48 hours / the meds r working :}THANX ALL!

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    OK Wise world,the only DR treating me,never returned my call yesterday I phoned again today as spsams are still very strong and unrelentig.After the second call to his ervice,3hours after left at office(2 days in row)he FINALLY called back.Then he said you have no money,you have no insurrance I can not give you anything or help you.THEN,Besides I have never seen tics or spasams you are talking about.He has had my on Zanaflexc,Baclofen,Flexeril-I see he was noy aware of mucscle& nerve tics0were those pills candy?He took me off Flexeril as he did not like the increase in tics.I have my *driver* attend meetings w/me and DR when very Fatigued ect.,she even commented that he is and has been aware of these symptoms.HE HUNG UP AND WILL NOT CALL BACK!!My bank account allows for pain and other medication.I may buy at smaller quanities(except where limited;Klonopin 21 a week DEA).I want relief from my muscle spasams!His ansewring service told me I get 3 more call,as the last one was cut off.He still has not returned call now 45 min later again.WHAT DO I DO,I AM IN MUSCLE SPASAM HELL! I am back to wondering why I care and I still cannot get help.He has been my DR since 1999. WHY is it so unfair,I hurt,who is he to say I do not have money,so there is nothing he can do.I do not owe him anything!Why do I have to be the poster child for an unfair system?If I was never *let go of* from work,due to cane and neckbrace,I would have insurance-do they GET more MONEY that way? This can not continue for me, I will not suffer at the hands of ignorance! lisa
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    How shameful.

    You need to somehow find a caring health professional in your area.

    Where the heck are they???

    Perhaps contact churches?? maybe members of a church or synagogue will have more of a conscience.

    Perhaps you should look into suing your prev employer if it's against the law in your area to fire someone due to a disability. I regret I did not do the same, I should also be on long term dis through my job, since I paid into it, not on smaller gov't benefits. but, thank god I have those at least...

    But, I understand, right now you need help for your pain and muscle spasms. I don't know how to help you with this.

    are you able to take klonopin safely and does it help? what about robaxacet? what about tiger balm rubbed onto your muscles? helps me. what about a warm epsom salt bath?

    what about massage?

    if you are able to, check out the bodymindresources website maybe some gentle stretching might help the spasms?? i don't know...

    I am taking some Chinese herbal tea which contains components that help with muscle spasm and it works for me. Mind you it is not cheap and takes about 3 hours of prep time with the 20 minutes soaking in water then bringing to a boil then boiling for 2 hours.

    the specific herbs [that I was prescribed and am taking] I looked up that can be helpful for pain and muscle spasm are:

    glycyrrhizzae [that one's easy, it's licorice root]

    rhizoma seu radix notopterygii [qianghou] relieves pain [we like that one...]

    radix angelicae sinensis [dang gui (shen)] promotes blood circulation relieves pain, moistens bowels

    radix ledebouriellae [fang feng] relieves pain and spasm

    [bai saho] white peony root , supposedly reduces pain and is a muscle relaxant, but I might be allergic to this one. I reacted to one of 2 new ingredients, either this one or magnolia...so i now take them out.

    the stuff tastes awful and takes a while to get used to, but when you are in a lot of pain, you'll do almost anything, right?

    Thinking of you. Hope you find some help.

    Jen F
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    Is to go to the ER as an indigent patient if you are in unbearable pain. They have to treat your pain, but you may have to wait if they are busy.

    I would file a complaint against this doc for failure to treat and alleviate your pain. His remarks about money and insurance were pretty much telling you where this guy is coming from. Problem is, he will probably fire you as a patient if you do complain and that will leave you without a doc.

    This is a touchy situation. I hope someone else will have some suggestions for you. Have you filed for or are receiving any kind of disability? Have you checked out social agencies in your area to see what kind of help is available? Has this doc tried to help you get free meds through the pharmaceutical companies' indigent drug programs? It doesn't sound like he's been doing much for you.

    I wish you well and keep you in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie

    EZBRUZR New Member

    Thanks! He Did call back. He was a bit nicer,he informed me ha has had FM for 30 yesrs and of course,he doen't have these problems. He called in Flexeril(he took me OFF of 1year ago 'cause he feard seizures)At least w/seizure I'd get attention in ER LOL!He said to see a Rheumy-asked for referral,"no good ones around I'm aware of"--- NOW, since I am slightly aggrivated w/his (Lack)of care, do I trust his judgement of others? Why do I have to B foggy when I MUST make IMPORTANT decisions? The other GREAT news in mail today-EXPLAIN! I am not able to recieve County Medical Assistance,'cause my co-habitator makes to much money.Oddly I am NOT HER RESPONSIBILTY!!!JUSTICE??? American Dream, be successful,get unexpainable syndrome and watch ,regardless of effort to maintain,as Your life is ripped away,and you are continually humiliated-What did I miss? Oh ,my DR informed me, he does not believe in Yeast or any bacterial or Viral infection playing any role in FM! AAARRRGGGHHH! lisa U GUYS GREAT THANKS SOOO MUCH!!!
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  5. Jen F

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    there are also ways, sometimes, to get some prescription meds for free if you are in need.

    Ask if you want help finding info on that.

    Glad your doc was a little nicer this time around.

    It's hard when other people who have our types of illnesses but are higher functioning don't understand that you are really suffering.

    Do whatever you can to be considered independent from your cohabitor. Make sure you pay rent for your stay or whatever, so you will be considered an individual.

    Good luck!

    gotta run! going out to friend's tonight.

    BTW, my pain is significantly improved right now. don't mean to rub it in or anything, but I hope you find some help too. I will say MONEY sure does help...without it I couldn't have seen the chiropractor, osteopath and Chinese doctor. I hate that other people in need have trouble getting help due to lack of funds because they are too sick to work...If I weren't dependent on others for the money I would give to the people on this board who needed some if and when I could. But, I might be out of money myself at some point and possibly without help from family...I am using what I have and get right now and investing in my future with the gamble that by the time I run out I will be able to work at least part time so I can continue to afford my supplements...because on gov't benefits I will not, unless I somehow am well enough to sell most of my belongings and find a hole in the wall to live in that doesn't depress me. Maybe I could afford a FEW of them then...

    In the meantime, because I was suffering horribly recently and did not have enough help, a friend of mine is trying to set me up with a Christian helping organization. Also, a giving Jewish woman helps me with some prepared food once in a while.

    We must try to find resources for ourselves and each other if we don't have much money or family help.

    Thinking of you.

    Jen F

    EZBRUZR New Member

    Hey! Jen,you could really make my smile if you could guide me towards recommended herbs,where to find etc,a post on chit chat would b great,WHENEVER u can, i hope tht's not too much to ask,some days can b icky i've noticed! Oh,glad that u r able to rub in my wound that u feel good! GIRL, that makes me smile cause I know then there IS hope!Tell me all u can how great u feel! LOL I am taking that *course* on managing FM find good dr,all that.i'll be able to come back and offer advise ,rather than srtuggle and continually seek it.( if not,I'll learn something,and still ask all ya).Thanks again so much to ALL on board, i'm glad we can all suffer and grow together,annonyomsly(sp?). Peace & Blessings,lisa
  7. Magee

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    The income limits range from $18,000 to $50,000 per year, depending on the drug and company sponsoring it.
    There is a program funded by the drug companies that helps people get their meds for free. You submit a $5 research fee with each med request. The fee is the only payment you will make. If you receive ANY of the meds, they keep all the money but if you do not receive any, you can request the money back. The wonderful thing about this program is that they do the work for you. If your exact drug isn't available for free they will suggest another drug to be okayed by your PCP.
    I have helped Seniors get $400-500 plus of meds by using this program.
    If someone can tell me if it's ok to give this info, I'll be glad to. It's a nonprofit organization.
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    Tina, thanks for chiming in with the info. I hope Bruzer sees it.

    Bruzer - as for the Chinese herbs, they are usually avail at a Chinese "pharmacy" or through a Chinese doctor. do you have a chinatown where you live?

    I also find valerianaheel slightly helpful for relaxing and sleep. It is by Heel and avail at health food stores or Naturopathic offices. You add a few drops, no make that about 30 drops to a small amount of water. Or you put it directly on your tongue and hit the roof like i did! lol! I was under tons of stress at my docs office one day and did that. it helped, but i'm not sure how much was the valerian and how much was the shock to my system interrupting the stress signal!

    any more info, please don't hesitate to ask.

    If you want the whole list of Chinese herbs I was given I can tell you all but one [just ask me, or check out my Chinese Doc post ] which he couldn't translate for me. I'm not sure if they are of interest to you, I gave you the ones I know were specifically used for pain and muscle spasm. Some of the others might be to improve chi and to improve bowel function cause I have some bowel problems.


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    Thankyou to ALL 4 input.Tina-I will look into that ,thanks SOOOOO much!The Flexril was able to subside enough pain I was able to sleep!! YAY!!! So much better than pain,tired,to sore to stand,sit or lay down!!I ,as last week,will be checking into DR to actually *treat* my symptoms,and if I'm lucky find cause for all underlying issues. I can not say the Meds allowed a pleasent morning-hungover feeling yet again W/ALL effects. It is OK ,I have better aim whem neck abd shoulders don't hurt as much!LOL:) Jen, yes ingenuity will B in Full effect as I re prepare my Lease for the county.I 'm goin' Creative!!!The lady I delt with UNDERSTAND my point and has offered suggestions as to bypassing the issue I encountered.She said the system is messed up here/unless you are a drug abusing parent w/small kids/or DX mentally unstable,assistance is difficult,So much for all of MY income taxes helping me! PEACE & ENJOY WEEKEND,lisa