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  1. llama

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    Hi all Losties!!

    Looking forward to all comments. Everyone's opinions and observations are sooo valuable!!

    I won't make any comments until tommorow, to make sure everyone has had a chance to view it.

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  2. KateMac329

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    Okay, I gotta get my thoughts out here while they are fresh otherwise y'all can just FORGET IT! LOL LOL LOL

    I will be LOST yet again! LOL

    So here is my take on the show tonight....

    **In the very beginning when Eko disappears and Charlie just stands there telling Locke that he was "right there" I would have been running over there trying to find him. That was a little weird!

    **How was Jack so sure that it was Ben's Xray that was hanging up? But he was questioning him anyway.

    **AND Ben just let Jack walk down to the funeral without being handcuffed or tied to anything. Jack could have just run off and no one would have known.

    **Does anyone know the man and woman's name that joined in on the hike today to the other hatch?

    And I thought Locke already figured out that there were other tv's and that there were project(S). ????

    **Oh and the guy with the eye patch! Yikes! LOL

    **The black cloud thing? My husband seems to think it is afraid of Locke because he chased it down a hole last season. Again, I am totally confused! I mean I remember that it happened but WOW!

    **To Kill A Mockingbird! Whoa! So who do you REALLY think is the dangerous one? Jack could be getting played here. Ben could be the dangerous one or it could be Juilet.

    This one is really hard to figure out! Both Ben and Juliet seem like they are fighting for the "power" or "leadership".

    So if Ben really is dangerous like Juliet says then Jack would be doing the right thing if an accident happened during the spinal surgery.

    However, if Juliet is the dangerous one and she is just convincing Jack that Ben is the evil one then Jack could get everyone in some big trouble!

    This one is hard to figure out!!!!!!!!!

    It was a pretty clever way to communicate with him though I will give her that. I would have never have thought about doing that.

    BUT it also doesn't make a whole lot of sense because if the whole place is surrounded with cameras like they make it out to be how could she have made that video without anyone knowing. ????? HMMMMM!

    AND what did she do with her BIG posterboard notes when she was done with them? Someone might find them.

    Something to think about! Maybe both she and Ben are in on it together and they are just trying to break Jack.

    GEEZ! I am LOST-ING myself!!!!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL

    Okay, lastly.......

    **Eko's confession! WOW!

    "I did not ask for the life that I was given, but it was given nonetheless and with it I did my best."

    That part is my favorite because I think a lot of us especially on here can relate to that.


    p.s. Check out my little Lobster-man in my profile! We didn't get to go Trick or Treating because we got rained out but he helped me give out candy. And his nose is all orange because he eats a lot of carrots! LOL They are his favorite! :)


  3. llama

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    Hi katemac and all Losties,

    Yeah for you...the first to post!! I looked at your profile, what a sweet child. And you're quite a "looker" yourself (I've always thought that saying was so silly!).

    Well, I have to confess, that as of yet I haven't watched tonight's episode. I'll watch it in the morning.

    We've had quite an emotionally trying week or two. My MIL is ill. She has Lung Cancer and we had to go to a family meeting tonight at the Hospice she's at. So by the time we got home, my brain was too unfocused to watch LOST.

    Guess I'm getting OT on the LOST thread...excuse me!!

    Will post tomorrow.....hugs.......Jill...........
  4. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    I had that same thought, Jill, about those big pieces of posterboard that Juliet had used.

    I mean, if you were going to do something like that, wouldn't you have just written it on small pieces of paper and held it closer to the camera? DUH!

    That was a cool thing Mr. Ecko said. I am going to miss him as a character.

    The black smoke always did seem to be interested in him.
    Is it interested in some people more than others???

    I think the black smoke pulled Locke down a hole earlier, and he must have decided to let it. He wasn't afraid, he said.

    Why didn't Locke and Ecko turn on the other TVs the first time they were in the Pearl station??? I've always wondered that!

    I had the same question about the couple whose names we don't know who went to the Pearl station. Maybe I've seen too many episodes of "Star Trek" because any time I see strangers going on an adventure, I expect them to get killed! lol

    They are like the expendable characters!

    But I'm glad that this show wasn't that predictable.

    I don't know what you have all said in the earlier threads, but....

    at the end of the second season I decided that the "Others" were a cult. They all act like brainwashed people. They seem to have a break with reality.

    I think that the original Dharma Initiative people became enamored of some leader in their group (perhaps Dr. Mark Wyckman, or the De Groots) and gradually turned into a cult that stayed on the island long after the experiments were over.

    I think the original cult leader is now very old and delegates a lot of the day-to-day management to Ben. But I think the original leader retains the ultimate authority.

    This is just my theory about the show in general!

    So far, everything I've seen in season three makes sense with my theory. It was a bit creepy when they all changed into white for the funeral. Like they have a lot of ritual behaviors.

    And, what do you think about the whole bringing up of the topic of God??? Are the writers trying to hint at something??? I hadn't thought of them as being a "religious" cult. But now I wonder.....


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  5. KateMac329

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    OMG! You should have said that YOU were one of the few that may not have seen it yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wouldn't have posted anything yet if I had known that! Now I feel horrible for ruining it.

    But I did have to post while it was all fresh in my mind otherwise as we all know I get a little like Dori in Finding Nemo. (You know the fish who forgets EVERYTHING!!!!) LOL

    Okay I am going to start a new post for you so we can talk OT so look for it or just go to my profile and find the post made to you.


  6. mollystwin

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    Your baby is soooo Cute!! You are lucky!

    Sorry to hear about your MIL! We went throught this with my Mom, its so hard to watch a loved one be ill.

    Forebearance, thanks for all the great comments.

    I think it's possible that Juliet is trying to trick Jack into thinking she's on his side. I don't trust any of those others!

    And I'll miss Ecko. I figured he'd be the one to go. They keep killing off the folks in the back of the plane. There's not many of them left.

    And the new couple. They just don't seem to fit in. Maybe it's just me, but it's irratating that they are on.

    And the man with the eye patch! Maybe there is another set of others!! Do we know for sure that Ben and his group are part of Dharma? Can't remember.

    How about those funeral clothes? And why is Jack so cooperative with Ben that he just put the shirt on no questions and followed him outside to the funeral.

    And where is Sun and Jin?

    That's it for my ramblings.

    I've got to go to dr.s I'll check back with you later!!!
  7. jarjar

    jarjar New Member

    To answer your question about the x-ray I thought Jack was told in a previous episode that it was Ben's x-ray perahaps it was Juliet that told him.
  8. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    I love everyone's thoughts!

    No, we don't know that the "Others" are or were a part of Dharma.

    The younger ones act like they don't know much about it, but the older ones seem to remember it. Like when the guy named "Tom" told Sawyer it only took the polar bears 20 minutes to figure out how to get the food reward.

    I think Jack just figured out on his own that it was Ben's x-ray. Good guess.

    OH! Yes, I remember the eye patch that was found in the storage station!

    What if there is some other poor soul trapped in some station doing some stupid experiment for years???

    Now that is interesting about the author Gary Troup. My brother also thinks the crash survivors are really dead and in purgatory. (in which case, where do you think Michael went? to hell?)

    Wow. I can't wait 'til next week. Then it will be nothing until next year! Sob!!!

  9. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi all Losties!!

    What a nice group of people you are. It's great to be able to come to a site and just throw-out ideas about a show we obviously all enjoy (without worry of being critically attacked like on some boards...if we're wrong or if someone doesn't agree, so what!!)

    First, Kate, no problem about your early post, I was just happy to see your renewed interest. Plus, I really don't mind "spoilers", because it's not going to keep me from watching and also sometimes I like to be prepared (I have a rather exaggerated startle reflex!!).

    Mollystwin, thank you for your concern, MIL is still fairly functional but did find out the tumor is growing aggressively and has metastazied.

    I thought the show was good. Hated to see Mr. Eko die, but, at least we know why he felt compelled to build a church on island. Depite his violent past (a lot of situations beyond his control), he turned out to be a very wise and "gentle" man. Remember once before the "smoke" came at Eko and he stared it down. I wonder why this time it choose to kill him (refused to confess and be sorry and therefore punished?) I agee Katemac, his comment about not asking for the life he was given, but it was given nonetheless and did the best he could....sounds a lot like us with these dreaded DD!

    I think Ben and Juliet are giving Jack very lenient treatment right now, since they each want something out of him. Very hard to say, IMHO, who to trust at this point?

    I'm wondering who initially read Ben's X-Ray? It's one thing to be able to identify a tumor but quite another to predict the prognosis. You would need a biopsy or a professional to know how "aggressive" that particular tumor could be.

    Some one mentioned who the two "new" characters are: Paulo and apparent girlfriend Nikki. Paulo seems a bit dim-witted, maybe he's going to be used for comic relief.

    The Tailies are certainly meeting their demise one by one. In the, I believe, Arrow station they found a glass eye and patch. The guy with the eye patch was very creepy! That was really weird, since he immediately knew he was being watched and covered the screen.

    Forebearance, I can see a lot of possibility of a behind the scenes "cult leader". I thought it was mentioned at one point that Ben was important but not the #1 man.

    So where's Sun and Jin and how did Sayid get back? Did the "others" just retrieve Colleen's body and allow Sun etc. to sail merrily away?

    Bruin63, I believe, there is a medical hatch (don't remember the name of it). When they abducted the then pregnant Claire and gave her the vaccine.

    I guess I'm just too lazy or not crazy enough to read all these books they've mentioned, now To Kill a Mockingbird, (which I have read a long time ago along with Of Mice and Men)just to find some esoteric clue.

    I guess I've yammered on long enough!! I'll probably have a few more rantings before the, as ABC is calling it the "Fall Season finale" of LOST next Wed.

    Love and Hugs to all..........Jill..............
  10. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    There are just so many details. I agree with llama that it's great to have you guys to discuss this with!

    Thanks forebearance for answering some of my questions!

    I completely forgot that they found that eye patch in the storage area.

    I have heard the purgatory theory before too. I wonder about that.

    Good question llama about Sayid getting back. I don't remember how or when that happened. He returned without Sun or Jin? Does anyone else have any theories on this?

    And being the good Catholic girl that I am, I wonder why Ecko didn't confess? I can understand why he didn't want to confess when he stole food for his brother, but he did sell drugs and was involved in some shady activities. Maybe he didn't want to confess because of the stolen food incident. Most likely he really didn't feel he did anything wrong.

    Interesting that he saw black smoke and Locke saw white. And the black smoke didnt' get Locke when it tried to drag him down the hole. Maybe it is a good vs evil religion type message.

    Enough ramblings for now.
  11. llama

    llama New Member

  12. TKE

    TKE New Member

    So many confusing twists & turns...like we aren't already confused with this DD, LOL.

    I saw on TV the actor that plays Echo asked to be written out. They said both his parents died this year & he wanted to return to his home in England & continue writing his book. That's all I heard. I hate when they don't give more details.

    Lock said he saw a "white light". Didn't the black smoke grab him & take him down a hole in the ground, sort of like a cave or sink hole? So wouldn't the white light actually be the light from above? HUMMMM.

    Didn't Sun jump off the boat & start swimming to shore?

    If you remember Claire was in one of the hatches during her kidnapping. Her room was set up like a nursery with rocking chair, baby crib, baby decor, etc. When Kate & the French woman went in they found the wig/beard/eye patch in a locker. Clare remembered a young woman that helped her escape. She's supposed to be the French womans daughter now all grown up. Clare had flash backs hinting they were doing medical experiments on people....but who? And where are those people now?? Isn't Juliet a fraternity doctor?

    And are we ever gonna get to see the creature that knocks down the trees?

    I suppose they'll do with LOST after another season or two like they've done with Invasion, Surface, etc & just end the show & we'll never find out what really happened all this time. I really hate when they do that, because I feel like I've wasted so much time waiting for the final outcome only to be left forever hanging.

  13. llama

    llama New Member

    Just wanted to make a quick post regarding what TKE just wrote. I didn't hear that about Eko wanting to be written out of the show. I sure can't blame him if he's grieving for both of his parents. I had read that he's a very gentle and religious man similar to his character (the good side).

    I was wondering why he got killed off, because he seemed like a popular character.

    In answer to your question about Juliet, she's an infertility doc.

    The writers originally said after the first season (guess had to wait to see if it was going to be successful or not) that they planned on the show having 5 seasons...but who knows? Money talks, if the network really wanted any additional seasons, I'm sure they could arrange it.

    Just putting my 2 cents worth in.......Jill..........

  14. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Hey, Jill!

    Maybe the Others could tell that Ben had a tumor, but didn't know that it was so aggressive until Jack told Ben. That must have been a shock, if so.

    That's a good point everyone's making about not trusting Ben OR Juliet! How can we possibly trust either one of them?

    The one hint we had was that when we first saw Juliet, getting ready for her book group, she looked in the mirror and was obviously unhappy. Remember that?

    When Ben was captured by the crash survivors, he claimed that some mysterious "He" was not a forgiving man, giving the impression that Ben was not the leader. But everything he said while in captivity was a lie, practically. So who knows!

    I totally agree that it was even more creepy than seeing the man with the eye patch, to see him cover the video camera right away! yikes!

    Thank you for the names of the two new characters. Seeing what they are like (a bit dippy), maybe we can understand why they were left out of the big adventures before now.

    I'm still mad at Jack for thinking he needs to go on every big adventure. He's their only doctor. He should keep himself safe for the sake of every other person's health. It's so irresponsible of him to risk his life!

    If they are killing off all the Tailies, they had better not kill Bernard!!!! I will have issues with that! Rose needs him!

    Mollystwin, I bet you would have confessed and been saved! :)

    TKE, Juliet said she was a fertility doctor.

    Oh, man, I really hope they don't end the show without a good finale and explanation. That would be awful to be left hanging.

    I bet we'll never see the creature that knocks down trees, because the cost of the special effects would be outrageous! lol

    Well, I guess I'm still full of rants!

  15. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    Thanks forebearance for thinking I would be saved! I would have confessed for sure. I keep hearing that voice from the show in my head "confess" in that accent. LOL!

    I agree that they better not get rid of Bernard! That would be too much. But Ecko whispered to Locke that they would be next! So maybe Bernard will be around for a while. But I really don't want anyone else leaving!!

    Only five seasons! I hope not! I would really miss it!

    Maybe its the black smoke was knocking down the trees. I thought some trees were knocked down in season one when the pilot in the dangling plane got pulled out and killed. Does anyone remember that?

    Some one I work with said Sun jumped out of the boat and swam to shore. I must have blinked or something because I don't remember that! I hope she and Jin are together somewhere safe.

    I will really miss Ecko, but I completely understand and admire him. I lost both my parents too and know what that's like. I admire him for giving up $$ and fame to write his book. What a guy.
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  16. KateMac329

    KateMac329 New Member


    Why did Eko leave the show? I mean the "real" reason. You said it irritated you.

    I am going to go see if I can find it right now but I don't have much time on the computer right now.

    So you think that the guy with the eye patch that is in the flame hatch is controlling the smoke? That is interesing.

    Okay got to go!


  17. llama

    llama New Member


    Just read your post about Eko leaving. The only thing that I know is what poster TKE said, which was that he had asked to be written out of the show.

    Apparently, both his parents died in the last year and he wanted to return to England and finish a book he's writing.

    I guess, we probably won't even get to see him in flashbacks? I have a feeling we'll be seeing several "dead" characters (all ready saw Boone).

    Will definitely see Libby IMHO, the writers hinted that they have a lot more to tell about her life previous to the plane crash...I really liked her too, mainly b/c it gave Hurley a love interest.

  18. KateMac329

    KateMac329 New Member

    Yes! I just searched around and read that he is doing a film about Africa and people who misplace there. ??? I am so tired so I think I am getting it a little wrong but I think I know what I mean in my head but can't get it out in words! LOL

    I did not know that his parents died though! That is so sad!

    I feel for him!

    No big deal replying! I am glad you did! :)

  19. TKE

    TKE New Member

    The TV Guide Channel has been showing short little scenes from Wed. nights show. They show Ecko being thrown around by the black smoke. They've shown it several times since Wed. night. It was during this they reported Ecko had asked to be written out & that both his parents died this year & that he wanted to return home to England to finish writing his book. They made no mention of him doing a movie. Course TV Guide only shows short segments of stuff. They also said one more show & then it won't be back on until February :(.

    I had heard a long time ago that they would be "killing" off the main characters on purpose. Jack wasn't supposed to last beyond a few shows, but they decided to keep him. Can't remember who they got rid of in his place tho. Gatta love Brain Fog....NOT!
  20. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    I'm just enjoying reading all your theories.

    The actress who plays Juliet, was Linda McCartney in "The Linda McCartney Story" and I can't get that out of my mind when I see her. lol

    I'm really enjoying reading all your opinions and views. I can't really remember the details to get into the discussions, though. I do enjoy the show, though.

    Take care,