5 htp and sleep

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  1. JohnBee

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    My HMO rheum. Dr. suggested I try 5 htp for my very frustrating, seemingly bulletproof insomnia. Have tried it a few days with no results. Anyone out there had any luck with this supplement? How about tricyclic anti depressants for treating insomnia? What works for you?
  2. Marlene35

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    Have tried 5 htp along with GABA and it did not do anything for the insomnia.

    Right now I am taking the following and usually get about 6 hours sleep, which for me is very good.

    250 mg. magnesium
    .5 Ativan
    15 mg. Doxepin
    and Taurine (4 capsules at dinner time and 4 at bedtime)

    In addition to this, I cannot eat anything sweet during the day or have anything with caffeine in it.

    It seems that I have to change my protocol every so often because the things that help usually don't help long term.

    Hope this helps.

  3. kimberly236

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    Hi. I have not tried 5HTP so I can't tell you if it works or not.
    The only thing I would say is that you should not take it with SSRI's (anti-depressants like Prozac, etc.) because it can result in too much serotonin.
    I recently started taking low dose Trazodone for sleep. I posted about it this morning in a post entitled:
    Any Suggestions for deep sleep without Hangover?

    Good luck,
  4. swedeboy

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    I take clonazepam (just increased from .5mg to 1mg last night), 400mg 5-HTP and 10mg Doxepin. So far it is helping me fall asleep and stay asleep. I take the 5-HTP for depression. I have heard that L-tryptophan works good for sleep. My mom say's that 500-1000mg of L-Tryptophan makes her fall asleep.