4EVERKID, I just now saw your question you ask me last mo.

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    Yes the bitter apple for dogs can be gotten at pet shops and pet catalogs or online. It is just made from the sour green apples, it is harmless to your pet. That is what it is made for.

    I have trained and worked with trainers and just a few times of tasting that on the toy will make the one dog want to leave that alone from now on.

    I have 2 chihuahua's house broken to a litter box, the bad part of that was that the one wanted to eat the doo doo's of the other. I put the bitter apple on and about 2 tries and that was enough for him.

    Trainers use it all the time and for years for many such purposes.

    I hope you see this and reply. Sorry I did not get back to you sooner.
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    Thanks for the reply! This bitter apple sounds like it could be used for a lot of things. If it works on doo-doo, it should work on anything!

    My dogs have worked out their problems with the toy. It turns out that no matter what toy Hailey chooses, that's the one Abby wants. But it's become a big game for them now. They enjoy the chase/keep-away game now. And Hailey has devised tactics to outsmart Abby when she gets the toy. She picks up another and acts like she is having fun with IT. Then when Abby drops the good one and comes after the decoy, Hailey swoops in and gets her favorite back. Abby has tactics of her own.

    But I will try the bitter apple. There are plenty of things they like to chew on that they shouldn't. This sounds like the perfect dog repellent.

    Thanks for the advise!