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    Hi Everyone,

    In order to verify the results of my Son-in-law, Brent's, ultrasound of the liver which showed "focal nodular hyperplasia", he returned to the University of Pittsburgh-Presbyterian Hospital and had an "MRI with eovist".

    Eovist is a special nuclear medicine dye. Brent was the first person to ever have this test performed there.

    He just got his results. The Doctor said he could visualize the area well, and confirmed the diagnosis of focal nodular hyperplasia. It is benign condition and requires no treatment.

    We thank God for this confirmation, which leaves no doubt in our minds now that Brent will be fine.

    Brent has a history of a malignant brain tumor at age 14 which required surgery, radiation and chemo for a year. He miraculously survived that ordeal, and he is the nicest son-in-law/husband/father we could ask for. My grandsons are only 2 and 5 years old, so we thank the Lord for a wonderful outcome. I just wanted to share the final chapter in this very scary time for Brent and our family.

    Thank you all for your previous kind words and prayers. May the Lord bless all of you.

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    What wonderful news. Thank you for the update.