6 busy weeks weeks coming up.

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    I will not be able to be on this site as much [for a while] - but the prayers already asked for - and since the Lord knows all - even the ones not stated - will be 'in my heart' - and brought to the Lord. You are all very dear to me, and I will peek in from time to time.

    As some of you know - last June I took an 8 week course thru the CFIDS organization. It was very great - and if I recall not more than $25.00 for the course.

    This was a very good - slow pace - [which is necessary for anyone with Fibro/CFIDS right?] course.There were short assignments each week - [the course also included a book - but due to my mental fog - I also purchased the CD].

    One was also instructed on setting realistic 'targets' - 3 over the entire 8 weeks [1 at a time] - which was easily abtainable.

    THERE are several options open for a 'graduate' - I chose the 6 week - target course. This is given w/o any additional charge - and started this week.

    If anyone has any questions - my addy is in my bio. Hugs to all w/ love 'Grandma'