50 Years Ago Today

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  1. jaminhealth

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    My mom and I were walking thru Kaufmann's Dept store in Monroeville, PA...I was carrying my 2 month old baby and people were shouting out and crying....President Kennedy was killed.....I'll never forget that day and neither will all the others who were old enough to remember.... The country loved this man.

    Where were you? jam
  2. rockgor

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    Hi Jam

    I was in the drug store of a small town named Walker, MN. I overheard somebody say, "Did you
    hear Kennedy got shot in the head?" I thought it was that old joke that was said about lots of
    politicians. "His IQ went up 20 points."

    But it wasn't. The next sentence was, "They rushed him to a hospital." It was a few minutes after
    12:30 PM CST. Went home and turned on the TV. About an hour and a half later Walter Cronkite
    removed his glasses and announced the President was dead.
  3. sunflowergirl

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    I was at college and it came over the PA system. I think we all were in shock and crying. I loved him and his family, and Camelot.
  4. jaminhealth

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    Saw the memorial service the other day on C-SPAN with what is left of the Kennedy clan and saw Ethel who is 85 and was remembering Bobby's assination at the Ambassador Hotel in LA in 1968...I saw that whole scene on tv when that happened.... I knew Bobby and Ethel had a lot of children but didn't realize 11, thought 7. Good catholics...

    Just before Bobby died, Martin Luther King, Jr died....

    Good men who were focused on helping the people. I'm hearing many theories on their killings, but I'll reserve.
  5. jaminhealth

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    Rock, do you know a lot of the history from that time in our country? I'm getting such an incredible history lesson from the program I hear daily on the r a d i o. People who's father was/is a civil rights attorney right here in LA and others who know so much about this time in our history....I know how horrible the VietNam period was and we have a huge memorial right here in SM/Venice area with all the names of those who died in that terrible conflict. Some are saying, had JFK lived, there may not have been a viet nam. ummmmmm
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    Yes, and I was feeding my baby daughter before having to go to work at the hospital and I heard it on the radio. What an awful day and period. Yes Sun, it was a period of Camelot and everything was or at least seemed perfect. Such a lovely family and such a loss. Somehow it seems like yesterday but so much has happened since then and we surely are older :)! However, I am trying to not think of that :)!!

    Hugz to awl,
    Granni :)
  7. Windytalker

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    I was working for Douglas Aircraft at a satellite facility in Lawndale, CA, when they announced over the loud speaker President Kennedy was shot. The loud speaker had never been used up to that point. We were all in a total state of shock and disbelief. How could this happen? Not in the U.S.A.!!! Many of us were weeping including men!!

    Due to the sensitive nature of the work being done, there was no radio reception in the building. Many left to go to their cars to listen on the radio then would report back to us. The Kennedys had pure charisma.

    Grief for me was a double whammy...my grandmother died 3 days later. Her service in CO was before his...never wept so much in my life!


    Jam...I grew up in the Santa Monica/Venice/Mar Vista area. I went to Venice High (featured in the movie "Grease"). Small world...
  8. sunflowergirl

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    First GRADE!!!!!!!!! You're just a baby compared to us old folks here.

    I was in 3rd grade when Queen Elizabeth was crowned queen. I remember we all went across from the little grammar school to a lady's house who had a......TV! Wow. First time I ever saw one. Strange how these momentous happenings stick in our brain.