5 htp opposite effects on sleep

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    I'm new here and writing from France. Please be indulgent with my English...

    I've given a try at 5 htp and I'm experiencing complete opposite effects on my sleep. Instead of improving the time of falling asleep (a big problem with my CFS and FM), it happens just the contrary. I have been on 5 htp the last 5 nights and I couldn't fall asleep until early in the morning and I dozed the whole night.

    I'm quite disappointed because I read everywhere 5 htp improved FM bad sleepp and it's impossible it can reduce sleep. Has anyone experienced such bad effects? I took 50 mg one hour before bedtime as indicated on the bottle. I'm also on 6 drops of Amitriptyline every night and 1 mg Melatonine. But I don't think it could be the serotonine syndrome as I don't have any other side effects, only it prevents me from sleeping...

    Please, help me,
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    over the years but not for my sleep.

    I see you take Melatonin and consider Lemon Balm and Inositol which are both suggested for calming and sleep help.

    I take my sleep combo at about 7PM and go to bed about 10:30 or so. Also Calms Forte (homeopathic) helps with sleep and I keep it at my nightstand....