6 year old son will make great C.F.S Dr.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by patchwork, Apr 3, 2003.

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    In fact my son can just skip the medical training and just go straight on to seeing patients.He appears to have all the qualifications. Last night he gave me a good check over with his toy Dr.s kit and then said, "well Mrs Mommy,I have given you a really good examination and there's absolutely nothing wrong with you."
    I'm still waiting for the bill!!

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    could help alot of us LOL!!!!!
    I"ll never forget how Loving he is ,Last time i was is a bad flare i was going to get my ginger root tea , He Said Mom ,With this sickness you have ,I Don't think you should use that fake suger Do You? I Said no And havent used it sense ,Gained a few pd"s W/ suger , But He Ofcorse was Right!
    Thear so sweet our children ,I have 4 -2 boy's 10 & 15 And two girl's 9 & 21, The 21 yr old went throw so much w/ me yr's Ago the minute she would walk in the door ,I would have her watch the baby"s so I could take a Nap!
    I have sense told her I'm sorry ,she had to help out so much ,She Swore She would never have Kids (EVER)
    Well She"s 5 mths now ,Can't Wait , And now w/ me filling a bit better w/ new Med's , I can't Wait to help her
    Have a Blessed day
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    Thanks for the morning giggle :) I needed that today. A day started with a smile just has to be a good one, right? Lendi
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    That was so cute. LOLOL Kids do say the cutest things.He could open his office right now.Thanks for sharing it with us.(((((((())))))))
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    ....that it was all in your head!