43, Exhausted and looking for help

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    I have finally gotten so exhausted that I started doing my own research into CFS. Had a physical 2 months ago- said my tests came back normal, but my cholesterol was 276. The ratio of good to bad cholesterol was good, but the doc still didn't want me on statins- wanted me to work on my diet. Diet mod has never worked in the past for me. I work out and eat healthy. But the real reason for my concern now is that I am exhausted, depressed, and foggy thinking. My hair and nails are brittle. I had a baby 15 months ago and have gained 12 pounds. I feel, chemically, that something is really 'off'. I know I am no spring chicken anymore but the energy level drop off is NOTICEABLE! Does anyone have ideas or stories to share? Thanks!
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    this doesn't sound good, but it does sound so very familiar. Keep researching. I started an antiviral, and a new sleepaide yesterday. So far I have had a better day today. YaHoo! I am hopeing and needing much more tho.

    Please keep bumping your post so that others will respond. Good Luck, and I am sorry. Hugs, Tam
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    I think it is a good thing that you have started to research on your own. Certainly, having a baby can be one of the triggers for something like CFS. One cannot be sure however, just yet. I presume that you had thyroid testing done as part of your physical. Are you noticing that you are more sensitive to environmental triggers?
    These diseases are so complex.Would your doctor refer you to someone else? You need a good specialized work-up.This board is such a great resource and support. I hope you can stay around and help find out what is going on.

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    Hi Jill:

    welcome to the site, I think you will find answers from other members here. I have been on and off the board for over 4 years. As I was reading your post a thought occurred you mentioned your energy being way off since having a baby. Have you had your hormone levels checked.

    Even if you did have a baby a little older, your hormones could really be out of whack, which could be adding to the problem. Also I have two gisl 2and 1/2 years apart in age and I remember all too well the exhaustion of being a new mom. Come to thik of it, they still can tiring at age 11 and1/2 and almost 14. Just different.

    other than exhaustion...do you have pain or stiffness. Sound like you could have FM. Did the docotr rule out other disorders that often present as FM/CFS such as RA, Lupus, thyroid problem, MS and even lyme disease.

    Keep reading, check out the library at the top and keep a journal on your symptoms, espcially on the foggy.... days.

    Let us know how you make out.

    In wellness,

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    Many women notice things after pregnancy. Some develop Hashimoto's (thyroid) and more extensive labs have to be done to find that out. Many (like me) develop FM/CFS after pregnancy (my first signs came after my first 15 years ago).

    I have high cholestorol, it is hereditary and I won't bother to try to "fix" it, since nothing I tried in the past works. Keep researching about CFS.

    My brain is pooed, so I will end here,,,LOL!


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    If you are, check out Dr. Robert Katz at Rush. He has really helped me get back on track. He is a rheumatologist and has tested me for everything and is treated me and my symptoms not necassarily the lab results. Somebody mentioned thyroid and you should get it tested - I am hypothyroid and before I got it under control - I was dragging, my hair and skin were suffering and all kinds of other things dragged me down...

    I am 44 and I definitely feel much less energetic then I was before FMS. I have no children but I would think anyone at our age or younger that has a 15 month baby to care for there is an energy drain of all energy drains. I find that when I take my super-B stess complex vitamins regularly that helps. Hang in there...
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