap this morning, i find i'm feeling good right now. it's a revelation-

    anyway- i'm passing this on - hope it captures somebody's interest who tries it and gets help- best, salome