4 Steps to Recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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    The protocol listed here is the same basic protocol that many functional medicine doctors use. This is basically the same protocol that I am doing and getting very good results with. I don't think it's an accident that LEAKY GUT is the first thing listed to help recover from CFS.


    Here are a few high profile examples of people that have recovered their health----Rich Carson, Ceo of ProHealth, has a very inspiring story of recovery, he had cfs for many years.

    Here is a quote from a post he made here. "What does it feel like to attack a mountain, hit the summit, see that your heart rate is 179, and know that you won't get sick at all--and that you will feel great the next day because of it? Fantastic! Actually, it is beyond words. Tears of happiness."


    Dr. Mark Hyman recovered from cfs. He treated his underlying causes and is now well and treating others with cfs/fm. He is an incredibly successful functional medicine doctor, that has appeared on PBS in the United States a few times and has a few books out.

    He says CFS is one of the most treatable illnesses there is, and he speaks from experience, having been on both sides of cfs. That statement, to me, has a lot of power coming from someone who had cfs and is now healthy.

    Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum also had cfs and is now well, and a leader in treating people with cfs/fm.
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    [​IMG] Starts here in this forum
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    Mark Hyman. Another one who believes your CFS is caused by unhealthy life choices so to fix them you need to be a good girl and follow my diet.

    High profile does not mean expert, especially in the US where everybody writes a book or gets on TV.

    While there is sense in regulating your diet I have never seen any proof that it cures someone of ME. NEVER!
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    Dr. Mark Hyman was mercury poisoned and has a great story that may help inspire others to look into metal toxicity as part of their illness. Please keep an open mind before posting unwarranted negative comments.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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    Ian- I have never read anywhere that Dr. Mark Hyman says cfs/me can be cured by diet alone. I have read that he thinks diet is an important part of an overall protocol and who can argue with that.

    He talks about toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, allergies, genetics, yeast and bacteria in the gut, side effects of medications, stress etc. as possible causes.

    I would never put up a post of someone claiming to have recovered from cfs/fm by diet alone.
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    There was no evidence that Mark Hyman had ME/CFS. He says he suffered from chronic fatigue due to his lifestyle. Subsequent associations to diseases such as autoimmune diseases, especially CFS and FM came later when he was promoting his books etc. It is this process, filled with claims of cure that I am pointing out about him. I am sure he is an OK guy and his dietary advice is fine but the ME/CFS community are now getting bombarded with these "lifestyle" messages which many many people with ME/CFS are getting a bit sick of.

    It is indeed useful to advise on healthy diets but to make claims about serious disease should be done carefully. Too many people are using these serious diseases as a collateral to their pop-advice in their book marketing. This is why we have the FDA. So my comment is warranted, depends on your perspective.
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    Mark Hyman strongly implies that his "CFS" was caused by his lifestyle and that he recovered by changing his lifestyle. Yes not by diet alone but by lifestyle changes.

    I have no problem with people examining their lifestyle and making changes to it. A wise thing to do but many claimants are underpinning their claims about recovery from MS/CFS on changed lifestyle.

    I delivered hundreds of babies, ran the emergency room, and saw 30-40 patients a day. Sleep was an afterthought. It was the early 1990’s and I ordered Starbucks coffee by the case straight from Seattle, bought an espresso machine, and served up 4-5 espresso’s a day. I lived in a perpetual state of fatigue and pushed my way through on adrenalin.

    I continued those habits when I moved to Massachusetts and worked in an inner city emergency room. At the time I had two young children to care for, and worked endless odd shifts in three different hospitals. Some days I went without sleep. I got through the night shifts by downing a quadruple espresso, a pint of Haagen Daz ice cream (coffee flavor), and a giant chocolate chip cookie.

    I learned how to keep myself awake despite my exhaustion. I didn’t have a stop button. I lived on adrenalin—until my adrenalin ran out and I suddenly got very ill with chronic fatigue syndrome. Every system in my body broke down."

    A typical description of many doctors and other hard working people but they don't get ME/CFS. No association!

    I have seen people who fit this description very well and they did get ill. That is why they were referred to our clinic but they did not have ME/CFS. They usually overcame their "chronic" fatigue in a matter of months and went back to work fully functional. That is NOT ME/CFS. You can see why the diagnostics of this disease has been so problematic.
    If we truly want this disease taken seriously by researchers it has to be diagnosed and regarded properly.

    So for me splashing POP-dietary and lifestyle changes as the way to recover from ME/CFS is wrong, I know there is still some useful advice in it all.
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    Hi Ian- I think at the core of this disagreement are two lines of thinking. Mine is that people with cfs/me can recover.

    It appears to me that you think that people with cfs/me cannot fully recover.

    Please correct me if I am wrong in my understanding of your posts. If that's your view I respect that, I just disagree.
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    Mercury - How to Get this Lethal Poison Out of Your Body
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    Please review the video below of another relevant American doctor changing lives.

    Why Can't I Get Better? The Lyme MSDIS Map in Chronic Disease HD 1
    (Must See Video)

    -Thank god for US doctors like Dr. Richard Horowitz for writing his informative book.
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    Recovery is...
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    Please review this video below of Dr Garth Nicolson American biochemist over-view of treatment strategies that may be helpful.

    Recovering from MS, FM and CFS: Brisbane Physiotherapist Kate Stossel chats to Prof. Garth Nicolson


    Dr. Garth Nicolson - Infections?

    Why am I posting these videos on Dr Garth Nicolson work?

    He has helped many people achieve full or partial recovery (myself included).

    Also, dysbiosis & leaky may only be part of a bigger problem as many infections can become multi-systemic through out the body. (Polymicrobial)

    -Please take the time and review these videos and Never given up the fight!
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    [​IMG] Starts here in this forum
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    "Hi Ian- I think at the core of this disagreement are two lines of thinking. Mine is that people with cfs/me can recover. It appears to me that you think that people with cfs/me cannot fully recover.
    Please correct me if I am wrong in my understanding of your posts. If that's your view I respect that, I just disagree."

    Jim, No not at all. I did not mean to be critical of you. I have not seen any proper evidence of cure. There are no studies showing people cured of ME. Only a few individuals,some of whom are medical and other professionals claiming that they did XYZ and recovered or were cured. They then go through a process of advertising their protocol for the cure very often with a statement like "You can cure your CFS" or "CFS is the most treatable illness" etc. I am a skeptic especially when they have a lot of money to gain from their process.

    The PACE trials in the UK were heavily criticised for producing evidence that CBT and GET were the only things that had any success. I have no doubt that some people improved but what did they have in the first place, depression or what? Their process and results were also partly fabricated. They had a Political agenda. Similarly I see other individuals with what look to me like commercial agenda. Sure there are individuals like Garth Nicholson (Nice Guy) who have a belief in their rationale but it dose not stand up to scrutiny. Then there are the many individuals who claim all sorts of things like multi system infections and mercury poisoning so that the implicit advice is go and have all your mercury fillings removed. -What? Where does that come from? It comes from individuals who have not had such claims properly tested. Claim after claim after claim. It looks positive but is it really?

    I can be skeptical of claims and still very positive about the future but not convinced of the many claims based on pseudo-scientifically stringing together rationale to show the process. This is why I questioned the claim that gluten (aside from Coeliacs) causes leaky gut when there is no evidence for this, just a pile of rationale, which looks good but is unsubstantiated and worse does not stand up to test as Prof Peter Gibson has shown. Too many people couch their "theories" in terms of fact. I have done it myself but try not to and if criticised for that will accept the criticism.

    We all know of drug companies hiding the real results of the success of their drugs and are happy to criticise them for that, similarly I criticise claims about successful treatment of ME. ME/CFS is notoriously subject to placebo because of the very nature of the disease. The thing is, most of these treatment and recovery claims are not being subjected to test as a drug company would be expected to do but they must be. If certain individuals are threatened by my questioning I do wonder about their motives and processes.

    However I have not "given up the fight" to keep myself or others as healthy as possible. I can be skeptical of claims and still very positive about the future but not convinced of the many claims based on pseudo-scientifically stringing together rationale to show the process. This is why I questioned the claim that gluten causes leaky gut when there is no evidence for this, just a pile of rationale, which looks good but is unsubstantiated. I was genuinely looking for the evidence but it was not there.

    We will win over this illness. It takes proper scientific research and time. I am very enthused about the science that is happening, just look at this:
    The full paper is very optimistic to me. I just wish there were more.
    We will get there.
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    Good things
    come to those
    who wait...

    -Good things come to those who work their A*** off and Never Give Up!
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    Ian- Thanks for clarification. I think healthy skepticism is very important in many ways. I think I am in the same boat as many with trying to understand what falls under the CFS/ME category and what does not.

    In many ways it feels like a gray area, so to speak, with just a few clear boundaries and therefore open to interpretation to some extent.

    I am sure, not everyone that claims to have had, and recovered from cfs/me actually had cfs. On the other hand, I also think the opposite is true. That some have had cfs/me and recovered.

    Here is a qoute from the study you posted-

    I am as certain as I can be, that immune dysfunction is a part of my cfs and I am really looking forward to any connections they can find with the microbiome.

    I too, believe we will get there......
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    Jim, "That some have had cfs/me and recovered."

    Indeed! I cannot prove or disprove that, so I must accept that there might be some somewhere, for whatever reason as we don't know what causes it or whether it is only one disease.
    I see PH have reposted the studies by Alan Light. This has to be the most significant study ever done on ME/CFS and FM.


    I have always used this study to tell people that the illness is immunological and why it is important to regulate exercise. I refer every Medical practitioner to this study or even give them a copy.
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    Ian- That does seem like pretty clear evidence of immune system involvement, even to me and I'm an amateur. I have never read that before or anything like it.

    I find the connection fascinating. So does the increase in messenger RNA output from 12 of the 13 genes mean the immune system is up-regulated from exercise in cfs?
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    Interleukin 17 is a cytokine that acts as a potent mediator in delayed-type reactions by increasing chemokine production in various tissues to recruit monocytes and neutrophils to the site of inflammation, similar to Interferon gamma. IL-17 is produced by T-helper cells and is induced by IL–23 which results in destructive tissue damage in delayed-type reactions.[3] Interleukin 17 as a family functions as a proinflammatory cytokine that responds to the invasion of the immune system by extracellular pathogens and induces destruction of the pathogen’s cellular matrix.

    See more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interleukin_17

    Increased levels of IL-17A in patients with Fibromyalgia.


    "OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to evaluate the plasma levels of IL-17A in fibromyalgia patients, and to look for any correlations between this data and the concentrations of some pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines."

    "METHODS: We performed a study including 58 fibromyalgia patients and 39 healthy women matched for age and body mass index. The plasma levels of IL-17A and other pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines were measured by using the technique of cytometric bead array (CBA). The analysis of differences between groups was performed using Mann-Whitney test and the analysis of the correlations by Spearman's correlation test."

    "RESULTS: The analyses showed that fibromyalgia patients present increased levels of IL-17A. They also revealed that plasma concentrations of IL17A positively correlate with levels of IL-2, IL-4 and IL-10, TNF and IFNγ."

    "CONCLUSIONS: As far as we are aware, this is the first study to demonstrate increased levels of IL17A in fibromyalgia patients. The positive correlation between the levels of IL-17A and of other cytokines strengthens the hypothesis of the involvement of inflammatory mechanisms in the development of this syndrome."

    Source: Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology, September 10, 2013. By A. Pernambuco, L. Schetino, C. Alvim, C. Murad, R. Viana, L. Carvalho and D. Reis. Department of Morphology, Institute of Biological Science, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

    Curcumin Efficacy Against Harmful Organisms

    "In research intended to examine the activity of curcumin against food pathogens, including e. coli, the College of Food Science and Technology in China evaluated curcumin’s effect on cultured organisms and found it to have broad inhibitory effect. Furthermore, researchers noted its resistance to fungus to be even higher. [9]" <-Review

    "In a study aimed to evaluate the inhibitory effect of curcumin on harmful organisms, human teeth that had been inoculated were found to have reduced bacterial adherence after being given curcumin. Results support the use of curcumin as a food-based agent that fights harmful organisms. [10]" <-Review

    -See more here:http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/turmeric-and-curcumin-benefits/
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