$4000 for ME/CFS

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    we have 3 days in our contest, and are teetering at second. If we manage to hold this position, it's $4000. 3rd is $3000. If you have a vote in you, now is the time to help our community! Thankyou. Glenp has posted more details below, but the other link has failed today- please use this one for now
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    kjm, I agree with you, it has absolutely nothing to do with ME/CFS. I've looked into it a bit and it is a tool I use in my life and I think it helps me. That is my personal choice (as was my choice not to film myself squirting water up my nose LOL) I've tried to present it carefully so that it doesn't look like an official endorsement. I just feel so grateful for the support I've had and it was a way to say thankyou. This is a private entry and will be a private donation
    The honest truth is that our community has no money and this just seemed like a good way to score some. It actually happened in tandem with the other turnip animation. It's silly, I do know that. Sometimes silly works out. I started this on my own, altho some amazing people have really worked to support this.
    Re your last question, I don't know what the 4 groups will use the money for. I just picked groups that have helped me, and ones I hope will help me in the future. I believe that what helps one will help us all.
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    I'm sorry, I don't know any more than you do. I have looked at the websites of all 4 groups and was impressed with what they contribute. I am not sure if the documentary has nonprofit status or not but from the trailers I saw I think that level of advocacy has the potential to generate money for research. I think the nonprofits have to justify their bookkeeping or they lose tax status but I have never looked into it.
    All I invested was a few turnips and some time, so I'm willing to take it on faith. I appreciate we all have differing views and need to make our own personal choices.
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    Okay, did I miss something? I just don't get it.

    People make a video about a neti pot for a site that is selling neti pots and at the same time the contest is promoting the site by giving it more hits. Is this a way companies can get cheaper advertising?

    I was a bit concerned about the statement that they can be used instead or to prevent taking an antibiotic.

    Neti Pots can indeed be effective but they can also push an infection into the sinus cavities so you have to be careful.

    Otherwise the video is cute and took a lot of work.
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    thankyou everyone for your support or comments on the contest. They posted the winners last night and for some reason none of the top entries were selected. I have no explanation.
    If people are interested, the winners are listed here http://www.neilmed.com/usa/vc_winners.php