5 Highly-recommended FM tests by Dr. Grisanti - research-oriented

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    Hope this helps some of you.

    Some interesting reading RE: FM by research-oriented chiropractor Dr. Ronald Grisanti, D.C. , D.A.B.C.O. I subscribe to his newsletter that featured a 3-part report on FM. His website archives many other interesting reports.

    Dr. Grisanti believes that:

    1. There is no ONE treatment for FM.

    2. Treatment is not “disease-specific” but “patient-specific.”

    His research shows that the following may be contributing factors to an individual’s FM symptoms:

    1. Thyroid
    2. Parasitic infestation
    3. Compromised intestinal mucosal barrier (abnormalities can lead to an inflammatory cascade of events).

    Dr. Grisanti goes into detail about these factors and recommends specific tests. He says many doctors don’t do these tests and it’s up to the patient to insist. The tests are as follows:

    1. Blood Chemistry Profile - to rule out thyroid and autoimmune disorders.
    2. Intestinal Barrier Function Test** - evaluates mucosal lining of intestinal tract. When healthy it prevents bad toxins from entering blood stream and allows nutrients to pass. Toxins settle in body causing pain…nutrient depletion cause fatigue.

    A very interesting fact is that serotonin and benzodiazopines are produced in the mucosal lining. If the mucosal lining is damaged then the body can’t produce adequate amounts of these neurotransmitters. {Read report to learn more).

    3. Cortisol/DHEA Levels
    4. Comprehensive Thyroid Panel – including thyroid antibodies. Do not TSH as primary test for thyroid health.
    5. Comprehensive stool exam (at least 4) – to check for bacterial, fungal or parasitic infection. ++

    **Developed by Dr. Aristo Vojdani renowned expert in autoimmune disorders. Dr. Vojdani provided US Senate Committee on Veteran Affairs crucial evidence RE: Persian
    Gulf War veterans neuroimmunulogical disorders.

    ++ Dr. Grisanti treated two FM patients with anti-parasitic medication and pro-biotics and reduced their symptoms 75%. SIDE NOTE: The first 3 stool exams for one patient showed no infestations – the 4th showed one of the worst parasitic pathogens.

    Another interesting fact is that

    Take care.


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    This program seems very similar to what my doctor is doing, so thanks for the confirmation that I am heading in the right direction.
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    Hello Klutzo.

    I do so hope you are on your path to recovery.

    Is your doc a specialist or GP? Dr. Grisanti is from South Carolina - a ways from Ohio. If you come across any doc from Ohio who is practicing similar technqiues and shared beliefs as Dr. Grisanti, please let me know.

    I'm not sure if my problem is FM-related or myofascial pain, or what, but mine is a chronic burning/achy feeling in shoulder blades and base of skull + other oddities that's been going on for 7 months (my original post: "Muscle problem - FM? Arthritis? Chronic Tension?".)

    Here's to your recovery...

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    My doctor is a holistic M. D.
    It sounds like you need a diagnosis. Have you seen a Rheumatologist?
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    don't know if these apply for CFS too, but I'm going to print it out for my doctor....
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    Yes, I do need a diagnosis. It's hard to know where to turn to...rheumatologist, physiatrist, orthopedist, etc.

    My GP ran blood tests several months ago to test for rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Both came back negative.

    The neurologist I went to poked around several areas on my body to see if pain - not sure if he was looking for FM - when I asked why, he said there are certain points on people's bodies that will have tender points.

    He didn't mention FM...so who knows.

    I do so hope you get to the bottom of your condition.

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    If you aren't already subscribing to Dr. Grisanti's newsletter, you may want to as the 3-part report doesn't seem to be archived on his website, yet.

    It was pretty informative and much more detailed than what I provided. The first 2 parts were transcripts of to ladies with FM that he helped.

    Take care.