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  1. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    HI 4everkid,
    I just was wondering how I can see more of your work. Are you doing illustrations for a book? Do you have a website where all your work is displayed? It would so bless me!!

    Your friend
  2. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    How sweet of you to ask about my artwork!

    Actually, I don't have a website, but wish I did. I had all my work in a local gallery a few years ago, and have shown a few things at a time on other occasions. I do hope to get a website set up eventually, but first I have to learn how to do it. When I do, I will let everyone here know.

    Basically, I love creating the artwork, but have no interest in the marketing aspects. I need a manager, a free manager! And some strong people to set up all my stuff at the local art festivals, so all I have to do is arrive and attend. And I need them to work for free too!

    For now, I have changed mediums and am working in clay, but I may get back to the pencil eventually.

    I read your profile, and have chosen a picture for you. This is the first thing I did in colored pencil, back in 1986-7. It took forever to complete due to the size - 30" x 40". Its a poor picture though. I photographed it after it was framed and under glass, so there's a glare. Then I scanned the lousy photo. So a lot of the detail is lost. But you can still get the general idea.
  3. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    Thanks so much! unfortunately the picture of your colored pencil didn't come through. It is still showing the elephant. Goodness...do consider doing a childrens book...What wonderful little minds could be taken to wonderful places with your beutiful illustrations. I am hoping to do one myself but after being mom and then this CFS and Fybro has swung me around I am finding my hand unstable. I will have to get it going again here soon. I have alway's wondered what size of illustrations one has to submit for them to shink down to book size. Do you have any idea? I will have to try and experiment with my prisma colors and do the layering like you said you were doing. That is really interesting. I have lots of poetry collected for a childrens book, just now need to make it happen. I giggle and totally understand the whole "Free" idea...ha ha...yeah...I'm hearin ya. Sure hope you are on an upward swing with your condition. I can't believe I only have 2 more years to get my youngest now 15 through highschool. Didn't think I could ever do it with all these health problems but God has made a way. I am looking forward to new adventures now and looking forward to finding that girl I once knew.
    So greatful for your talent and to find it here. I reminds me there is beauty that can be found even in the worst of circumstances. Do try again to scan your picture. I will really look forward to it and God bless!!!
    ~ Dee " GigglePoet"

  4. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    Are you familar with my some of my favorite illustrators?

    Chris Van Alsbery
    Jane Dryer
    Brad Sneed?

    First guy works in leaded pencil
    Jane is a watercolorist
    And Brad is As Well

    He is actually a Kansas Artist and has some great childrens books. You might enjoy doing a search on them. Do pass along your favorite artists. Oh and aren't we neighbors?? you are in MO? that is fun!! Great!!

    ~ Dee
  5. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    You might need to refresh your page. The photo is showing up for me and others who commented on it in another thread.

    I am a long time fan of Chris Van Allsburg. When my kids were young, we used to search for his books at the library. Love his work! It's been a long time though, and he has probably written many more since then. If someone would ever build me some grandkids, I could catch up!

    I always thought it would be neat to write and illustrate a childrens book, but I have never gotten past the thinking stage. I did illustrate a childrens book for someone else once, but it was a rather strange story.

    I don't think it matters so much how big your originals are. They have the technology to shrink them to size. It's probably best to work at a size that feels most comfortable and allows you to do the detail you desire.

    When I last worked in colored pencil, I was beginning to have a lot of trouble with hand and finger pain. Arthritis, fibro....not sure which, but for some reason I don't have as much trouble working with clay. Probably the repetitive movements and tight grip with pencil.

    Yes, I live in Springfield, but I grew up in south KC. What part of KC are you in?

    I am sorry to read in your profile that you are homebound with environmental illness. You seem like such a beautiful person, and full of mischief. But you also sound like you handle your situation well and continue to make the best of life. You may not be able to get out much, but it sounds like you manage to bring the art and beauty in life to yourself. I would love to see some of your work!

    I have enjoyed chatting with you. Its always fun to meet someone new!
  6. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    Thanks so much! what kind words! Yes I sure try My family keeps me going and the Strenght from my Jesus. I am doing a bit better and can be out for short bouts but my home is my Castle and lots of trouble tring to do to much in the outside world. I am howere tring out my wings tonight. Crossing my fingers. My hubby got me tickets for Him and I to see Michael Bubl'e for Christmas here in Kansas City tonight. Wow I am so excited! so am crossing my fingers no big surprises. Alway's exciting to do something somewhat normal.

    So excited you enjoy Chris Van Alsburgs work to..He is stuff is amazing. Yes we did the same at the liabray. Alway's exciting to see his new work.

    I am in OverlandPark, KS My Hubby is a Veterinarian here and have been here since 95.

    How old are your little ones now? Such busy day's.

    I got by on this sayiing.
    "Cleaning the house while Children are Snowing is like shoveling snow when it is snowing" ha ha..wow doesn't that say a lot. Yeah..that day when they could make themselves toast...Wow..that was Woooooo HOooooooooo!!!! Wonderful..ha ha

    Have enjoyed talking to you to and going to go and check out if that picture comes through for me...so excited!

    Hugzzzzzz ~ GigglePoet

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