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    I started 5 htp awhile ago--and it helped me sleep--but i got terrible migraines on it. I tried another purer formula of natual sleep ingredients--with a much lower 5htp level and stayed on that for awhile with 2 soma. this has helped tremendouslywith sleep. i ran out of the formula and reordered it--now im getting headaches and grouchi and out of sorts all day. i think its the 5htp--i cut down to one pill plus the soma. what to do? The medications alone stopped working--and i feel i get more restorative sleep on the natual stuff.
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    When I first started 5-htp many years ago, it gave me a moderate (not migraine) headache for about a week and then the headache stopped. I've been taking it ever since.

    I take 100 mg. at night a couple of hours before bed. So how much are you taking? Why not try a lower dose and see what happens.

    You could also try l-tryptophan in place of 5-htp (don't take both), it should give you similar results without the headache.

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    Hi inbetweendays,

    A person's need for 5-HTP is really individual. I agree with Mary: just chop up a pill and try a lower dose.

    I took it for about 5 months, years ago. It helped me sleep, and I needed a very small amount of it. I crushed a pill and took a speck of the powder. No problem for me to do.

    After 5 months I began to get seretonin nightmares, which are unusually long and vivid nightmares. They are a sign of too much seretonin. I couldn't take any smaller of a dose. So at that point I figured that my brain had had enough and stopped the 5-HTP.

    Some people need 5-HTP forever and some people just need it for a short time to jump-start the brain. Follow your brain's cues.

    In the right dose it should cure headaches, not create them.

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    thank-you all for the great information...i still have some more questions--too tired right now--and i think i didnt exactly explain the whole different ways i tried taking the 5htp---i also had some success with dreamwate and alteril?