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    Hi Everyone,

    I took my son-in-law and daughter to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center-Presbyterian Hospital today. Brent was scheduled for an ultrasound-guided liver biopsy.

    Two Radiologists, one a division chief, performed an ultrasound with a new state-of-the-art machine that allows the ultrasound images to overlap with the images from the CT's and MRI's that he had done at our local hospital. They allowed my daughter and I to stay for it and were so nice to answer all of our questions. I am an RN, so I was taking notes to relay all of the information to our family and friends.

    The Radiologists determined that the lesions on Brent's liver were "focal nodular hyperplasia". That is a common benign liver tumor that has always been present, but until he had scans, it was not discovered.

    They said it is not harmful and should not be a problem.

    Because they felt sure of the diagnosis, they did not do a biopsy, which would have carried the risk of a collapsed lung, bleeding, etc.

    They also said that he can have one of two specialized nuclear medicine scans which will show the focal nodular hyperplasia as a bright spot. This will be done for Brent's peace of mind.

    I was impressed with the level of care given at the hospital and by all the staff.

    Thank you all so much for your prayers for Brent. Thanks be to God...our prayers have been answered!
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    Wonderful News!!! What a relief - that the lesions are benign.

    Thank God!

    Your little Grandsons are SO adorable in your pic.

    So happy to hear your news.


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    Thank you for your nice words. Our Grandsons are the light of our lives! Thank God that their Dad got very good news today! God is great!
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    Wow, that must be a huge weight from your shoulders. God is good!

    Take care,
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    Yes, it is a HUGE weight off of our shoulders. God really does hear our prayers. Thanks for caring!
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    I am so happy with this news !
    October 9 was the day of my operation , so I missed this news , but you are so right PRAISE GOD !
    In His Grace,
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    I'm so very glad that Brent is doing o.k. My uncle has the very same condition. It makes me wonder if this is more common then one would think. Your lucky to be somewhere where's there such good care. I'll pray that Brent continues to do well.

    Take care,
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    Thank you both for your kind words and good wishes for Brent.

    On Wednesday Nov 19 he returned to Pittsburgh to have an MRI with eovist...a new specialized nuclear medicine scan that can confirm the diagnosis of focal nodular hyperplasia.

    He was the first person to have this scan performed at UPMC Presbyterian hospital. He hasn't gotten the official results yet, but the Dr told him that it looked good. I will post an update again when he gets the official results.