6 more tests scheduled. more medsi just fell

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    hi all, just now getting back on computer. i fell out of my chair headfirst about 30 minutes agoand hurt my wrists real bad and my back to some extent. dont know what else will sow up tomorrow. i am soooo tired that i just fall asleep anywhere, 3rd time tonight but this one was a bummer. anyway, i have been to university hospital all day seeing my primary dr. there. i have a local one also and they work together. well, she has scheduled 6 more tests but i probably wont be able to think of them all after this fall . it has me in knd of a fog and cant see as well.she wants to put me on more morphine , just tablespoonfulin the am. when i wake so i can getin my own bed. i am scared to go to bed as the pain is so hellish when i wake up that i sit up all night. scheduled an appt. with nuerologist (because of the numbness i am getting now) also, a kidney function test as i take 40 mg. of lasix but only pee 2x a day.also is concerned about the cyst embedded in my left kidney. didnt seem as concerned about the tumor on the ouside of right kidney as she did the cyst. they measure them every so often.also, sometihing about the blood pooling in my lower legs and feet. AND prescribed support stockings. wont that be great for summer. i am pretty uptown on my wardrobe and actually dress younger that what i am as no one thinks i am as old as i really am! lol i have 60 pairs of shoes and can wear only one pair 9THIS HAPPENED IN THE LAST 6 MONTHS)/also did more bloodwork. just had bloodwork 2 weeks ago, when they though maybe i had PADGETS disease.for some reason, they couldnt get any blood out of me this time. they only was able to get about 1/4th of an inch in 2 different tubes and they were small. had to stick me in 2 different places but it just wouldnt come. she finally gave up.i dont know what they are going for on tis one but my bladder has to be full before they can proceed with one of he tests.that ought to be intresting.lolalso, checking on diabetes, and thyroid as i had a small lump on each side of thyroid a year ago but then the last time they checked it (by feeling0 THEY COOULDNT FIND THEM, SO I WOULD LIKE SOME PRAYERS GOING UP FROM MY FRIENDS IF YOU WOULD DO THAT FOR ME. FUNNY, I AM STILL NOT DEPRESSED.I THANK god FOR THAT. MAYBE I AM CRAZY???? LOL WELL, JUST THOUGHT I WOULD FILL YOU IN AS TO WHERE I AM. AND BY THE WAY, I DRINK NOTHING BUT WATER ALL DAY AND LOTS OF IT. SMILES TO ALL AND SOFT HUGS 2 .....SKI
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    hi ski, sorry you just fell, i hope you are OK!

    please try to get in bed and get some sleep, or at least to a recliner chair or something, before you break a bone!
    your body is telling you to get some sleep, listen to it.
    i can see why you are up, tho--6 more tests in your "quest" for answers, i hope they can find something to help you after going thru all of them.

    what do urologists think of the kidney situation, you drink water all day and only pee twice? has anyone ever asked you to measure your INTAKE and OUTPUT for a few days? no wonder you have such swelling, maybe the lasix isn't working well with the cysts (we've got to get you back into those 60 prs of shoes, lol!)

    sometimes a 24 hour urine test will shed some light on the problems (chemical composition/amounts of stuff in urine)
    I hope you find some answers, and you are certainly not crazy to be keeping a good outlook in spite of all of this--that just shows a strong, well adjusted woman who can maintain some sanity in the midst of medical insanity!

    feel better and stay safe!!--L
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    i know this was a long post and i am so glad you answered. as i sit here , i realized that i hurt my upper arm and both ankles. think i will lay down for aehile, i say that , but then it is so hard to get off this thread.lol ....ski