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  1. ktp812

    ktp812 New Member

    I have had unrefreshing sleep for years..it is one of my worse symptoms. I use Lunesta to sleep and I most of the time sleep at least 6 hours before waking up but then falling back to sleep.

    I seem to sleep well although I almost always wake up tired which isn't good starting the day off like that. I have tried everything but can't take any kind of sedating medication. So the doctor has decided I should try 5-HTP along with the Lunesta in the hopes it will give me a deeper sleep and will wake up feeling rested.

    Does anyone have experience with this? I have tried so many things other than Lunesta and end up with a 24 hour hangover so I am a little worried to take this. He is starting me at 50 mg which he said is a low dose.

    I really need some relief from this because when I wake up tired then the day is already basically a lost cause... thanks
  2. heapsreal

    heapsreal New Member

    I agree that u would probably be better off with melatonin as thats what the idea of 5htp is to do, ie increase melatonin as well as serotonin. I have used 5htp during the day instead of an antidepressant because im abit sensitive to them and it does the job. Im about to try tryptophan soon which i have heard works better for sleep then 5htp, where as 5htp is better for mood, but like all things give it a go and see how u react, it might do the job for you.

    Also maybe talk to your doc about adding a med called baclofen to your sleep meds. Baclofen is actually a muscle relaxer that can improve your sleep quality, u may find on its own it works well but for me i still need to combine it with a sleep med and it definately improves my sleep quality.

  3. ktp812

    ktp812 New Member

    Unfortunately melatonin doesn't do a thing for me. That was the first thing I tried years ago because I didn't want to get hooked on prescription sleep meds. Plus the fact that my insurance will only pay for 15 every month. At one point I was taking 1/2 or else I would run out. Now I just pay for the other 15.

    I would be willing to hear what people use to get a good sleep as I am becoming desperate! The ONLY thing that will get me to sleep is either lunesta or ambien. Everything else just puts me in a drowsy daze with terrible hangovers. I could list them all but it would take up alot of room...

    If this doesn't help then I will ask about the muscle relaxant. Is it the same as flexeril?
  4. heapsreal

    heapsreal New Member

    different to flexeril, baclofen works on gaba B receptors where as drugs like valium etc work on gaba A receptors, i think it would work well with lunesta. Try alternating a few meds as u probably get tolerant of them like i do. plus some drugs dont put u to sleep but help u sleep longer and deeper so use them with ambien to get u to sleep and the others to keep u asleep. Atarax i have found quite good with lunesta or ambien. But if u really want to sleep try seroquel, it will bomb u out and maybe a hangover but good for weekend recovery type sleep. doxepin is another good sleep med but takes about 2 hours to kick in but lasts awhile in the system but if u adjust doses u can work around it.

    sometimes u have to look at different combos, even adding natural stuff to medications can help but talk it over with your doc, kava extract is a good add on but look at how strong it is ie kavalactones it has, supposedly need about 200-250 kavalactones(active ingredient) to help with sleep.

  5. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    I thought your doctor had you taking a tranquilizer med at night for sleep issues? That would be a script med.
  6. heapsreal

    heapsreal New Member

    I dont use seroquel all the time, maybe once a week, but over the last few months i have lost 7kg by keeping carbs low and using metformin, a diabetic med that improves insulin sensitivity. I have been on low carbs for years but it just seemed to keep my weight from increasing to fast but now with the metformin im losing the weight again.

    As for seroquel and side effects from what i have read these seem to occur with doses over 200mg for prolonged periods, using it intermittently for sleep in doses of <200mg reduces any chances of side effects other then feeling abit groggy. Some get good sleep with 25mg, myself i use between 50-100mg and i find it sort of resets the mind after crappy sleeping for a few days and then my other sleep meds start working better again.

  7. ktp812

    ktp812 New Member

    I am going to give the 5-HTP a try tonight along with the lunesta and see what happens. I have to work today so didn't want to take it last night in case I have a bad side effect (hangover).

    I will keep working on this as right now I know this is having a huge impact on my daily life and how much I can do.

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts....I really appreciate it.
  8. herbqueen

    herbqueen New Member

    I' have had major sleep issues as well-currently on amitriptyline (spelling?)-but I also believe that regular meditation -preferably 2X /day- 20 min in the morning and evening-helps me sleep and gets my sleep to a deeper level- but I fall off the band wagaon--like everytihng discipline is necessary and give it some time-may take a couple of months to start to see the effect. It balances your brain and body chemistry.
  9. heapsreal

    heapsreal New Member

    anyone find any differences between 5htp and tryptophan, i have heard 5htp better for mood which is my experience and why i use it in the morning but have heard tryptophan is supposedly better for sleep when used at night, any thoughts or experience??
  10. ktp812

    ktp812 New Member

    I tried an OTC sleep aid about a year ago that had tryptophan as the main ingredient and it didn't do a thing for me. That is why I am not counting on 5-HTP to help me much. In my case I think being on prescription sleep meds for so long that anything I try that is OTC is not going to help me.
    All I want is to feel rested in the mornings and I will keep trying anything that will help me achieve that.

    I can't remember the name of the sleep aid that I tried....
  11. heapsreal

    heapsreal New Member

    U can add natural sedatives to medications to enhance their effect. tryptophan is normally used in 3-4gram doses, so if u had a multi-ingredient pill it would have had alot less then 3-4 grams of tryptophan in it. In saying all that, if your a hard core insomniac like me u could use tryptophan with other sleep meds which should help improve your sleep quality, also help your mood.

  12. ktp812

    ktp812 New Member

    I don't remember how much tryptophan was in that over the counter pill but I think the name of it began with an A. I can't sleep without the lunesta which I will take along with the 5HTP. My doctor did tell me that some people have wild dreams but at the dose I am taking I am hoping I won't have a problem.

    I really just am trying it so I might feel rested as the lunesta puts me out for the night. I have tried so many things and luckily I work in a pharmacy so if they don't work I return them. Anything new that comes out I try along with the lunesta.

    I would love to get off the lunesta totally but I think that might be impossible given the illness I have...

    It doesn't matter how exhausted I am there is no way I would fall asleep without help. I have tried in the past and went a week once on only 2-3 hours sleep a night trying to get off the sleeping pills...it was horrible.
  13. luigi21

    luigi21 Member

    Always check with doctor when taking alternative meds such as 5htp as they can interact, especially if taking antidepressant meds as 5htp interferes with serotonin.

    kind regards
  14. ktp812

    ktp812 New Member

    My doctor is the one who is having me try the 5-HTP..because I have really low serotonin and very unrefreshing sleep. He is hoping it will help with that...thanks
  15. Steviegal

    Steviegal Member

    I did use 5-HTP to help with sleep and used it for several years @ 50 mg. a night. I will CAUTION you however, that if you decide to use it long term on your doc's advise to have your SEROTONIN levels monitored. A prudent Endo checked mine and found my levels were 10 TIMES the high range! She had me taper down over a few months and discontinue the 5-HTP. This was high enough range to cause a serotonin storm, even at 50 mg. a night. We were both shocked. I also have a serious sleep disorder like many here and found most prescription meds don't work well on me, among which are Restoril, Sonata, Ambien, Rozarem. However, Lunesta does work @ 2mg. a night so I take it about twice a week. My co-pay is high $40.00 a month, but through the Lunesta site, they have a coupon for FREE co-pay which has saved me a lot of money. I've found that taking Ativan (Lorazepam), which is an anti-anxiety med, does help. I have serious dysautonomia issues, so I take 1/2 a tablet at 2 p.m. and the other half at bedtime with 2 mg. of Melatonin. This works 'ok' most nights, but not if my Central Nervous System is overstimulated.
  16. ktp812

    ktp812 New Member

    Well I tried it and it just made me very drowsy but not enough to fall asleep. I ended up taking a lunesta as well and woke up terribly hungover. I felt horrible the entire day...
    I have not tried it again as I don't want to ruin another day like that so I am not sure what to do.

    I sometimes take 1/2 ativan around 7pm because if I take it any later I will also feel drugged the following day. For now I am going to stick with just the lunesta until I see Dr. Komaroff next week and hopefully he will help me with sleep issues. I don't have a problem falling asleep with lunesta but don't get that restful feeling in the morning.

    I actually don't think I will try the 5-HTP again unless I break open the capsule and only take 1/2 but usually if something leaves me hungover then it won't work for me...
  17. ktp812

    ktp812 New Member

    I am going to have my husband remake the capsules to 25mg and try that. He is a pharmacist and has the ability to get the empty capsules.
    I really don't have trouble sleeping but wake unrefreshed so if 5HTP can help with that then I will give it another go....

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