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    Unable to pay COBRA for continued health insurance I am uninsured. I called up my local Walgreens to get a refill on Trazadone 300, 30 day supply. Was told with a smile I was given the "Non Insured" discount for a total of $142.
    Well..obviously not being able to afford it, I left. With no prescription in hand. Remembering the ads about Walmart(listed on line) in Florida having a list of generics being offered for the price of $4 a piece, I called my local Sam's club. They said they didn't have the same program, but were definitely cheaper. She told me the same prescription would be $13.50!!!
    I was amazed!!! I called the doctor to make sure this was the same med and he assured me it was just another generic, and not to worry.
    Can you believe the pharmacy profit????

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    I have heard about that Walmart thing too. I wonder if it is going to happen. I mean all over the US. I heard it was starting on the East Coast. Anyone who knows anything about it ....Let everyone know PLEASE...Thanks bunches..~hugs~Mick
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    is just how big they are. It does kind of take away the 'hometown feeling' of smaller stores, but by god the prices do go down. I would suspect a lot of the price difference there is the difference between the namebrand and the generic, too... pharmaceutical companies have to make a profit, true, but sometimes I admit, I suspect them of taking advantage when they have a monopoly on a drug.
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    I was told that as of now it is only in Florida. But it will be available nationwide within the next year. Fortunately there is a printable list online that you can have your doctor refer to for substitutions. Thank goodness for little miracles!!!
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