45 days without sugar/flour etc and NO FLARES

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Hocking, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. Hocking

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    Thought some of you might be interested in this. The American diet of high-carb foods is toxic, and especially dangerous to those of us with FMS. I'm cutting out as many carbs as possible, without being a zealot about it, and noticed almost immediate pain relief. The other bonus is a weight loss in 45 days of 20 pounds. Nope, not going back to eating carbs--not worth it and so very easy to avoid.
  2. ssMarilyn

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    I've cut out the sugar and carbs too, since the early part of May and have lost 2 dress sizes. Did you also exclude fruit? I don't eat any sugar in any shape or form and I always feel so weak. I know I need to add some fruit, but want to ease into it. I've always been a sugar-addict and am afraid I will jump off the wagon if I eat fruit and go headfirst into donuts and the like.

    Marilyn :)
  3. I wish I could do that, I know diet plays a big part in our health but I swear I am addicted to sugar and carbs. How did you start, go cold turkey or ease into it. What do you eat, just meats, cheeses??
  4. Madelyn

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    I've been strictly low carb, NO sugar for over a year now. IT HAS MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE! Nothing else has! Now, I have CFIDS because I have active chronic Epstein-Barr Virus.
    The EBV feeds on sugar, and carbs which turn to sugar. If you have EBV, it's the only way to go.
    The diet I live on is a modified Atkins, specifically for people like me. But it would do wonders for anyone!
    Anything I can do to kill off that virus will certainly help.
    I've found that you really must go cold turkey and be ruthless about it. If you cheat, you immediately want more. I really am not even tempted anymore.
  5. baby-bear

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    My problems with carbs and all the sugars that end in "ose" did not start until one year after my car wreck and also when I got on the YASMIN birth control pill. After I got on that pill....... WOW did I pay dearly for that. If I ate anything with those sugars I mentioned or any carbs...the pain is EMS type. I cant tell you how bad i suffer. The migraines and body pain that never stops. It feels like acid being poured on to my head and drips down through my body. Even my codiene does not touch it. So I got off the pill and its better but still with the FMS I think taking that brand of birth control mixed with the FMS did a double whammy. I too eat only meats, cheeses and low carb veggies. I haven't felt better. So just thought I would mention my little experience onthis subject...BYE!!! Pammy
  6. ssMarilyn

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    Carb and sugar addiction is like a drug addiction. You can't ease out of it, you have to quit cold turkey. It only takes about 3 days for the junk to leave your system, and then your cravings disappear too, along with your appetite. I still have to force myself to eat and I'm dropping all the extra weight I'd gained over the past two years due to back pain and a very sedentary life style. I feel SOOO good now!

    Get the Atkins book on Ebay, and read it. It will be your Bible when it comes to changing your way of eating.

    Marilyn :)
  7. KCD

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    When you said it was easy I had to disagree....KCD
  8. pam_d

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    I HAD to do low carb because of all my recently discovered allergies to wheat, gluten, etc.---I am not doing high-protein like many, just the low carb. Yes, I feel much better lately, and going on 25 lbs lost!!

    For me it is a balancing act since I'm allergic to so very many things, but I'm finding a definite benefit in this diet!

    I would never be so cavalier as to say it's easy, though; food cravings are very personal. For some to give up sugar & carbs is like torture....I was not a sugar-craver, so not so hard for me. I miss cheese more! (Allergic to milk products & soy, too)

    For those contemplating a diet change, though, it may be worth trying for you, because it does seem to make many feel better & lose weight....tho' not all of us have pounds to lose!

  9. RLCarter03

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    I was amazed to learn all of this. I have had a chronic weight loss problem (am losing it!!) for months now. I just went on a very high caloric, high carb diet to try and at least keep the 110lbs. I still have...I am 5'6". I look like I am dying...but maybe now I think this may not be the way to go..am going to see an internist soon to try and find out the cause behind the loss. We do know I have a vitamin B12,folate deficiency and something called amylase is low. Who knows? I will take all this into consideration though..Thanks MUCH
  10. ssMarilyn

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    Nobody can live on a no carb, no sugar diet forever, but we can live healthier by eating natural carbs and sugars. It's the processed, bagged, boxed and canned stuff that's making us fat and killin' us!

    Marilyn :)
  11. pam_d

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    Had to give up ALL processed stuff---the L-O-N-G list of ingredients contains too many allergens for me, plus we can all benefit from fresh instead of processed stuff. And I said "low carb" not "NO carb"---I eat some fresh fruit in the mornings, etc. If folks would even cut out half the carbs they eat, they'd probably see a difference. I have no choice, the starchy carbs are what I'm allergic to....

    Diets are very individual, though....not everything works for everybody, we all have to find what makes us feel best.

  12. elaine_p

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    Last year I eliminated all egg and milk products from my diet. It's a pain to read all the labels, but you can get pretty quick at it (of course, sometimes it was too much effort). When you do this, you'll find that different brands of the same type of food have different ingredients, so may be "safe".

    Several months into this I found I had a problem with sugar--my stomach would actually cramp and I don't remember what else. So I cut out all sugars, too.

    When you have a craving for sugar, try eating fruit. It isn't quite the same, but it takes care of most of the craving.

    Regarding canned fruit, get the "lite" kind. After many months of my "no sugar" regimen, I got a can of the regular fruit, in heavy syrup. Gad, it tasted different! Bad, actually. (I've tried it more than once and it always tastes that way, so now I eat strictly the lite stuff. Also, after 9 months of no eggs or milk, I've been letting myself have regular, "real" candy bars. If it's been aweek, they always taste too sweet to start with.)

    You can also get diabetic candy and cookies. They're more expensive but many of them taste pretty darn good. Russell Stover also has sugar free candy, and yesterday I noticed they now have sugar-free Reese's miniatures and other stuff.

    Don't know if this will help anyone, but I started taking magnesium the end of last year. I noticed that my craving for chocolate was greatly reduced. That was with 400mg of magnesium glycinate + 100mg from my multi-vitamin. I've since changed brands to try to save money (to 300mg of mag oxide & mag amino acid chelate) and noticed that the chocolate craving has increased. (So now I'm increasing the dosage. If that doesn't work I'm going back on the mag glycinate.)

    An added benefit from my "diet" last year is I steadily lost weight. But now I'm going to try reducing carbs even more, since many people have seemed to benefit--my doc said you can increase your protein just by cutting out your carbs, especially pasta, bread, and potatoes.
  13. Madelyn

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    When you've been on this diet for awhile, a piece of fruit tastes VERY sweet! I crave apples.
    On a low carb, no (processed) sugar diet, you WILL lose weight. For some, this is not a good thing. I hit bottom, so to speak, last summer. I went down to 92 lbs. I am 5'3". I was concerned at the time because it seemed I couldn't stop losing. But then it stabilized, then I slowly started gaining. I'm up to 102, and I'd like to gain just a few more pounds. That's not easy on a low carb diet; it's actually hard to gain. I eat a lot.
    Anyway, this is my experience.
  14. Wolverine

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    Hey all. I agree wholeheartedly that low carb & specaially no sugar helps so much and so fast. Myself though, am quite underwieght from a bad digestive disorder (24yrs male, 52kg/120lb) and 178cm/5'10. I too also have awful fybro / CFS that is secondary to my digestive prob that started 3yrs ago. also candida and all the extras that seem to go with this condition. If i stay off sugar and simple carbs i have such less pain and more energy, less tired palpitations and shortness of breath etc etc. BUT! my digestion is so bad i can barely eat ANY fat - only tiny amounts, and not too much protein at once! so i have to eat carbs and put up with the sick all over achy exhaustedness to only just keep the bare minimum of weight i have! :( ah its so hard. Im so addicted tho i need a cake or something so bad and i HAVE to have it and when i do i usually eat even more and feel awful for hrs afterward. I know i would be sooooo well if i could just eat decent amounts of fats and protein every dayand OFF the carbs! keeping off carbs is like a wonder drug (after u go through the withdrawals ooh there bad!) thats for most ppl. sigh, ill just have to keep on and find something else to help my chronic pain/ exhaustion :/ Chris. csck@hotmail.com
  15. elaine_p

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    Have you tried digestive enzymes to help you digest fats? Don't know if they'll take care of the problem, but it might be worth a shot.

    Also, an anti-histamine may help.

    (I don't eat cheese very often since I found I'm still sensitive to it. Even with digestive enzymes AND Lactaid I still have some problems, but I found that if I take anti-histamines as well that the probs are minimal.)
  16. Rosie

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    When people are on low carb diets....what carbs are people eating??? I know that you cut out the while flour and sugar..
    Take care,
  17. ssMarilyn

    ssMarilyn New Member

    There are carbs in vegetables and fruits. Fruits are natural sugars, so are not harmful when eaten in moderation.

    Marilyn :)
  18. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    Hiya. Thanks for the reply. Yeh i take enzymes and antihystamines but should probaly take them more often. i dont even try the dairy thing anymore - always get awful probs from it. Apparently theres a new drug coming out called Xolair which is a once a month injection and completly halts the IgE allergic process - stops allergies to drugs, foods, dust pollens etc. Should help alot of ppl. Dont know about intollerances tho. im hangin for it! :)

  19. pooped

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    Hi there,
    Hang on a second, I need to put my cigarette out and get another cup of coffee.
    Anyway...I just gave up chocolate 2 weeks ago. (I am a card carrying member of chocoholics annonymous). I have not had a migraine since. I can deffinitely see the benefits of going on a low carb way of life but I need to ease into these things. I am going to give it a try though. I just drove down to the mail box to see if my Dr. Aitkens diet book had arrived. It wasn't there so I made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and sat down to watch Richard Simmons Sweating to the Oldies.
    Today we are going to our local Arts and Crafts Festival and there will be caramel corn and cotton candy and elephant ears and ice cream and corn dogs on a stick and Brats on a bun. I have decided to be sensible and only have an apple (covered with caramel and nuts and sprinkles. I am taking my own bottled water so as not to be tempted by the snow cones.
    I really do believe that I will feel much better once I get into a low carb program but it sure is going to be difficult. Anyone who says it is easy was already one of those healthy fruity kinda people anyway. For a junkie like me it is going to be a battle. Especially right now. Summertime means fun food; hot dogs and potato chips with a little sand mixed in and moms potato salad and sugary baked beans, corn on the cob swimming in butter and...OMG will I have to give up watermelon??? Please tell me watermelon is in the plan!
    Seriously, I will be coming back here for support as I give up my fresh hot home baked bread and fried potatos. I will need lots and lots of support!
    Thanks for the information and have a happy and safe summer!!!

  20. ssMarilyn

    ssMarilyn New Member

    You only have to give up your beloved watermelon for a short while. Why don't you wait til the end of summer to start the Atkins diet? Enjoy your fruits as much as you can now, and then this fall, get serious about shedding pounds and remember.....eliminating fruits is "temporary"! They're not going anywhere and will be waiting for you.

    Marilyn :)