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    Your art work is Amazing! I wanted to ask you about your pottery work,,,,Do you still do it? and was wondering how difficult it is to do with this DD,,,,,,,I've always wanted yo get involved with the pottery wheel,,,,,,lol,,,have done some Ceramics ,,,,,,,,Sis
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    Thanks Sis! I am almost afraid to say it here... but yes, I ONLY work in clay now. I got tired of the pencils after so many years and was having trouble thinking up new ideas. When I was younger, clay was my #1 artistic passion, but the medium did not combine well with a house full of aactive children. A few years back, I realized that my kids were grown and nothing was holding me back now.

    I don't use the wheel. I learned it, but it doesn't suit me. Like my drawings, my clay work is all about detail, and each piece being totally unique. I do sculptures and hand built vases and other items. I have to admit though, it has been a slow year for even the clay.

    To answer your question... there are times when FM holds me back. In the winter, my house is cold, the clay is cold, and my hands are sore. I sometimes need to add a space heater to my work area, if I can talk myself out from under a blanket. I get more done in the non winter months. Other than that, it hasn't been a problem. Pencil was much harder on my sore hands.

    The wheel - don't think I could do that now with FM. YOu are leaning forward, applying pressure with your hands...it would be too straining for me. (I have a lot of back, shoulder, elbow and hand pain.) But I haven't tried it for 30 years, so I don't really know. Maybe someone else here is a wheel thrower, and could answer that question. Judging from your interests in your profile, you may be more suited to handbuilding than I am.

    You should just sign up for a class and give it a shot! It takes some practice to master the wheel, but it would be fun to give it a whirl! Or you could pick up a hunk of clay, and try some handbuilding on the kitchen table. First make sure you have someone who can fire it for you.

    I buy my clay at a clay factory/shop in a nearby town. Then I haul my dry pieces back there in box loads to be fired. Then again for glaze firing. You would have to check in your city and see what's available.

    Go for it Sisland!

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    The Wheel has always been a facinateing thing to me! but like you say it's a thing for the physicaly well folks,,,,,,,,,,,,, I'm with you on the hand misery,,,,i need to have a surgery done on my right hand but keep putting it off,,,,,,,,

    The clay aspect sounds wonderful!,,,,,I'll look into a local shop,,,,,,,and like you my kids are grown so yeah "Whats the Hold Up?",,,,,i ask myself that question alot,,,,,lolol,,exsploring artistic endevors are way up there on my "Want To Do List!"

    Love the idea of making my own Bowls,,,Vases,,,,Teapots ,,,,,plates,,,,,,etc,,,,Thanks for the inspiration!