4 really good days then back to "normal"

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by justjanelle, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. justjanelle

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    Last week I was so excited to have 4 really good days where I had energy, was not in pain, could think clearly -- everything great. I hadn't felt that good in many many years! Now it's back to the pain, spasms, fatigue and fog.

    I've been treating the Lyme since late November, although I still see my FM dr. too.

    I suppose I am seeing some slow general progress, but for some reason, falling back after those 4 wonderful days has been really hard for me. Mentally, I mean. Even though my DH tells me that I should just look at it as a "taste of good things to come" and how I'll feel when I'm really well.

    Any of you go through this?

  2. victoria

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    Only time is when I or my son has been 'off' the abx, as we both pulse the abx (in different ways)...

    did you do anything different? Just curious...

    but I agree with your husband, overall!

  3. wld285

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    I have not had any good days since I started back on the doxy about a month ago. I feel very discouraged since I don't even know if I am being treated properly. I know I have a large problem with candida and I had taken a few days of Diflucan, which I noticed a "good" change. Seems everything else is on the "back burner" and not being addressed (all my viruses, candida etc.).

    I would be interested in knowing how you are being treated for Lyme. I'm trying to collect all the info. I can for my appoint. in May.


  4. mollystwin

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    You will have more of these periods and they will get longer. That is what happens to me. I am getting longer periods of feeling almost normal and then I feel sick again and it's so hard!!! You get the feeling that it won't happen but it does and it can be depressing.

    I'm working on not being so down on the sick days. It's not easy though!!!