4th peptide injection

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    Hi everyone,
    It has been a rough few weeks, especially the past 3 days while waiting for the 4th shot. Due to my previous shot not working, my RA got totally out of control before I could get this one. I couldn't walk by myself, dress myself, had to have help in the bathroom, etc. I felt totally helpless again but after this shot I could walk on my own and go to the bathroom by myself that evening after the shot. I also slept through the night in a bed for the first time in awhile. Most of my swealing in all the joints are gone but not completely this time. This might be due to the amount of inflamation that I had. This flare was a bad one. My husband said he thought it was one of my worst ones. I have a feeling that this one probably did some permanate damage. I am feeling exhausted today after I took my shower but what can I expect after days of sleeping in a recliner. I will be be looking forward to my next shot in 3 weeks. I will keep everyone posted on my progress.

    Blessings to all,
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    Whew! That sounds quite rough. I'm really glad the 4th shot helped but sorry you had to go through such h**l beforehand. I hope the benefits last until your next one. It's amazing that one injection can do so much for you - this is unlike any other treatment I think. Do keep us posted -

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    Hope you feel much better soon!!


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    I'm so sorry for all your pain and inflammation and swelling. I hope this shot works and keeps you feeling better. I know RA is more difficult than other conditions to control with these injections. As you know, I didn't feel anything with my 3rd and 4th shots. The 5th one worked well. I was to get the 6th today but am sick with some kind of bug so had to postpone.

    Thanks for your update. Sending up a little prayer for you.

    Love, Mikie