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    You asked how I taught Missy to count. I was doing my own woof-woof, I would say speak 1, then 2 and so on. She caught on quick, I was just bored with the same ole sit, speak, lay down, and just started messing around asked her to speak 1 plus 1 and she barked twice, then said 1 plus 2 and she barked 3 times and the rest is history. I dont't know how she does it.

    As you saw in the video I don't give her any cues, i give her the treat when she stops at the right number. She gets so excited and loves to learn new stuff, I am just running out of stuff to teach her,lol

    How is your brood? I am now working with a e-collar with them, it is remote controlled and adustable vibration and also has a beep. It works but they get very freaked out and come to me and won't leave my side.

    I was out in the yard yesterday with them on the leashs tied to the porch, they have 25 ft each. There are the same trucks that come by every day that they love to bark at and chase when I do let them run from time to time.

    So here one came and I used the beep mode as the truck approched and said no bark, she was like "what the bleep was that" then tried to come to me but I was in the middle of the mud pit trying to put tarps over it to keep them out so I told her to go lay down.

    Poor thing went as far up the hill until she ran out rope and didn't move until I was ready to come to in. Then later she didn't want to go back outside. She always has been a little neurotic, don't know where she got that from-lol.

    They are pretty funny when "fighting" the only way I can really catch them is to put the camera on my chest of drawers and set to record and walk away. The moment they hear me coming they are like "we weren't doing anything" it is too funny.

    Glad you enjoyed the videos, I still have others to upload but haven't been able to. Thanks for voting and asking about Missy- BTW- Twy is doing better and her tail is back to normal but she still has a way to go yet. I did take the cart out today and she didn't go that far and wanted to ride. Carla
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    I just love hearing about your dogs. They are obviously way beyond intelligent. And I imagine it had a lot to do with them being so close to you and being talked to a lot. They think and understand fluent English, they just can't speak it. You ought to contact Leno or Letterman and maybe get an all expense paid trip to be on national tv with Missy!

    I had quite a dog day myself today. My dog Hailey, who I have mentioned before is a year-old yellow lab/shepherd. She is used to having the yard to herself most of the time, with an occasional puppy play buddy. But today, my son was in the process of moving and had to bring his 3 dogs to my house. He has a GIGANTIC male black lab/dane, and older male golden retriever, and a medium sized female mixed breed. (She incidentally was a stray that turned up at my house last winter, starving and near death. My son and DIL took her in and nursed her back to health.)

    Hailey was both excited and a little overwhelmed with all these big dogs in her yard, playing with her toys, chasing HER cars, peeing on her trees. But in a way, it was good for her too. She got a quick pack behavior lesson - this is how normal dogs act. No one else was freaking out and running laps across the yard every time a car drove by. So Hailey quit obsessing over them herself, for the day anyway.

    The kids came and picked up the two big boys, but left the smaller female for a week or so. She and Hailey have already spent a few days together so far, and are getting along pretty good.

    It was stressful for me too. Logan, the big black lab is a fence jumper, and my son was busy putting in the elec fence for him at his new house. This dog could step right over our 4 ft, wood fence,(and has before) so I had to keep an eye on him. The golden retriever was just horny, and Hailey is a hot young blonde! So I had to break them up a few times.

    Logan spent about a year living with us, so he feels right at home here. When my son was fighting in Iraq he asked if we could keep his dog. Of course, we were glad to help him out. Then he comes home on leave and shows up with this massive black horse-sized dog! He's a beautiful dog, but seriously, you could slap on a saddle and ride him!

    Anyway, it was an exhausting day of dog wrangling here! I guess I am just cut out for one dog and a few cats.
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    I haven;t been ignoring your reply, just been in a flare and then yesterday was catch up time. I had to bath the girls because they are going to work with me today.

    My boss doesn't mind, she has a small dog that goes with her too.

    How is Haliey after her day with her "pack". I will get back to you later, there just aren't enough hours in the day. It will pour the rain all day so hopefully the store will be quiet.

    My e-collar has help stop the bad behavior, I am only using the beep mode, esp with Twy. I have used the vibe mode with Missy a few times and it does get their attention.

    If anyone peeking in has used these collar before, please tell us. My is remote control and adjustable on the levels.

    Well gotta get to work. See ya later-Carla