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  1. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    HI 4EVER,
    Loaded up one of my pieces of artwork for you to see on my profile. It is a handmade card I did for my daughter who love orchids. So sorry I don't have anything else loaded on computer to show you. I haven't drawn in years ither as I have been fighting such bad depression. Had my thyroid meds doubled and now I feel like doing something so may have more later. Hope you will enjoy it!

    ~ Dee ( GigglePoet)
  2. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    WOW!!! That is just beautiful Dee! I love orchids, and I love the way you did this one. You are obviously very talented and have had a lot of practice. I love the subtle colors in the white petals. The orchid looks so crisp and realistic, and the dark background really makes it stand out. I can't wait till you get some more loaded up in the PC!
    Is this watercolor pencil? I have some of those, but I never quite got the hang of using them.

    Back when I was in college, my painting instructor set up a still life of all white things. At first, I thought she was insane, but it was actually very interesting to do. Nothing is entirely white. The shading, and reflections actually do have some color, if you really really look. Your orchid reminded me of that particular assignment, and how much I learned from it.

    I hope your med adjustment helps you, so you can do more artwork like this! This is just amazing! Thanks for sharing it here!

  3. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I'm so glad I peeked at your post although a bit sorry to intrude.

    Your card is beautiful, it's wonderful to have such talented people here with us.

    Give those thyroid meds some time to work...I've never been so depressed in my life as I was when I learned I was hypothyroid.

    Beautiful artwork, thx for sharing!!!


  4. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I have to but in too,lol. I had hope you would post some of your work. It is beautiful, I agree with 4ever, you are very talented.

    I do or use to do stained glass and am now going back to art again. The stained glass is just too physically demanding on my hands, shoulder and upper back.

    Hang in with the thyroid meds, I had mine removed at age 15, had a goiter and graves disease, so I have been on the meds for years, once they get you balanced, you should feel better.

    4ever-when are you going to show another one of your master peices?

    Thanks for sharing your talents-Carla
  5. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    Goodness Gals....
    You have so blessed me. Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments, And 4Ever...love your enthusiam! You are very kind and I so appreciate all your kind words. I have just poo fooed doing artwork over the years. I'm not the kind of artist that can't live without doing something instead it has been a chore,so I haven't done much but I do feel guilty now that I haven't done more. I only had a year or two in training at college and then I decided I didn't want to be a starving artist and picked up my nautral nack for hair cutting and went to cosmetology school. I married a Vet student and moved to the farm. I remember one on my instructors wasn't happy with me quiting and said what are you going to do move out to the country and draw nothing but sheep? ha ha
    I alway's thought this horrible disease would be gone by now and I would be back on my way, but that has'n't happened. I love to play with my camera now and edit if I can. It doesn't stress me so, but I do so want to force myself to accomplish this Adults childrens poetry book before I die.
    4ever, this is done with Prisma colored pencils. I am a last minute person so of course I cramed this into several day's. Good thing I had to give it to my daughter as I would have worked on it a good week more..lol... It was for her big day as she graduated from Chicago's cooking and hospitality institute and is now a pastry chef...sad news is...she has been very ill and is thinking now this is just to much stress for her.
    My thyroid meds are working! It has really helped my depression, also my hair that was falling out and my Raynauds, so it was a successful move. I thank God for the
    " Stop The Thyroid Madness.com" who's information I took into my doctor and beged for her to take this journey with me to increase to 120.mg. She is a great doctor for listening and doing all the tests I ask her to do but I have had to figure this all out by myself as I put all my time into researching,so everything has been piece mealed.

    Again Gals..thanks you so much for your ever so kind appreciation of my orchid. I am so glad if it could bring you a moment of happiness!!!!

    ~ Dee ( GigglePoet )
  6. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    It's funny how you can meet someone with so much in common. I too went to college, (focused on art for 3 years) then dropped out and went to cosmetology school.

    Dee, if it feels like a chore to make something artistic, then you need to change to something else. That's what happened with me and the pencils. It became a struggle to think of ideas, and a chore to create them. I switched to clay, my favorite medium, and it made all the difference.

    You mentioned your LOVE of photography. That's your thing right now, the thing you feel passionate about! Don't force yourself to do something because you feel like you should. You will not likely be satisfied with your work if you are not enjoying it. People are doing amazing things with photo editing these days. Who says your children's book could not be illustrated with beautiful photographic artwork??

    Someday, when you least expect it, you will get the urge to draw or ink or paint, and you will enjoy doing it again. Just do what comes naturally. And don't feel guilty for not drawing. Obviously you have mastered it already. It may be time to devote your talent to something different.

    My daughter quit band when she entered HS, so she could join the choir. She told me, "I already know how to play the flute well. Now I want to learn to sing." And so she did.

    Thanks again for sharing your wonderful talent with us. The orchid is beautiful and you are an amazing artist!

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  7. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    ((((((((((( Hugs and thank you 4EVER..great advice !))))))))
    Yes..I am looking forward to drawing again..but will really have to learn self control as I don't know how to pace myself of to devide myself with things. This is comming though!!

    I will try to send some other things later..but thank you again so much..and something that we are both cosmos..well I mean x cosmos......boy do I miss being a professional and so miss that means of creating so glad to not be around the chemicals though..do send me a picture of what you are working on with your sculpturing.

    ~God Bless and love

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