50 Signs of Fibromyalgia ..... Info for Newbies

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  1. JLH

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    50 Signs of Fibromyalgia:

    1. pain
    2. fatigue
    3. sleep disorder
    4. morning stiffness
    5. cognitive or memory impairment
    6. irritable bowel
    7. chronic headaches
    8. TMJ syndrome
    9. numbness and tingling sensation
    10. muscle twitching
    11. skin sensitivities
    12. dry eyes and mouth
    13. dizziness
    14. allergic symptoms
    15. mitral valve prolapse
    16. heel or arch pain
    17. brain fatigue
    18. painful periods
    19. chest pains, noncardiac
    20. depression
    21. panic attacks
    22. irritable bladder
    23. multiple chemical sensitivities
    24. joint hypermobility
    25. suicidal
    26. personality changes
    27. lightheadedness
    28. disequilibrium
    29. severe muscle weakness
    30. intolerance of bright lights
    31. alteration of taste, smell, hearing
    32. low frequency, sensorineural hearing loss
    33. decreased painful sound threshold
    34. ringing in the ears
    35. exaggerated involuntary rapid eye movement
    36. changes in visual acuity
    37. intolerance of alcohol
    38. enhancement of medication side effects
    39. intolerance of previously tolerated medications
    40. severe nasal and other allergies possible sinus infections
    41. weight change (gain)
    42. muscle and joint aches
    43. night sweats
    44. heart palpitations
    45. muscle spasms
    46. Raynaud's-like symptoms
    47. carpal tunnel syndrome
    48. heartburn
    49. difficulty swallowing
    50. interstitial cystitis



    hormonal changes
    changes in weather
    cold or drafty environment



    neurochemical dysfunction
    hormonal imbalance
    accident or trauma
    nutritional deficiency

    reference: www.fms-help.com

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  2. revlcb

    revlcb New Member

    I can relate to 34 of those symptoms. The problem I've found is if you take that list to the Dr. they think you're a hypochondriac.

    Thanks for posting.
  3. JLH

    JLH New Member

    You're correct! If you would take a list of symptoms this long to your doc, he/she would most likely think that you were a hypochondriac, so you would never take it to your doc!

    This list does show those newly diagnosed that a lot of their problems can be related to fibro, though.
  4. PBandJ

    PBandJ New Member

    In actually seeing the signs of fm in print it makes me happy to think that I am not crazy, or lazy or making up something. NOW for my dr to agree with me!
  5. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    gosh ... i just can't believe how many of these I have :-(

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