4:00am and all is well?? Non-pain insomnia question

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bratnut, Jan 15, 2003.

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    I often wake up at 4-5 am and am wide awake. Exhausted, but wide awake. Normally, I've had about 5 hours of sleep at this point. I really don't notice that I'm in that much pain..that comes later after my body gets really tired from not being able to refresh during sleep...but I can't return to anything that resembles restful sleep (sometimes quasi-sleep until I have to get up at 6:00a). I have no clue as to why I'm awake and can still feel how tired I am. I know this happens to a lot of people occassionaly, but it's just routine for me now. It messes up the following day from the pain that will follow by being exhausted. I don't really get anxious or upset that I'm not sleeping as I'm so used to being tired and in pain that it's par for the course so I don't worry myself awake about it. I'd go nuts if I did :)!

    I guess what gets me is that I'm not really hurting when I awake, but still not being able to sleep. Yes, I've talked to my doctor who gave me Sonata as it is quick acting to return to sleep, but when I have to get up in an hour, it's pointless and makes me groggy that soon after taking it. I started taking Neurontin a little while ago and that helped with sleep for a bit, but not anymore.

    Anyone else? Any suggestions?

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    I have this too, except I wake up at 3 am. after only 3 hrs. of sleep. I am very hot when this happens, and in about 3 hrs. I start to get bad chills, and then I can go back to sleep. It is some kind of screwed up secretion of adrenaline or other hormones, due to the dysregulation of the autonomoic nervous system we have.
    In my support group we used to call this "adreneline rush hour" and joke about how we should have our support group meetings then since we are all awake anyway. It is that common.
    The thing that helps me most is to get up and take 50 mgs. of Benadryl, then go read or something else, until it works. 25 mgs. of Phenergan works even better if you can get your doc to prescribe it. It is a non-addicting antihistamine that creates a sense of well-being and is used as the shot you get to relax you when you are on your way to the operating room. The side-effect I get from it is a slight difficulty urinating and swollen fingers, but it is worth it to get some sleep.
    If you are hypoglycemic, a small balanced snack, half-protein and half carb, may help you.
    I am sorry to hear the Neurontin did not help. I am just starting it and am now up to 300 mgs. at bedtime and 100 mgs. in the morning. It has already changed my nightmares to normal dreams, and eliminated my morning depression, but it has also increased my appetite and stopped my weight loss program in it's tracks. I hope it helps me with my sensory overload as that is why I am trying it.
    Sweet dreams,
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    I have FM and the same problems for years, but now i take ambien and 15mg Remeron and slept for 11 to 7 without getting up one even to pee, tht was always a 5 oclock thing for years. I also had more energy the last 2 days, I spent a day of fun shpping and have been here reading for severl hours. If you are not sleeping ask Ask about the ambien and remeron, I took my 15 minutes ago and I think I better go before I waked upwith a keybord stuck to my face lol, sleep tight and good luck CB
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    I lived like that for the better part of my life! I did find something that helps me. Here is what I take for sleep;

    6pm Xanax (0.25 milligrams) to calm my racing brain, which stops me from falling asleep.

    10pm ZMA (zinc, magnesium, vitamin B-6), the is the wonder supplement for me, it keeps me in a deep sleep for 7-8 hours a night).

    Right before bed; Melatonin (3 milligrams), melatonin helps me fall asleep in half an hour.

    You could ask your doctor/druggest if they ZMA would interfere with the sleep meds you are now taking, if not try them like I do.

    HOpe you find what helps you soon. Sleeping has been a miracle to me, especially the ZMA. I am not tired in the day anymore.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Just a possibility I want to mention because of what happened to me.

    I often used to forget to take Fibroplex in the AM, and if I took it anytime between 12 noon--3 pm or so, I would always awaken at 2 am sharp. If I took it later than that, I would awaken at 5:30 am. My naturopath said that made no sense, but it happened repeatedly.

    It didn't happen in the beginning either, only after having taken it for a while. So now if I forget, I just don't take it until the next AM!

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    every night .... I'm joining your club.. nope I'm not in pain.. just awke and my mind is not racing... I'm just awke.. its every night and all my doc says is try to go back to sleep.... some of ya'll are so lucky to have supportive physicians that treat this! sorry no suggestions here just validation!
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    Magnesium is commonly used as a muscle relaxer and should actually help you to sleep if taken before bedtime. Did this actually keep you from sleeping? I think that's a bit unusual. I always take magnesium supplements before bed.
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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the info and validation! Sometimes I still go down the "there's something wrong with JUST me". i.e. "all in my head". I too often feel really hot when I wake up. I've had the internal thermostat insanity for awhile now. At first thought I was in early menopause :). Nope. Hadn't heard of it as 'adreniline rush' and I just kept thinking I'm just crazy.

    As for my doctors...I'm blessed. My shrink is to die for. When I first told him about the 'fibro' diagnosis from my PCP he was really supportive. He was also the first to tell me that the pain in my neck from the break shouldn't be so severe anymore..that I should have adapted by now as it has healed as much as it will. He likened it to a elderly person with chronic hip pain that just keeps trucking. Your body acclimates. He totoally believes me and often treats his patients for fibro too as they get no helpful treatment from the physical side of the medical community. Just a lot of b.s. treatment. I had to laugh when he said "you're not "f*#!@g" nuts!" It was in humor and very honest.just what I needed to hear. :) Another one of my doctors want's that diagnosis :)! My PCP upon the fibro diagnosis said "FM really exists. We don't really understand it, but it's there" I liked the honesty.

    As for the Neurontin, I really think it is helping overall. I am hoping the sleep think will get better again. Maybe as the dosage is slowly increased. I think my neck isn't quite as badX. It's always my worst pain area due to earlier fractures followed by my low back.