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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, May 19, 2010.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    In the last thread you need to read, if you missed....Rock's story of exercise and how he and
    I are related.

    Lot's about tomatoes, makeup, coffee and bb.

    I am sick as a dog. But don't worry your pretty heads cuz I have with me M&M with Peanuts
    and the Real Coca Cola (not artificially sweetened).

    I guess I got a bad sore throat on the plane or somewhere

    I need to go watch Ellen's Show so she can cheer me up...she is so darn funny!
    Oh to have talent!

    Horizontally yours
    (no hugs and kisses since I am contagious).

  2. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Crap. My post got redirected to the health board. I saw it too late. Frustrating!
  3. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Well, just found out today that my employer canceled my health insurance about 10 days ago. I'm numb. And scared. Not sure how we're going to pay for the 2 doctors appointments and ton of lab work that I had last week.

    Sometimes I wish I had never woken up from the surgery.
  4. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Jan I swear there are ppl I want to beat up on your behalf. This is ridiculous! Can they do that? I guess they can but can they get away with it? I knew a woman dx'ed with lung cancer whose ins co gave her fits. She had to divorce her dh of 35yrs to get her medical bills pd for. Im in no way suggesting this...just yet ANOTHER example of shoddy practices from ins cos. Maybe you need to sic a lawyer on your employer? They cost money too tho. Im so sorry you have to deal with this. Enough is enough. Things like this make me so damned mad. Sorry for the expletive. Sending you a gentle cyber hug. And Im glad you woke up from surgery. Bet your family feels the same way. Praying hard for you....
  5. spacee

    spacee Member

    What about COBRA? Aren't you entitled to that? I hate dealing with insurance comanies. Hate

    Jan, I know that it has to be your decision but about disability...You have to be employed full
    time to get it. If you try to go part time and can't, then it doesn't work that way. BUT you can
    work part time if you are getting disability. Up to a certain amount.

    Now, you do need to double check anything I say but I think that is the way it works.

    I am ready to send Becky to knock some sense in your former employer. It just seems
    wrong that he can terminate your insurance without you signing some papers.

    We are so glad you woke up from surgery. We love you so much here!

    Love to all!!

  6. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    Not so good to hear you're feeling so blahh.
    I do hope you enjoyed your travel.

    Jan so sorry to hear your health insurance was canceled. They should have notified you before doing so.

    Becky good your son's team won the game. Wow, they won by a large score..i can understand how close score games are a bit more exciting..

    All have a relaxing evening
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Made two attempts to move your missing post here, Becky. No workee.

    Yes, Huckle is a pet. A semi-feral golden tom cat. No pets allowed
    in our apt. Finally got him to the vet today.
    The diagnosis was conjunctivitis. Now all I have to do is give him meds
    for a week. I'm sure he'll cooperate fully.

    Can't focus very well. Too many helicopters circling overhead. If I were healthier
    I'd move. Well, I 'spect we'd all do a lot of things if we were healthier.

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  8. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Rock...thanks for trying. I shouldve been paying attn. I got complacent. My ole huss was a "drop off". That happens a lot when you live in a rural area. Betcha your cat cooperates like mine does when I mention the words "huss bath". Hes got some really good hiding places. Cant entice him out with the words "want some huss nip"? Yep...everything is "huss" related in this house. He was named Cheeto but got called huss so much it stuck. . . . Waiting for this last round of storms to go by. Another wild ride here tonite. My dh's 1st trip to the cellar. Had to wake small son up. They were equally scared. I dont have sense enough to be scared anymore. Quarter size hail. I was stressing my windows. . . . . . Jan, plz let us know how youre doing if you feel up to it. I dont understand how some cos get away with what they do. Hugs to all...
  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Took Lily to get groomed so she'll look pretty for company and grad party next week.I realized that with my color I now resemble my dog.She's a buff color with dark highlights!You know how they say people who have animals start to resemble them.This is a scary thought lol.

    I'm really sorry about your ins. Jan.I thought we decided you've had your share of bad luck.I'm glad you made it through surgery.

    Rock you didn't say if you got any bumps and bruises from your tumble.Someone else here fell out of bed.What's up with that?Everyone stay upright.

    Picking up DD and GD this afternoon.I hope grand isn't to much for her mom to handle alone on the plane.Probably see you all in a few days with all the activity.Get better Spacee.

  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Clicked on "Reply" after Spacee's message. Wouldn't work.

    Clicked on "Reply" after Jan message and it worked fine.

    This teaches us a valuable lesson which a friend explained to me years
    ago. If you studied computers for a 100 years, you would never
    completely understand them.

    Pam, I suffered no damage from my calisthenics yesterday. It was an
    odd sensation though. I seemed to be falling and then rolling on the driveway
    in slow motion.

    Jan, sorry to hear about the insurance situation. The only thing I know about
    COBRA is that it is very expensive. When I retired 5 years ago I got a letter
    from the firm's HMO. (Kaiser) It said I could continue my coverage for $7000
    a year. $25,000 for a family.

    Twocatdoctors on the Depression Board put up a post several months ago. Listed
    resources for low cost/free meds, etc. I saved a copy of it, but it disappeared.
    Anyhoo, you might want to ask her to repost.

    Got Huckle to the vet yesterday. Tried to put ointment in his eye this morning.
    Huckle did not think that was a good idea. I may try the method recommended
    by James Herriot. Wrap the cat in a sheet.

    Reminds me of the old riddle from grade school. How do you treat a pig w/ a sore back?

    Gordon is going to an orchid meeting at the Arboretum tonight. In addition to
    beautiful flowers, the place features peacocks that wander about.

    Answer: With oink-ment.


  11. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    OMG Jan when it rains it pours. How can the ins company get away with that. Those stinkin dirty rats. After everything you have been thru you just don't need this @#%. I will pray for you. I am so sorry and i am glad you woke up too. We need you.

    I have been in a flare with my neck. Thats why i haven't been posting. I do check on yal all everyday trying keep up waz going on. I will post more soon.

  12. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Thank you for all of your kind comments. My DH talked to the CEO of he company I work(ed) for today. She's a great lady but she said there's really nothing she can do. It's up to the State of New York when a company cuts an employee's health insurance. AND......we owe my company $4,200 for what they paid on my health, dental and life insurance since I've been out on disability.

    And..........we got the LAST check for my STD today and I won't get my first LTD until the end of June.

    And...........we got a copy of the paperwork that the "medical expert" filled out for my husband's SSD case. Only about a third of it is legible. It's a crime. I don't know how the judge is going to be able to read it. I'm just afraid the judge will deny it by reading the "doctor's" answers the wrong way. We're afraid we'll have to subpoena him. He's in NYC and we're in western NY.

    It just gets better every day.

    Not sure how much more I can take.
  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    Jan, it is pouring on you for sure. All I can say is "one day at a time". Baby steps.

    Will say, I thought the State of NY was better than that. How about calling a State
    Senator or Congressman?

    The expert witness shouldn't be one if he can't hire a transcriptionist. I feel so bad
    for you!!!

    I think as for as I go, I am feeling better. Have slept most of 2 days. I need to watch
    Ellen more often. Her show sticks in my brain and lifts my mood.

    Those cat tails were so funny. Plz tell us more. I can't own one but I love them dearly.

    Patty, I do hope your flare doesn't last much longer!

    Pam...teeheehee. Your hair and your doggies color looking alike. I have heard that is
    what they say about people and their pets. I have noticed that my color and DG's is
    pretty much the same now that I tweaked the shade. Course, that makes me happy.
    She and I went on a Bear Hunt a number of times on Monday. Maybe about 20. Funny
    how those little ones can laugh over and over about the same thing.

    Rock, glad there were no broken bones. Maybe the slow motions (wink) helped.

    Love you all!!

  14. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Ok...were going to have to form a posse. I cant take on the whole state of new york by myself. Jan I would absolutely call my state rep in your district. Im not sure how much good it would do but youve got to get your story out to SOMEBODY. Mine helped me when it came to my disability. He met me in person and really listened to me. You need someone with some teeth. I dont see how some ppl sleep at nite. . . . . .I have been orange like my cat once. Tried to go blonde and ended up orange. Made a beeline to the store for brown hair dye lol. They have better products now than they did then. Thank goodness.
  15. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I just don't know how they can figure it out that way. Seems like you shouldn't owe anybody ANYthing and THEN anyway have them tell you later on top of it. Just saying. Do you have a lawyer helping you? You never know what tricks companies can play. So what good does the new HC bill do for you anyway except so far put you deeper in debt. Obviously no relief has kicked in from that.

    Fright Night is what my hair started to look like after a few years of those curly perms. Later found out people with baby-fine hair shouldn't use them. Why else would anyone WANT a perm??? They all (hair people) still tell me to never ever get my hair permed again.

    Rock and I must've been in the same alternative universe that just had to be floating around and bubbling out here and there, cuz when I fell out of bed it felt like slow motion too, LOL. No injuries other than just feeling a bit jarred.

    SO my BP is way low again, no wonder I'm feeling like a slug, 91/55 & pulse 75; I'm not on any medication. Maybe I can find some licorice tea. The prednisolone is not helping so far, but when I took it years ago I never checked my BP and don't remember what the doctors' offices readings were. Pass the salt... and a margarita maybe? I wish.

    Hmmm I have 4 dogs, can't decide which one I most resemble... the one with the pink& black nose, the one with lots of jowls, the fluffy one, or the fat coyote. Maybe I'm combining a bit from each.

    Pam, how great! - how old is your GD? Hopefully she was fascinated and it wasn't too long of a ride or she was exhausted and slept.... and they landed okay. What are you planning on doing?

    Spacee, saw some bonsai bouganvillea online.... they were cool, one was 35 yo! jejejeje, just saying - cuz you could have a beautiful specimen that you could attack regularly. Squee!

    Sure hope you recover quickly. My DH got sick in February, ended up with walking pneumonia, just finished 15 days of abx. Side effects of abx included fatigue. So we hope he IS better. At least he's coughing way less.

    I had an interesting afternoon yesterday, went to a very, very, very small village called Santa Cruz where they were holding an embroidery contest/exhibition. I didn't buy anything, but it was fun to see a hot pink sexy/flouonced embroidered dress, an embroidered wedding dress, also a baseball cap (which I would've bought but was too small) plus tableclothes, rebozos, and wall hangings. Amazing work, as the embroidery is very tiny. Tinier than the village even.

    Also had a wonderful lunch afterward with friends of a friend, they cooked - roasted red pepper soup with the most amazing creamy cheese that was not cream cheese, a smoky veggie casserole, a black bean burger coated with something crusty, and fresh canteloupe for postre/dessert. LOL obviously I'm no gourmet, can't give you any of the details except to say it was absolutely wonderful.

    Hugs to all, hope things work out... for all of us.

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  16. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    I am awake and Im mad. I slept an hour and a half then I guess I rolled over and the pain woke me up. Cant go back to sleep. After our trip to the cellar last nite I was awake till 4am cos the storms kept coming. Finally shooed dh off to bed. Told him id keep watch since he works and i dont. It has been an awful wk and just when i thought i was digging out...here it comes with a vengeance. Today has been bad. And schools out so no nap for me. Thought id sleep like a rock but nooo. Even had to take a pinch of a valium cos i pulled my back muscles by my ribs. And i have errands to do tomorrow. Oldest DD is coming with the baby. I told her Im in a major flare and she asks what does that mean? I told her it means Ill be on the couch. Small son has a game as well. And I get to do all this with little sleep. Yep Im mad. At myself. Thanks for allowing me this rant.
  17. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    Oh how i know what you mean with the pain & no sleep.
    Somehow i have a horrible sore red throat, congestion, along with fast trips to the john.

    i see those crank up radio's advertising alot for weather alerts. They are suppose to be for emergency when power goes out and i guess for when a person has no batteries. Turn the crank and you have the weather reports i suppose. I hope you have one of these. You may be in a tornado valley this season.

    No need to be mad at yourself, take a warm tub soaking and maybe that will relax you to then sleep. Hope this does the trick for ya. You very well could be having major flares with all the storms too.

    Hope everyone has a good Friday.
    Hugs for all
  18. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    I dont know why i didnt think about the weather changes affecting me. I know they do. Didnt cross my feeble mind. Is it possible to hurt too bad to get in the tub? I havent done that in years. I think mine would have to be more comfortable. Need one of those jet-jobbies. 3:30 and still up. No one but the cat for company. And he wants ALL the attn. Hope you all have a great friday. Im just hoping to survive mine. Maybe Ill be so tired Ill sleep. Naaah.
  19. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Sleepless nights are the worst! If you can get in your tub, I highly recomend it with a LOT of epsom salts. I have been known to use as much as the whole 5# bag, seriously, and soak for a long time. It really helps.

    So sorry the weather swings affect you, it seems to affect so many with Fibro. I know about one guy who lived in TN who moved to the city of Guanajuato in MX for both economic and weather reasons -- he was on SSD for Fibromyalgia.

    He said in Guanajuato he only suffers 3 months out of the year as the rest is fairly dry... he has also reduced from about 7 or 8 meds to maybe 3 now over the past 5 years or so. I don't know many places in the US that would be like that? At least there would be no tornadoes either..

  20. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    I just wish my girls understood what "big time flare" means. It means as much as I want to see her and that grandbaby, I wont get to really enjoy them. No getting on the floor to play this time for grandma. . . The wx radio my neighbor has is a small hand held battery powered thing that sounds an ear piercing alarm if weather threatens you. Constant updates. Its awesome. Want to get dd one cos theyve gotten hammered several times this yr and live in an apt. . . . . I wonder if dh could find work in mejico? I dont hablar espanol but I could learn right? If I wouldnt forget it all. From my understanding ppl live very well on less money. I wonder if I could move away from my kids. Probably not. And you can still get ur disability living in another country? I know Id love any place where Id have less pain.... Coach just txtd me...the games been cancelled. Fields too wet. For once Im glad....
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