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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, May 13, 2010.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    Plz go back and read what you might have missed. Interesting things there.

    Nope, Rock..I will have to google the Valencia Song. Sounds interesting.

    Oh, so the Arby's thing is so old it had been on the Simpsons. Good to know.

    V you had a great Mday with your son there, I know. V. dissappointing when
    Skype doesn't work. We can see our Netherlanders but they can't see us.
    Been working on it for a couple of weeks. Apple's suggestion is a new com
    puter...of course.

    Patty and Pam. I know you apart but I sense at some time, my brain is
    going to suggest the wrong name...forewarned.

    I give up QVC and now YA'LL are suggesting things..haha.

    Off to Orlando, then to Durham for a quick trip. Won't be able
    to check in. Whoever is in the least about of pain can start
    a new thread, if needed!

    Love you all so much!

  2. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    Today is absolutely beautiful here. Sun shine and warm weather. Made it to the library yesterday. Checked out the book titled Castle. I think it will be an easy read already interesting. I was so bored yesterday. Sometimes i just can't handle not having a car when
    Paul is at work.

    My whole llife i was always so busy with work and kids. I guess i am still not used to not working. I can relate Jan. At first it was harder i did not know what to do with myself. Almost went bonkers. Imho i think you need to get the pain under control before you think about going to work. Sorry.

    Pam will you make me a sign too. If only people would get it. lol

    Rock you are so funny. If you wake up with ruby slippers you will know where you are. You were right about my mom lose the cigarette holder. She was so slim and beautiful. I used to
    love to play dress up with her clothes when i was a little girl. My favorite dress was her Suzy wong dress. I cracked up over your Newt Gringrich comparison.

    Oh My Rebecca Tornadoes scare he h out out of me. Stay safe. Glad to here your son is ok.
    Good thing he has his appetite back.

    Butterfly our Southern Belle. I love Paula Dean and her hair. I bet your cut is cute.

    Spacee i dd not know you got hit in the nose with a bb. OUCH! poor baby. Good for you reading Romeo and Juliet 3 times. Some books are so good it is worth reading more than once.

    The Orcas are in Puget sound now i saw them on the news. I mentioned to my son how majestic they are. He told me orcas are the only whale that kills for fun. They will play with a seal tossing it back and forth until it dies then they don't eat it. Mean old whales huh.

    When we were in Kuaii on a boat we were completely surrouded by whales. It was so cool to be that close. They would jump up out of the water and roll over. A day i will always remember.

    Vic write when you can k.
  3. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Small son got the ok to go back to school tomorrow. Its the last day of school lol. Can have his beloved bb back after monday. If he gets hit in the head hes out for 6mos. I cant tell yall how happy I am that hes ALMOST back to normal! Maybe I can exhale now. . . . .Oldest daughter got awakened by the sirens at 4:30am. An f-2 touched down 2 blocks from their apt in tulsa. I hate this state sometimes. . . Managed to get groceries today. Now if someone would just cook. . .. Left DH a voicemail where I was literally crying cos I woke to find his dirty clothes on the floor after cleaning yest. Not like me...I usually throw them at him. Methinks Im having a breakdown. Spacee...have a great trip! And I cant remember who had the gorgeous weather but please send some this way!
  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I had no idea that you started a new thread, after I took all that time to write a post.

    "I can't get no... textual satisfaction..."

    I'm just saying...............

    SO, I'm gonna repost it here LOL, no energy for more than that:

    Wheldon Stratton maybe, Spacee? I've heard of variations on the MP but not with these others in particular.

    I have been taking loooooooooooow dose prednisolone (since I cannot get cortisol) for past 6 days. It has made a difference for me. I took it about 7-8 years ago and it helped, was able to not take it after about 6 months and have the gains remain. The gains disappeared slowly but surely tho. At any rate I have had a bit more energy, but really trying to pace so when I feel good I don't overdo. You'd think I'd know how by now!? Anyway I'm going to up it by a tiny bit and see how it goes.

    But I'm at my low point in the day right now... please forgive, not feeling witty at all, mostly lurking.

    However I did come up with an anagram for Home Depot:
    The "DO" Poem.
    You can interpret the "DO" any way you want: hair, action, or ---?

    And one for thick hair:
    Rich Kathi
    So where's Kathi and how much did she have to spend?

    Rock - the music would be ok if it didn't sound like it had been re-recorded 100 times already. I think headquarters makes copies of copies of copies and sends them out LOL. Not too many rules apply here I think, I see cartoons of all the Disney & Looney Toon characters painted on many novelty/snack type store fronts. I'm sure they're all paying for the rights to use them, jejeje.

    Well, you all have been having a hectic week for the most part it sounds...
    tornadoes (glad your daughter is safe!),
    son's concussion (I'm so glad he's better!)
    bad haircuts,
    tuna casserole (NOT my fave),
    bad T-storms,
    and books that seem to describe some of this -
    from The Shack to the Girl in the Cellar? (eeeek, Toto will find his own way home!).

    I wish I could be 40 again - I was actually asked for an ID 2 weeks prior to my b'day AND I had energy etc.

    Dusty Wussty
    puddled up dry...

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  5. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    Spacee will be gone for awhile...Spacee enjoy your trip

    Becky we don't want you having any breakdown. Please take time for yourself
    You've had much happening lately with kids and all. Pamper you..tub soak or even a foot soak.

    Hey all, i seen something sounding interesting. It's a Gel for your tub bathwater.
    Seen this i think on the Today Show with Hooda and Kathy Lee.
    Some type of solution you put in your tub water and turns into a gel which they say is so
    soothing. Anyone else see this ? Has anyone tried this ?

    All have a restful evening
    Hugs for all
  6. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Patty...my sister just got back from one of those carnival cruises and she got to swim with the dolphins. It was the highlight of her life! I didnt know that about orcas...i thought theyd at least eat the poor seals they kill. . . .Took me 10 yrs to get used to not working. Kid you not. My problem is that I want to fight against everything instead of just accepting it. And the people who thought that bc I was home that meant I was at their disposal to babysit sick kids, run errands etc. They didnt get the concept of WHY I was home!. . . . . . Victoria you show off over getting carded. That hasnt happened to me in 30 yrs lol. Maybe its the gray hair that gives me away. . . . .im convinced now the plantar fasciitis is coming back. Im for anything in the foot bath that helps. My toe is in a cramp that wont let up and my heels are killing me. Guess Id better call the doc. Im not going thru a year of this again. I dont think. Its not as bad as when I had it before yet but I live in fear of it. Rainy today. Happy friday!
  7. jole

    jole Member

    Remember me??? I hope! Have read a couple times, and as always, love you guys! Still on a roller coaster ride with my sis, but she goes on the 18th for her 2nd opinion (finally), and we're still hopeful the ALS diagnosis is totally off base. Stranger things in life have happened!

    I'm soooo appreciative of the warmer weather...when it happens...although KS has been having tornados also. Still lots of days in the 50's. I set out 2 tomato plants, hubby covered them at night, and they're still dying. Heard nearly everyone's are in this area. Shoot!

    Good to see everyone doing well as possible......pain and fatigue is a way of life for most of us, so I won't even mention how bad that's been...lol...I do enjoy the birds singing. The other morning we had two phesants, two deer, and two coyotes in our yard! Unfortunately, one of our cats disappeared, I'm afraid the coyote killed it. Made me sad, to say the least! The gun is now sitting by the door........not that I'd ever touch the thing!!!!!........ Hugs to all.......Jole
  8. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Hey jole...youre my neighbor to the north! Went to kansas city once. Got lost lol. Good thing they warn you when youre in missouri lol. I think yall are having it worse than we are! Been a rough spring this year. Im pretty new here...looking forward to getting to know you!
  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Good to hear from you Jole.Sounds like you had your own zoo right in your own backyard.You could charge admission.I will be hoping for the best for your sister.

    Tues. I have a hair appt. I'm going blonde!They say they have more fun and I am all for that.
    I hung my hanging flowers on the porch this morning,set out the geraniums and two pots on the porch.I think the frost is done.Tomorrow I'll do the back .

    My witchy week is better and family can talk to me again.I've got to get my behind in gear and get some of these Spring chores done but my body won't cooperate.

    Gel for a bath sounds interesting.Misfit you need to relax and chill after all the uproar.

    Vic,Patty,Rock good to hear from you and I hope Spacee enjoys her trip.

  10. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I'm still blonde for some reason, but it has been ash blonde since age 13...

    DO blondes have more fun? Hahah, not right now, Pam, and not for a few years. I fell out of bed last night. Just feel 'jarred', good thing I'm getting a massage today.

    (and what kind of signs are you making (Pam)?)

    Jole, good to 'see you'! I hope your sister finds some answers. You're by KC? I went to school for 2 years in Columbia, but only been to KC twice.

    ButterflyDreams (I'm already forgetting people's names LOL) "Gel" for one's bathtub? Maybe it's Jello! Somebody put enough gelatin & food coloring in a swimming pool to make it be "jello" as a joke one time, saw it on TV. It was pretty funny....

    I wonder if it would work with epsom salts and give some benefit? Tho I can't imagine what bathing in gelatin would do for one, regardless of what else is added?

    I really want to plant some tomatoes but have to find a hanging basket. They don't seem to exist here almost except a few at HD for very high price, and they're just plastic! Anyway, can't plant in yard because of too much rain in summer, even tho the rains come/go quickly.

    Factoid for the day: epsom salts are good for your plants since it adds magnesium!

    Craving for the day: northern tart cherries!

    (not my real name)

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  11. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Your googly-eyed icon can me a start and a laugh! Like you I am craving cherries, and am hoping that my partner brings some from the shop today. The new crop has just come in! I am a cherry fiend and could eat a pound by myself. I like the black ones (Lamberts?) and the white Raniers, but any will do in a storm. As for tomatoes, can't you grow them in a barrel or large pot with good drainage?

    Jole : Good to see you. Your tomatoes didn't make it? A frost? I just got 3 plants in gallon pots where they will remain until June 1st. I live in a microclimatic frost hole. I am glad you are enjoying the wildlife (sad about the cat though). Fortunately the pair of coyotes that was here last fall have skedaddled. I imagine a rancher has taken them. Quite a few people here have goats and sheep. A lot of goat cheese comes from this county, including the famous Cypress Grove brands.

    Spacee: You bad girl! This is a lounge; you are not allowed to run all over Florida flaunting your NRG in front of us! I think we have a lot in common by the way -- what you say about brain PEM fits me to a T. Even talking on the telephone for longer than 15 mins. can be a real strain at times; the brain just starts spinning.

    Rock : How are you doing my friend? Cooking up a storm as usual. Do you cook when Gordon isn't there? When I cook, Richard is always afraid I'm going to put something "weird" in it (like cumin seeds or whatever), so he monitors me closely, to my sometimes annoyance.
    Perhaps it was on the porch that you mentioned G bringing home a variegated
    Vinca. I have the one called Illumination; I never thought to see such an elegant
    periwinkle. I wonder why periwinkle refers both to a flower and a shellfish? In
    England when I was young we would frequently have winkles for tea. They are
    small sea-snails, boiled, and when cool they are pried out of the shell with a pin.
    I've gathered them here before on the rocks out at the coast.

    Well, all for now folks
    With hugs and a whirring brain,
  12. victoria

    victoria New Member

    it's so unusually quiet here on this thread!

    we must all be similarly devoted to mattress-worshiping...?

    or --

    are we all having "college mornings"?
    (ie, means "afternoon" in urban dictionary LOL)

    unlike Spacee who's out having fun gallivanting around Florida.

    Well for those of us directionally challenged like me,
    I'm bumping this up!

    Willie the Bumper
    (not my real name, but better than being Willie the Weeper, eh?)

    Warning: Dates in Calendar are closer than they appear.

  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Spent the whole weekend outside.we've had rain every weekend for weeks so I was finally able to plant veg.I put in watermelon and muskmelon too so we'll see if anything comes up good.

    Victoria I would really miss fresh tomatoes.Last yr. I was unable to enjoy many because I got mouth sores most of the summer and the acid burned my mouth.I have it again but I hope it goes away before then.It's one of my many strange and miserable symptoms that the docs don't understand so I just deal with it as it comes.

    I planted so many flowers back in my own little rock and flower garden.It gives me such joy to look out the windows in the back and to sit on the porch swing and see all that color.

    We reseeded grass in a lot of bare spots yesterday.Next Sat. family will come for dad's 95th but we may end up inside with rain forcast.It could change.

    DD will fly in Thurs. so I'm looking forward to that.I'll get to play with the grand-daughter.

    I need to pace myself so I don't burn out quick.How can I do that?

  14. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    We had a nice weekend. Actually went for a short walk in the forest on the easy trail. I have been reading your posts. I would like to address everyone however am so tired. Like Victoria said can't get no textual satisfaction.

    Can any one recommend a book to read. I finished the Glass Castle a biography. Had a hard time putting it down.

    I read a post on the fms board i guess some are still being mean to one another and new people. Bobbycat wrote a long post about it. Life is to short for that @#%*

    Love youes,
  15. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Hi kids.....we finally have internet access again but for some reason my computer won't work and I have to use my DH's netbook and the screen and keyboard are teeny-weeny. I find it very hard to use. But I just wanted to let you know I'm still alive. Hurtin'......but alive!

    I saw my PCP and he's keeping me out of work for another 2 months. I've been having tremors in my hands and he's thinking it may be an after effect of what happened during my surgery. And, still waiting to hear from the NP at my rheumy's office about my labs.

    More later, my teeny weeny little friends!!!!

  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    I have come not to bury Cesar but to honor him.

    Where did that come from in my brain? And is it remotely correct? Will have to google.

    Ya'll are funny, and sad, and full of pain, and love of nature. You make me laugh and
    sigh. Particularly funny that Richard doesn't let Barry cook. Oh, Please, God of the
    Heavens bend down and whisper that in DH's ear so that I don't have to cook no mo.

    I told the sons that I thought that I would only be driving about two more years and
    they thought I was out of my mind. We'll see who is right. My money is on me.

    I feel for you Patty not having a car. Have done that myself. Now I have a car and
    can barely drive.

    I also feel for you and HRN and anyone else who misses working. You must have
    had wonderful jobs. When I worked, I only wished I were at home. Probaby tired
    even in those days. Had Strep a lot.

    Ok, now Where in the World was Spacee. Hint: She was not sight seeing Florida.

    It was graduation time for the son who thinks he wants to be a Hospital Chaplain.
    So we and 2nd son and fam were in North Carolina.

    First...right off the bat, the pilot announces that in 2 minutes if we look out the
    right side of the place, we will see the shuttle take off!!! I timed it!! I missed it!!
    I only saw the right wing. Shesham. But the row behind us got a great view of it.

    And must mention the FLOWERS there. Their geraniums were like GIANTS compared
    to ours. The other flowers too. Must be the soil. In the downtown area where there
    are aLOT of older homes that are now divided to form duplexes for the students, families,
    etc. Lots of people grown the most goreous flowers in their front yards. Rent is low. Son
    pays $250 for a shared duplex with fireplace. He never wants to leave. Don't blame him.

    Off to lalaland. Since I had to do a regular morning and not a college one today.

    Great to be home! Have to admit, I am always surprised that I can travel when
    home seems so hard on me. Travel seems to involve lots of digging through my
    large bag, looking for whatever it is I need at that moment. Plus lots of sitting.

    Oh, and we barely got a seat at the grad. thingy. 2nd son went 1.5 hours early and
    we were on the 4th row from the back. That was a lot better then seeing it on a computer
    screen though!

    Love and Hugs to all!!

  17. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Hey folks...Ive been in a major flare that Im just now starting to dig out of. I so dont remember who said what so plz forgive me. . . .The rock garden I read about sounds great. Ive wanted 1 for yrs but Im afraid it would be too ambitious. Plz tell me Im wrong....in another wk we should be able to pull our 1st ripe tomato! I cant wait..though Ill have to beat small son to it lol. . . . .Jan glad to see you pop in! Im glad you get another 2 months to tell the truth. You had quite the ordeal! . . .Small son back to baseball tonite. He pitched his 1st game and was so glad no one got a hit against him. Coach called him his secret weapon cos hes the only leftie hes got. Said if he just had someone to replace him on 1st base hed have it made. I know this kid doesnt get it from me. The only thing I can catch is a cold and the only thing I can throw out is my back. . . .I cant remember anything else so I better try this another time. Glad to see everyone! Frannie Flare
  18. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Hope your massage helped work out the bumps from your falling out of bed Vic.Aww you mean I'm going to spend all this money on blonde highlights and won't have any more fun then a brunette?

    Miss Flare you must understand, my "rock garden "is a big rock and several medium size ones.I use the term garden loosely.

    I loved when the kids were in sports.Football,baseball,all good memories.I played softball in my 30's.Lost my two front teeth when I slid in wet grass catching a ball.I tried as catcher and got a black eye.True stories.My DH said no more so I dropped out and watched my friends and went for beers after the games.No athletic ability at all but I sure tried.

    I've got books coming in today!DH will discover it when the charge arrives.Hey everyone has a vice mine is books what can I say.

    Blonde Bombshell
  19. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    A good homegrown ripe tomato sounds mighty good .
    i had tried the hanging basket thingy for tomatoes last year and not a single tomato.
    Not for sure what went wrong. It's one of those green things(name?) advertised on tv, which now stores have them everywhere. Need to try again.

    Rock garden would be nice. Even if with a few good size stones may a good appearance.
    Stones add a special touch to any area that looks blah. You all have alot of good ideas.

    Victoria , funny story with the jello pool . Even the epsom salt in a pool sounds relaxing.

    All have a good day
    Hugs for all
  20. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    I think theyre called "topsy turvy". I see them hanging everywhere but I never see a tomato on one. Maybe theyre all getting eaten? I bought a planter tomato plant. The tomatoes are actually a decent size! I was afraid Id end up with cherry tomatoes which I dont like. Such a waste to have all this property and not be able to grow anything because it wont drain. Everything rots. . . . . .Another game tonite. I need to get some housework done but I dont think its gonna happen. Oh well...