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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, May 9, 2010.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    I have been toast for a couple of days. All because I had normal conversations with
    people. I have to stop doing that.

    Well, I HAD stopped doing that....but the unexpected happened.

    Hope all of you are in good shape. I will read the posts later, maybe

    Oh, my 10 minutes was at Home Depot listening to a bird trapped inside
    the garden area singing for all to hear. Is there a message in that? Or
    maybe it just didn't realize it was trapped!

    Got two "weed" bushes that are guaranteed to attract butterflies :) :)

    Love you all!!

  2. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Spacee......were the CONVERSATIONS normal?, or were the PEOPLE normal? I try not to talk to normal people too often..........takes too much concentration!

    I've also been toast - rye, I think - for the past couple of days. No, I take that back: I actually felt pretty good this morning when I woke up at 5:47. Yup, I said 5:47!! I haven't woken up that early, with the exception of when I was in the hospital, for a long time. I took the doggie for a walk and still felt good. Did some vacuuming, picking up, etc. Tried to take a nap this afternoon but kept getting phone calls from my kids wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. Geez......how inconsiderate! JUST KIDDING!!! I love my boys.

    By the time DH and I left to go to see my mom and dad I was really hurtin'. Forgot to take something for pain and by the time we got home I could barely walk.

    Oh yeah, and now I'm doing laundry! A few minutes ago my hubby went to get a coffee cup out of the dishwasher (dishes were clean!!) and I asked him if he was going to empty it. He actually had the nerve to say, "No, that's women's work!" He was kidding but I still said, "OK, come over here so I can make you into a woman" (not actually those words, but you can fill in the blanks).

    I got really sad when I was visiting my mom and dad. My mom's dementia is getting worse every day. I've worked with the elderly for 18 years and spent a lot of time consoling and counselling families whose parent(s), sibling, etc. had dementia. Do you think I can deal with this horrible disease in my own mom? Nope......no way. I just kept looking at her and remembering how she used to be. She was a wildlife photographer and has traveled all over the world. She started doing that right after my sister and I got married (2 weeks apart!). Up until that point she was June Cleaver. Seriously, we have pictures of her with her dresses, heels and pearls..........all while cooking!!!!!!

    And yes, I DO realize how lucky I am that I still have my mom. It's just that sometimes I feel like she's not really here.

    And my dad.....he's so patient with her. But I could see today how tired he is. He just won't accept any help. Of any kind. Paid or otherwise. Even when I've tried to help, he says no. We have good friends of the family and both husband and wife are in a nursing home. My dad is so scared (although he hasn't said so in words, but I can tell) that my mom might end up needing more care than he can provide for her. Now that I think about it.......that thought scares me too.

    OK, enough of that. Sorry if I brought anyone down.

    Well happy campers, guess I'll say goodnight for now. Hope everyone had a good Sunday.

    Debbie Downer
  3. spacee

    spacee Member

    Yes conversation with a normal, not normal but more normal than me and kids who are moving
    in a couple of weeks. Didn't seem like that much but it didn't improve with sleep.
    Like PEM but brain PEM. Ok,, this is it. My brain PEM is worst than physical PEM.
    A bit shocking to me but I look back and see it's been there awhile.

    Demetia. Only one grandmother had it . For 6 years. she had to live with my mother and
    never went to nursing home. Frankly, I wondered to God the purpose of it. Never
    figured it out. Guess it is a mystery. It is very tough. The normal I talked with is going
    through it with her mom. Her dad died years ago so she doesn't have that too.

    But I will say Grandmother always had a smile on her face....she was faking it, I am sure.
    Or perhaps happier. I don't know.

    I asked to not have to go out with the crowds on Mother's Day but DH insisted. It isn't
    about what I want. It's about his being a "good husband". Just great.

    Debbie Downer 2

    Hope every else's was better. If not. Tell us and then we will start a "Happy Thread"!

    Love you all!


  4. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    This whole wknd has sucked. As if dealing with an injured child wasnt bad enough...daughter picks a fight with me. Im tempted to tell her to stay at her own place next wknd. Shes borderline personality disorder. I didnt need that. Didnt deserve it either. DH wants to talk to her but wouldnt do any good. And hes not her father (all 4 of my kids have the same dad). Im hurting after 50 mile round trips to hospitals 2 days in a row(there are 3 hospitals all 25 miles away one way in 3 different directions from here) and all the sitting. But Id add my sons concussion to the list of MY ailments if I could. Would screaming help? Crying doesnt... . . . . . . . . . . . . . Debbie Downer 3
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  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    In response to how was my Mother's Day, I spent most of it
    asleep. So it was neither stressful nor interesting.

    I couldn't decode your message, Spacee. Toast? Normal

    I did read an article in "Modern Marketing"
    re: the bird at Home Depot. It is an employee. The Home
    Office is currently training 1200 birds to sing the Home
    Depot Anthem. It is expected the business will increase by
    at least 15% within the next 6 months.

    As you would expect the marketing campaign costs are
    de minimus. The new employees are paid in birdseed.

    Hope your weed bushes are a big success. I remember an
    illustration in a text book some about 55 years ago. Showed
    a rose bush in a wheat field and vice versa. Each an illustration
    of a weed, i.e., a plant where it was not wanted.

    Jan, Heavenly, Debbie, What a kawinkydink. Gordon and I
    were just reminiscing y-day about commercials from 50s.
    Mom in her shirtwaist dress, pearls and heels mopping the

    I have always considered the shirtwaist very smart. Lucy
    wore them. Christian Dior, I read, was very fond of them.

    Becky, glad to year your son seems ok. Regarding the worst
    day of his life, I 'spect, in the normal course of events, he'll
    have a lot worse. (But I wouldn't tell him though.)

    All for now, Kids

  6. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    DH went to Church without a word of greeting.He has issues with Mother's Day due to his deceased mother.She was a nightmare.Whatever the sermon was got to him because he came home with a new outlook.So we had a good day.Returned my tops I hadn't tried on and went to lunch then to a big nursery center where I got flowers,veg. plants and herbs.

    I was exhausted and my legs felt like I had weights on them.I laid down for a nap but DH decided to mow,weed wack and edge right outside my window.Like Jan the phone started ringing with kids calling.My grandsons even called which was really sweet of them.

    Good thing I didn't plant any of it yet.We had a freeze last night.I got two Gerber Daisies guys.Just cleaning and doing laundry today.I think my winter flare is over not that I won't have bad days but I feel better.Fog is still bad and balance is off but that's a constant.

  7. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Rock - Shirtwaist dresses..........that's the word that was eluding me yesterday! Thank's for the reminder. I think shirtwaist dresses are quite pretty. Just don't think I could wear one and look attractive. I've got hips that reach from here to......wherever!!! I can just visualize my mom now, in the kitchen, cooking and dressed like that. She was truly June Cleaver! After my sister and I got married it was like another personality came out. Obviously she hadn't been wearing shirtwaist dresses or pearls for a while, but she became this incredibly independent, confident, competent woman! She began traveling all over the world. She's been to every continent - including Antarctica (3 times!). Her photos are beautiful. She had such an eye for what makes a good photograph. I'm glad that she had all of the experiences that she did. I don't think she has any regrets about her life. About a year after my ex-DH left me, she took me to the Bahamas and we swam with wild dolphins. I mean, really wild. We were with a research team in the middle of the ocean and had to just wait for the dolphins to come to us. It was an incredibly surreal experience. A momma and baby swam right up to me and the momma was so close I could feel her "skin." We had been told not to reach out to the dolphins so I couldn't actually take my hand and touch her, but it was awesome when she "touched" me. And we could hear the "clicks" that the dolphins were making in communicating with each other. Or, maybe they were communicating with us - who knows?!! I'm so glad that my mom and I were able to have the experience together.

    That was interesting about the new employee program at Home Depot. They're so clever, aren't they. I wonder what kind of medical program they have for their new employees?

    Spacee - what's PEM? I'm sorry that you did not have a good day yesterday. Funny how men think sometimes, isn't it? (Sorry Rock!)

    Becky - your weekend sounds terrible. I'm sorry you are dealing with so much right now. How is your son doing? If he is anything like my kids, the whole event was probably worse for you than it was for him! At least he'll have a good story to tell the kids at school. You, on the other hand are more than likely exhausted from the entire ordeal. Emergency waiting rooms are horrible places. They're interesting places to "people watch." And yes, screaming might help - just don't pull a muscle!

    Pam - glad your DH got a "spanking" at church yesterday!! And, I'm glad your day turned out well. I started chuckling when you mentioned the mowing, weeding, etc. I could just visualize you just getting comfy and relaxed when all of that started. I feel for ya' girlfriend!! My younger son called my mom to wish her a Happy Mother's Day - and I didn't even ask him to do that! She was on the phone with him when we went to visit. He must have told her that he loved her 'cause I heard her say, "I love you too." He's such a good kid (he'll be 28 on the 14th!). Gerber daisies are beautiful. I have some also. I planted one plant 2 years ago and then last year we all of a suden had TWO plants. This year we have 3! Very prolific, and there's not much you have to do for them. My lavender is also growing beautifly so far. It's right by the front door and I can smell it when I walk out the door in the summer!

    Well boys and girls - I guess I had better get my heiny off the couch and get something done (that'll probably last about 5 minutes, but my intentions are good!!).

    Hope everyone has a good, pain-free (or less pain) day.

  8. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    Afternoon ya all. Rebecca i like the name Lappy to funny. sounds like a rough weekend you had. Hope your son is ok. You must be exhausted. Your lucky to have your dh after getting hit by a semi truck. I can't even imagie how bad that was for all of youes. Yes screaming does help. I used to scream in my car when i was alone.

    Spacee i want to feel like 40 again. Thats cool you have butterfly weeds. Love to watch the butterfly's. The Hummingbirds will like them too.

    Jan you and dh are so funny (come over here so i can make you a women) cracked me up. Your mom sounds like a wonderful adventurous person in her day. Must be hard for you hon.
    What a sweet son to call his g-ma. I love gerber daisies.

    So good to seee you Rock. You are so funny. Chuckled over the home depot birds. Peaking of shirtdress's. My mom was the opposite she dressed like she walked out of Vogue. I try to look my best when i se her because it makes her happy. I know that is silly.

    Pam sounds like you had fun at the nursery center. Lucky you new plants. Did you spot any birds.lol

    We had an incredible weekend. It was warm and sunny. I mentioned on the last thread that
    our realtor friend Maureen sent us a check for $1,000.00. Yesterday we called to thank her.
    then she offered us her vacation home in LK Chelan. I have been there before and it is just what the doctor ordered. So peaceful and serene. It has a peach orchid also. Next she offered to sell our house for free if we are going to lose it. She is amazing her generousity and kindness is overflowing. Of course that me me cry tears of joy again.

    For mothers day i woke up to a beautiful card and a box of chocolates. I was so emotional i
    cried tears of joy. Our daughter and grandkds came for dinner which Paul cooked.

    It was the perfect day my heart was so full of love.

  9. spacee

    spacee Member

    I forgot on my last post to tell you, Patty, how happy!! I am that the realtor did the right
    thing and gave you the $1000. Losing our business was about the worst years of our
    marriage...there might have been others, can't remember.

    PEM is post exertional malaise that CFSers get. Only I decided that was what my brain was having. It had exerted too much.

    I am going to rattle on about my brain here so feel free to skip it.

    I think going to church is too much.
    having QVC on mute while I am at the computer is too much.
    Having a conversation of more that about 15-20 is the limit
    (do best at dinner when others can talk more)

    I was taking too many "props" for my brain but some I will continue with daily and
    others when needed:

    caffeine, 10,000 B-12, Nadh, brand name ultram and ritalin (1/2 of a 5mg which seems
    almost nothing but guess I am sensitive).

    I walked today at the mall wearing my sunglasses AND earplugs. That was better.
    I MUST wear the earplugs more. (I can still hear with them in).

    Ok enough of that.

    That is so smart of H Depot to have the bird. Are you pulling my leg? Maybe the bird
    was really singing "Get me outta here!".

    Glad you had a nice restful Mother's day, Rock. I was coerced into going out to eat.
    I said it would be too busy and it was. And loud too.

    So some of you can get Gerber Daises to thrive? I love them! Maybe they
    shouldn't be sold here...like BVillas in Ohio.

    Off to water the plants.

    Love you kids!

  10. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Captains log-4:32am...have no idea what the date is....Rock you made me laugh for the 1st time in 3 days. I owe you one. Took son to his dr yest. Did ct scan...xrays of his facial bones...eye doc stayed late to examine the eye..(I did say he was thorough didnt I?). Examined son carefully and asked a ton of questions. Concurred with the concussion dx but says hes doing good. No school this wk and will see him again thurs. Told him no bb game this wk or the next and will let him know about later. Son somewhat comforted. Coaches are nutting about losing their 1st baseman and lefty relief pitcher. My gawd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .wild ride in okla last nite. Numerous tornado touchdowns tho I dont kno the final talley. Injuries and property damage. We ended up in my neighbors cellar. We got lucky. No funnels here. Sons 1st trip to the cellar. Terrified. I slept FIVE HOURS STRAIGHT WO A SLEEP AID. Yep...Im pooped. . . .too pooped to party (edited for spelling mistakes)
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  11. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    You all are better than infomercials! Which is what I used to watch at the hour before I found you all. Im REALLY considering turning the internet back on. I run out of space so I have to clog the board up with posts. . . . .my mom wore the shirtwaist dress too. Always had make up on and hair fixed. I live in pajamas...rarely make up...and Id have to take my hair outta the bun to fix it. Even taking son to school isnt a reason to get dressed. As long as I dont get out of the car lol.....here I am wandering around in post land, LOST. I dont kno whos done what. Just know that Im reading and verbally commenting as I read. And yes I do kno yall cant hear me. I think. I sure do love you all. Dont know how I kept my sanity before. . . . . . . . . Over 30 tornados last nite. 5 deaths. Now that its daylight theyll get out and assess the damage. The low death count is a testament to the meteorologists who go on the air and stay there. For hours. I tip my hat to them.....
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  12. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I'm sorry about your sons concussion.I missed that somewhere.I read and miss threads of conversation or forget.Glad I don't seem to be alone in that on here.

    I've been watching the news about all the tornados touching down.Stay safe.

    Spacee I found PEM very interesting
    .I'm glad you shared.

    Rain and dreary only 55 for today's high.I'm not even going to attempt to push through,just sit back and relax with a day like today.
  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    Becky knows a concussion when she sees one. You are a great mom! Those coaches
    should be tarred and feathered.

    Cellar Dwellers ..well you made it through! It must have been rough. Lots of destruction.

    Ok, PEM just had it's name changed to PER. (Just in time I found out...I would have been
    outdated!), Post Exertional Relapse.

    Toby is barking his head off and a truck pulled up. Must go investigate.

    Hair day. The day I consider shaving it. 3 hour appt.

    Have a good one, if you are able!


    PS. Vic we are noticing you are not around. Hope your computer isn't broken.
  14. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Pam...you didnt miss anything here...I had a different thread somewhere. 55 degrees huh? Thats darned chilly from where Im sitting. Its 75 and muggy here. Threatening us with storms again this eve...but nothing like last nite TG. . . . . . . . . . .Spacee...we share something...I regularly think about shaving my head. Im mostly gray and its tiring dyeing it all the time. If I let it grow out it looks like mold is growing on top. Not my most attractive look lemme tell ya. . . . . .Son ate a banana and some graham crackers. Woot! Progress! Hes having more periods of wakeulness...insists hell be ready for bb by this wknd. Hah. . . . . . . . . . .Sadly 2 children were killed last nite. Its awful that ANYONE doesnt make it...but the kids. Neighbors of the family said they knew it was coming but didnt think it would get that bad. We hit the cellar...I never was a gambling person. I usually lose. . . . . . . .surely its Vs netbook giving her fits again. Its gotta be. Gotta go. Gentle hugs to all!
  15. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    Rebecca 30 tornadoes how scary. I would be in the celler with you girl. Be careful..

    Bald headed Pam & Spacee i don't think so. Although i understand. My dh colors my hair for me. He does a good job and i save tons of dough. Hate the chemicals smell yuck. Get lots of rest.

    Per sounds difficult to say the least Spaccee

    I wonder if Victoria is doing ok with the awful dust storms?

    We are going to run errands this afternoon. Not feeling great today. It will prob do me good
    to get out in the sunshine. Finished the book i was reading it was very interesting to say the least.

    I love all of youes guys
  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    to tell my doc that I used to have PEM and now I have PER. They both sound wacko.

    Maybe I discovered what was aggravating my brain (it's been on a downhill tumble for
    at least 10 years) but I was filling up my weekly pill/supplement container.
    Noticed Ginko Biloba which I had not taken before. Hmmmm. Perhaps it
    was too stimulating.

    So, I take it to DH and tell him and would he like to try it? Nope.

    Well, this is the way it is with my hair. Having one kid later than the others...
    I am just waiting for him to graduate from college (Sat. nite) and then
    get married. Then something is changing. Could be DH coloring it for me.

    Odd thing at the shop. A man in town comes in, I haven't seen him in 10 years.
    I'm sitting under the dryer with my hair in aluminum foil. And he recognizes
    me and waves. What? How? Oh, I just have looked like someone else.

    PattySue. You can't tell us that you finished a book and not tell us the
    name. We need names of books here on this board!

    Ok off to lalaland...

    Love you kids so mucho!


  17. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Yep I'm with Spacee on the hair redo.I'm wanting a change now that summer is coming.I am going to call for an appt. to fold aluminum foil on my hair again and go a little lighter in color.I hate starting all that again but I need some sparkle.
    Family coming for FIL's B-day and GS graduating in the next few weeks so maybe this will get me through.Dog Lily is getting a trim too since I have to take her and FIL to Indiana for the grad party.

    This weekend is supposed to be nice so I hope to get all my plants and flowers in.Solved the supper problem for dad.I throw a Hungry Man dinner in the microwave and put it on a plate.DH and I eat a sandwich when we want after doing chores or errands.Dad huffs a little about us all not sitting down together but hey this takes so much off me.Why didn't I think of it before?It's plenty big enough for his meal.

    I looked up the B-villa and it is pretty.
  18. victoria

    victoria New Member

    as in 'thicker'

    My internet has been more off than on, like 99.9% of the time. I've had quick microbursts of transmissions, but that's it. Hopefully Bolivar, the guy who fixes/installs the antennas, will be out tomorrow to look. We only have 1 green light and one orange - supposed to have 3 green lights - but for some weird reason I'm getting better signal strength right this minute. Who knows how long, tho....

    We've had some rain, joy of joys... this has been the hottest week this year.

    Jan you and your DH sound like my DH and me, exactly what we would say LOL, too funny.

    I really skimmed everything here as I have no idea how long signal strength will hold, just wanted to say hi. DH is on his 2nd week of abx for walking pneumonia, and does finally feel better. My Mother's Day gift was my son coming down to visit.... still haven't talked to my daughter as Skype is affected by the signal strength too.

    Send me some of those trained HD birds, the HD here could use them. They play really old American rock, believe it or not....

    OK what is green & bushy, will stay green thru light frosts & year round, can have variegated leaves or not, that I can plant here - any ideas anybody?

    Blessings to all, and thanks for the smiles this AM!

    PS Spacee, I actually did an analysis of my FB friends, only 15 are Lymies, 12 are CF/FM, leaving the majority (32) as "friends" friends, LOL.... no family tho except for my 2 kids who rarely post - I post more than they do.

  19. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    So how do you like your hair Spacee. Maybe that man was using the old pick up line (do i know you) you never know. Congratulations on the graduation. You must be proud.

    Pam i am sure you and lily will look very pretty for your gs graduation. It is that time of the year. Now what are you going to do with fil hair?

    So happy for you Victoria. Rain and your son how lucky. I am wondering if you can grow rhodendrums or azaela in your region. The are very hardy here. In fact the bees just love the rhodies.

    phone call i wll be back. I'm back talked to my niece for an hour. We are more like sisters. Too bad we don't live in the same state.

    Ok about the book i read The Shack. It was a fiction that i wanted to beleive was true. A short read. Need to go to the library again. The next book is called the Castle. Maybe i will go later.

    It took forevr to wake up this morning
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  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just took my tuna casserole outta the oven. Maybe I will
    post the recipe for Gapsych. It's the kinda recipe men
    like: only 3 ingreediments.

    Gerbera daisiesare great, Pam. First time I ever saw one was
    about 15 years ago. A friend brought me in while I was in
    the horsepistol.

    It was potted. Took it home and planted it. It did well for a while
    w/ new blooms. But after a couple years it died. Maybe it was homesick
    for Africa.

    I was told they come from Africa. Wikipedia says Asia and
    S. America too. Very popular cut flower.

    Jan, Wow! Swimmin' w/ the dolphins. What an experience!
    Oh, in answer to your question about the Home Depot birds,
    I read they do have insurance coverage, but it is rather limited.
    It's only for bird flu.

    Becky, sounds like your son is OK, but what a scary experience.
    How long were you guys trapped in the cellar? When I was a
    kid our house had the old fashioned cellar w/ the doors outside.
    The same kind Dorothy was using just before she left for Oz.

    We had no refrigerator, so food was kept in the cellar during
    the summer. In the winter we just put stuff on the back porch.
    Minnesota winters' are far colder than a fridge.

    When I was a kid we had tornadoes in the area, but they
    never hit our village. The nearby village of LeRoy had
    severe damage something like half a century ago. Never
    heard about it till now. My brother now lives in LeRoy and
    sends me the paper. The paper was looking at the past
    w/ before and after pics.

    In a way, the small town paper is an anecdote to living in Los Angeles.

    Well, Sakes Alive, what happened to my last paragraph? Between the
    demented computer and my Alz mind, lies a world of confusion.

    Will be back shortly, I hope.


    Oh, here's the last paragraph:
    Well, I'm gonna post this. Came back and do more later.
    Don't want my post flying away like Dorothy's house.

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