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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, May 21, 2010.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    I think Becky mentioned once starting again about 20 so here is the new one.

    Can't say that it was a good week at all for some of us. Hoping the weekend
    and next one will bring feeling better and some good news.

    BTW I saw Casey who was voted off Idol on Ellen today. He said that he was
    surprised that he made it that far. He didn't own a tv and had never seen the
    show. Also, considered himself more of a musician than singer. Just idle gossip.

    Hugs to all ....gentle ones.
    Love you much.

  2. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Did I say something about starting a new thread? I forget. Actually I wondered when you knew it was time for one lol. Jan before I forget...if you already have dirty blonde hair I betcha you have no problem going lighter. I say go for it! . . . . . Victoria, we made trips to mexico several times. Lived in san antonio so it wasnt that far. But it was always Laredo. The poverty struck me even as a child. Went once with my kids...and my DD gave all her spending money away. It touched her in a profound way. I did buy this BEAUTIFUL blouse that had some kind of flowers on it. Dont know how they made them but it was like some kind of material that had to have been treated somehow to where the flowers were stiff. And silver jewellry. Id like to go back. . . . . . . . Spacee I know about morning tv. Thats when I hit the turner movie classics and watch the oldies. I love the clothing from back then. Especially the evening wear. The actresses look like they never ate. . . . I hope for a great wknd for all of us!
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    You are a contender for the best pun of the week award, Spacee. (Somebody
    else said she was going to dig up info re: funerals.)

    I once said that Cornell MacNeil, the opera baritone from Minneapolis, worked in
    a watch factory before he hit the big time. It was an unconscious pun.

    Am happy to report that after two days of trying, finally got some ointment into
    Huckle's eye. Took Gordon to hold him while I squeezed. The tube, that is.
    For an animal that only weighs 11 pounds he certainly can be fierce.

    Becky, I went to Tijuana once. Back in the 60s. Was uncomfortable. Happy to
    get back to LA. Was in Canada once too. Only for a couple hours. I don't seem
    to have the adventurous spirit to be a world traveler.

    Tomorrow is errand day. Hafta go to the bank and the market, etc. I only leave
    the house 2 days a week. Wed. to the library and Sat. for errands.

    All for now

  4. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    I woke up at 5:00 this morning when my DH was getting ready to go the ambulance base. It took about 5 minutes before I realized I was walking normally.........no pain! I finally realized it when I reached into the cupboard for a glass. It was so weird, I couldn't believe it. However, I then went back to bed........h*ll no,I'm not stupid!!....and when I woke up later I was hurtin'. Very disappointing but it gives me some hope. Yup.....I'm stupid!!

    DS started on his "adventure" yesterday. He and his beautiful GF are taking a road trip from Portland, OR down to southern California to the Joshua Tree Forest (I think that's what it is.....someone please correct me if I'm wrong), then to the Grand Canyon, then up to Utah. I can't wait to hear about it. And I hope he's able to relax and have a good time. The poor boy, he's been very worried about me and finds it hard to be so far from me when I'm going through so much and he takes so much to heart.

    Rock....thank you for clarifying just what it was you were squeezing when you were medicating poor ol' Huckle! I had this vision of his eyes popping out. It wasn't pretty!! Do you wrap a towel around him when you do the medication thing? We're had to do that and it's quite useful. Keeps those claws in one place.

    I haven't been out of the house in days......except to walk our dog, Murphy. I usually have to sit with the heating pad and take some pain meds before I can walk her 'cause I wouldn't be able to stoop and bend to pick up her "presents" without doing that first.

    We're having another great weather day here. Haven't been outside yet but i seems to be a touch cooler and not as humid. The perfect day, in my book!

    Tonight is hot-tub night at my friend's house. I can't wait!! Hope I don't do something stupid like fall asleep or throw a tantrum when it's time to get out! :)

    My neighbor just bought over some extra petunias that she had. I can't wait to get them planted. We need some color outside. We live in an apartment but we have our own entrance and some a small space to plant if we want to. Last year my DH bought a grape plant. He planted it but by the time fall came along it had only grown a few leaves. This year we actually have some grapes. Of course, at this point they look like "Barbie" grapes 'cause they're so teeny tiny, but if they all grow to maturity we'll have quite a few. Can't wait. I just love the taste of ANYTHING fresh off the plant (tomatoes, beans, corn....anything!)

    Can't remember if I mentioned this before, but my older DH got me a present of Netflix after my surgery! What a cool gift. I hadn't gone on the pee-uter to look for anything until this past week. I ordered the first 4 seasons of "Bones." It only took 2 days for the first disc to arrive. How cool. My DH and I sat down to watch it last night. I just love that show and I never saw season one, so it's fun. I think it was so thoughtful of my wonder DS to do that for me. It certainly lasts longer than flowers!

    Well friends, I think my pain med has finally kicked in. Think I'll take the doggie for a walk.

    I'm so glad to have you folks as my friends. Just sayin'..........!


  5. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    DH is taking small son to the movies today. Im in too much pain to go...wouldnt remember it anyway. Im going to take a nap...hopefully. I did manage to bake cinnamon rolls but i cheat...i get the frozen 1s and let them thaw in the fridge overnite. Then set them out to rise when i get up. Small son acted like hed never seen 1 before. Then i had to think if maybe he hadnt. I dont buy sweets anymore. Those had been in the freezer for 3months. . . Jan you have such a sweet caring son! Hope you share his adventures with us! Glad you had a reminder of what pain free felt like. Im kinda glad i dont get those cos id be mad to go back. . . Spacee...I gave up on my BV. Pulled right out with no resistance. Its a shame...it was so pretty. Ill get another 1 but its staying in the pot!
  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    Jan's "older DH gave her a gift of Netflix". So you have two DH's now???? Just kidding.
    Realized you were referring to older son. I love Netflix. We cut way down to like 2 a
    month when we like the tv shows.

    Rock we are on #42 and that was my first pun. tsk, tsk, tsk.
    I think living in LA after growing up in Minn is most definitely like moving to another

    Haven't left the house in 4 days. Just sent DH to groc. store with a list. My project is
    to wash my hair today! I think by Wed I might be able to run an errand.

    I want some hanging petunia baskets! I have found the courage to embrace them!
    I know it involves putting the hangers in the ceiling of the porch. (That is an enormous
    commitment for me) but I am ready...when I feel better!

    Pumpkin!! Hope your weekend is going well. You too Barry!

    I saw another cardinal today. They must like hot, dry Florida. DH planted my Butterfly
    bushes today! One on each side of the back of the house cuz the full sun is there.

    Progress is being made! Except in the kitchen. Hoping the backsplash gets in this week.
    I saved the pot that DH burned making popcorn. Thanks to google. (boil baking powder
    for 20 minutes, then scrap with stiff spatula...voila. Burns are gone But scrap marks
    stay...I had to choose between the two...just saying).

    Hugs for all my good buddies!!

  7. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Oh my.... I must watch my typing! Thank you for clarifying the DH/DS thing for me!! I had re-read what I typed before I pushed the "reply" button and I still didn't pick up on it. I have a feeling I'm going to become addicted. especially now that we're in to summer re-runs.

    We went to our friend's house last night and had a good time. But....oh my gawd, I haven't eaten that much at one sitting for a long time!! And I'm paying for it today. It's a good thing I have shorts with drawstrings!!

    The hot tub felt great! I want one! I felt kinda woozy and rubber-legged when I got out. Is that normal?

    I wok up early (6-ish) again and wasn't having too much pain. But, then I went back to bed and, sure enough, had more pain when I woke up - for the second day in a row. Maybe I'll try getting up early everyday. Oh my, what a novel idea!

    For those of you who are of the female persuasion.......I've just begun to have hot flashes. Even though I always feel like I'm cold, I'm not really enjoying these little trips to h*ll!! VERY uncomfortable! Forget about getting a nice haircut, I think I'm just gonna shave my head!!! My DH is making fun of me because for years (as I sit shivering) I've been saying "I can't wait until I get hot flashes." Is is common to feel shivery (sp?) after having a hot flash? This is all new to me.

    Well, I guess that's all for now. Think I'll put some real clothes on now!

    Hot in Western NY
  8. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    I am going to have to google those butterfly bushes. Id love something that attracted them. Im also going to have to find something that grows in the shade. . . Lindylou I sent dh to the store this wknd as well. He had the list but i had to call him bc of course i forgot things. I know i spend less when i go. Dh deviates from the list lol. . . Jan my x and i had a hot tub a looong time ago. I always felt wobbly getting out too. And like i weighed a thousand pounds! Id love another 1. Cant afford it. :( . . . Girlfriend if youre having hot flashes i feel for you! I suffered for a long time then told my doc to give me whatever she had in her arsenal. Didnt want HRT but i caved. Didnt stop the sweating which i guess the fm causes that but my depression vanished. Im on low doses but im thinking its not enough bc theres other issues. Happy sunday folks!
  9. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Ok I googled the butterfly bush before I forgot. Those are beautiful! I havent seen them here. Cant figure that one out. Sounds like theyd do just fine in okla. They freaking sell BVs which do NOT do well here but not these??? Im going to see if my greenhouse can get some in for me. Might be too late for flowers this yr cos theyre already threatening us with 90 degree temps but next years good too! Thanks for mentioning those Spacee...I hope yours do well!
  10. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    Hey Everyone,

    I am finally feeling better pain wise that is. We went to Costco yesterday for prescriptions. I found a pair of jean capri's that actually fit. I am so happy. I have lost over 30 punds and have another 25 to go. As a result i only had one pair of pants that actually fit. I used to
    be a petite size eight.

    Spacee i hope you are feeling much better. Have you seen any butterflies yet? I have only seen plain white ones.

    Rebecca i was touched by your daughter giving away all her spending money to the poor. Her momma taught her well.

    Rock how is Huckle's eye. I always enjoy your posts.

    Jan glad you had a nice hot tub experience. That would be nice.

    Just finished reading The memory keepers daughter. It was a bittersweet good read. Our weather has been raining with a few storms thrown in. Our baby sparrows flew the nest. They always get really noisey right before they leave. The parents start holding their food
    out farther so they will eventually reach to far and fly away. I don't miss all the constant noise.


  11. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Skimmed thru the posts, mostly all I can remember is yummy cinnamon rolls and burnt popcorn. Am I hungry? I don't think so, but cinnamon will make me hungry anytime, hehehe. will have to go backwards to recheck highlights...

    Yay Patty congratulations... any secret that you found that really helped you lose weight? For me the Atkins (not introductory, or at least not for more than a week) works the best for me. Were you able to exercise much? For me the old saying-- I get enough exercise just pushing my luck and jumping to conclusions-- pretty much sums it up.

    Loopy Lou, no backsplash yet? So sorry it's taking so long... was it a special order? Glad you're feeling better.

    Jan, I never had a hot flash... the only upside of being estrogen dominant.

    Rock, how did Huckle get his (her?) name.... just wondering, sounds like it's short for Huckleberry Finn.

    Well I don't watch 'Lost', but feel lost in trying to keep track of everybody, but love reading thru everything. I DO try to stay on the ball, but too often I'm too tired to bounce it...

    Hope everybody's feeling better and your weather's better! And if I missed your post, sorry...

    I'm winkin, blinkin & nodding already - dulces suenos!


    PS:There are some youtube videos on how to make a butterfly garden. Some of us might be happy to know the butterfly bush, buddleia, is supposed to be easy to grow and almost impossible to kill.

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  12. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Yes Victoria...SOME of us might have liked to know that about the butterfly bush. Preferably BEFORE they planted a BV that SOMEBODY said you couldnt kill! Wont mention any names. So why didnt SOMEBODY tell me? Made me go look it up for myself. You know Im kidding i hope. At least i have something to get excited over again. . . . And i have cinnamon sprinkled on my windowsill...ants were getting in there. Have a yen for wood? Rest well.....
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  13. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I'm still up :( but making myself lay down to listen to an audiobook...

    But at least I won't lose any sleep (IF I get any) that that "SOMEBODY" who said it was impossible to kill the BV/bouganvillea was me, hehehehe, cuz it wasn't.

    Now, if you mixed that cinnamon with sugar.... well, just make sure I'm not sleepwalking in your yard later tonight.

    I hate it when i feel sleepy, then can't sleep...

  14. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    No...it wasnt you. Maybe SOMEBODY will admit she said you couldnt kill a BV. "Just stick in the ground", she said. "You cant kill it", she said. Hah. Her thumb must be greener than mine. I got out of bed cos I KNOW Im disturbing dh even tho hed argue that with me. I hate not being able to sleep either. I think this pain has eased up a bit finally. 25 percent, as small son would say. Hes big on percentages. . . . Hope you enjoy your audio book! If I had something to read maybe it would help. Distractions are good. Saw on tv that lights from computer screens, cell phones etc can keep you from sleeping. Curiously they left TVs off the list. Guess even they know that a lot of the programs are boring enough to make one comatose. . . Im going to try lying down again. Crossing fingers!
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  15. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    DD is back in Florida with you Spacee.We had a nice visit and bonded with 2yr. old grand-daughter.I heard a lot of no's and temper tantrums.I kept shaking my head wondering how my daughter keeps up but remembered oh yeah she's younger.

    The b-day party was nonstop company all day.Some had other things going on so they stopped in .We ended up grilling twice.Lots of toddlers and pregnant neices this yr.New wave of generations.

    Poor puppy is exhausted from being poked and prodded by little fingers.She's very glad to be alone again.

    I get to rest up until the drive to Indiana for grandson's graduation.

  16. pumkinhead

    pumkinhead New Member

    We had an ok weekend. Paul watched golf. BTW Do you know why the announcers talk so low? So they won't wake up the people sleeping. I don't care for sports on TV not my bag.

    Our weather changes hour to hour. Now the sun is shinning. Had a hard time waking up today. We have a huge lilac bush the smell was almost overwhelming. However it made the house smell nice with a window open.

    The lady that buildt our house hired a japanese landscape designer. I can't tell you what everything is. The birds love it here. The hummers are buzzing us constantly we love it.

    Rebecca i have never heard of using cinnamon for ants. Does it really work?

    Victoria the reason i gained so much weight was from taking Lyrica. When i quit taking it i started losing weight. No special diet, mostly m&m's. I hit a plateau. Need to excersize
    I danced to the sound of the dixie chicks this mornng. that counts.

    Pam sounds like a good time was had by all. How nice you had a visit with your granddaughter.
    They are so adorable at that age. Just think if your dog is worn out. You must be exhausted. Rest up for your trip.

    I am reading a book Homeport by Nora Roberts. My daughter gave my some watercolors to get
    started. Don't have a clue what to do. Guess i need to just jump in huh.


  17. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Patty, well in a way you're lucky, that's the easy way to lose weight.
    and YES of course dancing any time counts, LOL.

    I always figured that's why the announcers were so quiet... my Dad
    used to fall asleep all the time hehehehe. Longstanding tradition I guess.

    Pam I am sure your puppy is VERY happy, but at least he's socialized to little
    kids now. Very important. Our current 4 'kids' are not at all, they think any
    human under 7 is some kind of alien.... especially when they're only maybe
    15 months and walking around. Glad we have a wall here actually as families
    do walk down the road.

    I was looking at the EZ hair comb clips online to see if any 'deals'... LOL, on
    one page, they said that customers who had looked at that had ALSO
    purchased a 100,000 volt Stun Gun! Go figure, does it make you look that
    sexy that you need to carry protection like that????

    I'm all for self-defense and gun rights actually, but--
    I just can't see someone going online and thinking,

    "Oh great, what a good deal on the cute hair clips.
    Oh and look, I can get a Stun Gun at the same time. How convenient!"

    Gunning to Stun Everyone with some new hair clips...
  18. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    Patty...yes cinnamon works for ants. You have to find where theyre coming in and sprinkle it there. Cloves are supposed to work too but i havent tried them. I just happened to have cinn handy. . . Sorry all but im in a horrible place right now. Came in to write some info down as i have a dr appt wed. Theyre working me in. Hope you all have a wonderful satisfying week.
  19. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Becky – when my DH goes to the store I am forever texting him with things I forgot to put on the list! Thank gawd for modern technology!! I hardly ever go to the grocery store anymore. We have 2 huge grocery stores here. I just can’t make it through if I’m feeling icky. Thank goodness we have another “family” style grocery store right own the street. That one I can get into and out of without much of a problem. I love how your son loves percentages. He’d be a handy one to have around, especially when I go shopping and have to figure out how much of a deal I’m getting when things are on sale!! My son was great at math when he was real young. He sure didn’t get it from me!! I’m sorry that you’re having a bad go of it right now. I hope your doctor can make some sense of it.

    Patty – glad you are feeling better. Congratulations on your weight loss. That is fantastic. And isn’t it fun to go shopping and realize that the smaller sizes fit? I sooooo want to lose some weight but I just can’t get started. I did Weight Watchers About 6 years ago and it was easy (lost 45 lbs) but somehow right now it just seems like too much of a chore. I know…..that sounds stupid! That much have been watching – and listening to – the baby sparrows. I hope they’re doing OK out in the big wide world. Yes….dancing to the Dixie Chicks is definitely exercise. I often put one of their CD’s on when I’m cleaning. Makes me work a little harder. Oh, and I just LOVE the M&M diet!! You mentioned the watercolors your daughter gave you. My neighbor is an artist and we were talking one day and I told her I didn’t think I could draw ANYTHING. She said, “Just draw what you see. There’s no right or wrong.” It’s so simple, but I guess it makes sense. Have fun!

    Victoria – I loved your quote about jumping to conclusions. Fits me to a “T.” I was up late last night too. I think I finally go to sleep around 2 AM. THEN……I took 2 naps today…….SO, I’ll probably be up until 2 AM again. It’s been a vicious cycle for quite a while. Too bad we can’t set up a conference call with all of us night owls. Sometimes if I’m having trouble sleeping I’ll turn on the TV to the local public television station and put the volume on real low. There’s usually some sort of “talk radio” show on and the voices will put me to sleep! Geez…..how did those people know I had bought a stun gun?!! Amazing! :)

    Pam – glad you had a good visit with your daughter, despite the temper tantrums. I’m not a grandma yet, but I hope I can keep my opinions to myself when I am one. I just remember how much I didn’t like it when my mom or my ex-MIL made comments about how I should be raising my kids. I mean, of course my kids were perfect and I was a perfect mother, but I’m just sayin’!!! When you mentioned the puppy were you really talking about yourself?! :)

    Rock – how’s Huckle doing? And, I too would like to know where his name came from.

    Didn’t do too much today. It’s been really hot here the last few days and I don’t do well in the heat…..no matter how humid it is. DH finally put the air conditioning on around 5 o’clock. But, I just turned it off and opened the windows again. I prefer the fresh air. And, after sitting on my rear end all day – with 2 naps snuck in – I finally got busy. I’ve just vacuumed, mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors and I’m doing laundry too. I hope it helps me sleep better.

    Guess that’s all for now boys and girls. Hope everyone has a good night’s sleep.

    Hyper Heidi
  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    Ya'll have done really well without me the last couple of days.

    Patty, I used to be a petite 8 too.

    Jan, I don't go to the big grocery stores either and we have a family store right down
    the road from us.

    GD and her parents were here part of the weekend. She is 19 months. She is
    REALLY SMART. She knows where the food is kept. (Refridge and pantry).
    Then she figured out that I KNOW where the food is kept too. How smart is

    So GD and I bonded over food while her parents and DH loaded the Uhaul
    Their furniture has been in our basement for 3.5 years while they lived
    elsewhere. Most of it wasn't really furniture. It's an enormous
    collection of books and non matching bookcases. I wish the Kindle had
    been invented alot sooner. His wife does too.

    So, now the basement (it has windows) is empty and everyone can come
    for the winter! I guess we need to get beds first.

    Ok, Ok, Ok, I'm SOMEBODY. I wasn't taking into account that you lived
    in Oklahoma. I am just imagining all the people who buy them not
    realizing OK isn't the right climate. It's an outrage.

    Oh, I almost forgot, in my outrage. I DID see a butterfly today!! It was
    yellow/orange. I think these are easy bushes to propagate. You just
    can't kill the things. Opps, I have said that before.

    Glad to hear ya'll are reading/listening. I did a page in my crossword puzzle
    book. A+ again.

    Doesn't feel like Monday since DH was home but I'll adjust.

    Love all you sooooo mucho!


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