5 htp opposite effects on sleep

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    I'm new here and writing from France. Please be indulgent with my English...

    I've given a try at 5 htp and I'm experiencing complete opposite effects on my sleep. Instead of improving the time of falling asleep (a big problem with my CFS and FM), it happens just the contrary. I have been on 5 htp the last 5 nights and I couldn't fall asleep until early in the morning and I dozed the whole night.

    I'm quite disappointed because I read everywhere 5 htp improved FM bad sleepp and it's impossible it can reduce sleep. Has anyone experienced such bad effects? I took 50 mg one hour before bedtime as indicated on the bottle. I'm also on 6 drops of Amitriptyline every night and 1 mg Melatonine. But I don't think it could be the serotonine syndrome as I don't have any other side effects, only it prevents me from sleeping...

    Please, help me,
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    I have exactly the same.
    Was rather sleepy around 10 pm. Took the 5-htp. And was wide awake all night. With some sleep moments. But waking up all the time.
    Seems like all sleep aids don't really work for me. Or these kinds.
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    Some drugs and supps will have a paradoxical effect. Look for something else for sleep. Our members have a lot of experience and are very generous in sharing. Good luck to you. BTW, have you had a sleep study done? I did and found out I have slight seizure activity which prevents my brain from going into the necessary wave frequencies for quality sleep. Dr. Cheney says this is common with us. I take Klonopin (clonazepam) to quiet my brain so I can sleep. This is a controlled, heavy hitter drug and one does form a physical dependency on it. If one every wants to go off of it, one has to verrrrry sloooowly wean down or withdrawal symptoms can be harsh.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have taken 5-HTP for sleep in the past. I found that 50 mg didn't help at all, but once I was up to 100 mg per night taken about an hour before going to bed, that I started sleeping much better. Before that I had severe insomnia and was only getting two to three hours of sleep per night.
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    @jaminhealth How much of the Inositol and Lemon Balm do you take? Ditto re the Calms Forte. Any particular brands on these that you like. I have the same problem. Can only fall asleep after 9AM, OMG, what a mess. Tried Magnesium, Advil, Lorazepam. Nada. It's so stressful as I can't get to any vet, MD appts. Thanks!
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    @jaminhealth ... me again ;) I see that Anatabloc is for the skin. How does it help with your sleep? I'm intrigued. I'm desperate to get to sleep at night and can't take Melatonin (taking Zoloft), tried Magnesium, Advil, Lorazepam ... zero. How much Anatablock do you take?

    Thanks and very glad your sleep is improved.

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    @bretzie Denise, it is probably the Zoloft that is causing your sleeping problems. What happens is that over time SSRIs decrease your night time levels of melatonin causing them to become day time levels, and your day time levels increase to night time levels, therefore, your sleeping patterns become reversed. You might want to talk to your doctor about trying a different class of antidepressants to see if you can get your sleep back to normal.
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    Hi @TigerLilea

    How interesting, how did you hear about this? Any studies done? Would love to read any. What I don't understand is why Zoloft would differentiate between daytime and night time melatonin. Wouldn't it depend on when you take it? I'm committed to Zoloft as changing anti-depressants has had a hideous effect on me in the past and caused years of horrible deep depression. I just can't risk it. Again this is very interesting and would love to read something on this. Thanks! I will discuss with my shrink when I see him.
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    @rp73fr I'm sorry to hear of all you're going through. It's all so mixed up and everyone is so different. I'm in the same situation, take Zoloft but I also doubt the failure to sleep at night is due solely to the Zoloft. I'm going to try Klonopine (have Rx now), but I'm sick of this whole day sleep as it is pure hell. My problem is that I'm very weak, so even trying Melatonin in the tiniest dosage .50mg made me hideously weak for some reason. I'm trying the Melatonin drops now (20 drops = 3mg, way too much). I tried a single drop and felt very weak. Going to persist though as I'm sure I need Melatonin, using even less next time than a whole drop. Bonne chance.
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