4th July Cheescake

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Didoe, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. Didoe

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    This is legit and only for the 4th. Once you read the ingredient list, you'll understand.

    Night before baking, take out dairy, eggs and leave them in a bowl. No they won't spoil unless you leave in Cairo in August.

    Next day
    Heat oven to 325
    1 spring form pan
    Tin foil
    1 packaged prepared graham cracker crust
    2 tbs melted butter

    2 8oz. packages cream cheese (half fat is okay)
    1 8oz full fat sour cream
    5 whole large eggs
    3/4 cup white sugar
    1 tbs pure vanilla (dont even consider fake vanilla)
    Pinch salt

    In small frying pan, melt butter, dump in prepared crust and smoosh until mixed, pat evenly into bottom of spring form pan. Wrap tin foil around bottom/sides of spring form to insure no leaks.

    Into oven to lightly toast the crust while you prepare the filling:

    In a large bowl dump both packages cream cheese and beat until smooth, while beating slowly drizzle in sugar, half the sour cream (keep aside the other 4 oz), continue beating until smooth, one egg at a time until absorbed, beat in each egg individually, add vanilla. Open oven door and add cheese filling to crust, bake around 50 minutes, the middle should still shake. Remove cheesecake carefully

    "Frost" with 4oz sour cream mixed w/1/3 cup powdered sugar, you can use granulated just mix it together before doing the filling so sugar melts.
    Spread frosting on cheesecake, back into oven for 3 minutes. Remove, cool for 1 hour, cover and leave in fridge until cold.

    Remove half hour before serving.
    Raspberry coulis optional:)
  2. jmq

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    I did not see this yesterday so do I have to wait till the next 4th of July!!???? Hell no...gonna try to make it soon.

    Thanks for sharing it!
  3. rockgor

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    Why is it only for the 4th?

    I made a real cheese cake once. Most of the time I made the imitation, no-bake kind. Whip together creme cheese and whipped creme. Cover w/ pie filling.

    Very easy. Always impressed folks when I brought it to a potluck. They expected a "bachelor" to bring sodas or a jar of dill pickles.

    Gee, I haven't made one for at least a decade. Maybe I'll whip one up.

  4. Didoe

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    why, because FATS are now on the No No list of foods; your arteries, heart, waistlines.

    i just watched a history of ice cream; in the U.S. we consume more ice cream than anywhere else, enough ice cream annually to fill the Grand Canyon. People prefer a full-fat ice cream because of the 'mouth feel' that fat provides and someone mentioned that our 'neurotransmitters' --those things that respond to antidepressants--are delighted when fat is consumed.

    Obesity is epidemic...people are eating for comfort not really for hunger, probably not news for most of us here. Cooking rather than eating has the 'comfort' factor for me. I just dont have anyone to feed now:)
    In Italy olive oil, natural cheeses are part of a daily diet...anyway I found in the last few months that eating something I actually do want rather than eating because its 7pm and dinner time, is a better system for me.

    So I made this cheesecake and now I'm stuck with the rest of it and dont dare eat anymore:)