60 Minutes to Air a Segment on Chronic Pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mar19, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. Mar19

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    I got this in my emails, and thought I'd share:


    "Everyone deals with pain differently: one person’s minor ache is another’s agony. So it’s not surprising that treatment for chronic pain remains a medical mystery. The main relief comes from a variety of drugs, drugs that are often abused by addicts and have their own international black market. As a result, doctors tend to under-prescribe pain killers, and patients are also often under suspicion when they try to alleviate unrelenting pain. But are the authorities overzealous in going after doctors and patients who are abusing the pain medication? Morley Safer looks at this complicated issue through the case of one man now serving 25 years in prison as a result of his attempt to deal with his chronic pain on this week’s 60 Minutes, Sunday, Jan. 29, 7PM ET/PT on CBS."

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    I usually watch 60 Minutes anyway and will write myself a note so I won't forget. I hope that they give a good amount of time and a positive aspect to that piece.

  3. MamaDove

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    I just received an email from my FMS/CFIDS group leader about this Sunday's 60 minutes...

    I see others know about it so I will just give a freindly bump in case others missed the original post...I did...Good thing I searched before I posted...

    Hope the show helps someone ~ Alicia
  4. gabdeb

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  5. Musica

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    and for those who have been bumping this! I just saw this and will be setting my timer to record it!
  6. MamaDove

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    Thought I would BUMP for anyone who missed it, it's on in less than an hour EST
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  8. damz68

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    of just how screwed up this countries system is!
  9. Cromwell

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    how awful it is to get pain meds for those who need them and what is with 25 years! Surely a jury of true peers would have had to included people in constant pain! Felt so badly for the man and how stupid that now he is in jail he is getting the meds he actually needed in the first place.

  10. MamaDove

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    Don't know how much of it was true on either part...

    Very sad that this husband and father of 3 was sentenced to 25 years on top of having to deal with his horrific pain...

    More unbleivable is that now he's is jail he is on a morphine pump...DUH, why wasn't he on that before?!!!!

    Disturbing to also know that the law enforcement watched him for 3 months...AND, his doctor eventually testified for the prosecution...Saving his own butt???

    Again, don't know how much to actually believe on either part, but he was convicted by a jury...OF HIS PEERS??? Was everyone on the jury in excruciating pain???

    Poor Man, Poor Family, my heart goes out to them all!!!

    I did appreciate what the investigator said tho- that this was not a pain control issue, it was a prescription forgery issue...Really took it in a different direction, but then again, he was part of the case AGAINST the man needing PAIN CONTROL...UUUGGGGHHHHH, never anything 'cut and dry'...[This Message was Edited on 01/29/2006]
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    I have to ditto what you said MamaDove, you said it so beautifully

  12. jhmitch

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    Bump for responses to 60 Minutes show
  13. JLH

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    Didn't he go to prison for forging prescriptions for his pain pills? He had a bunch of reproduction equipment in his room at his house to forge his doctor's name and forge a document to look like his doc's scripts and got something like 18,000 pills in one year?

    It was something like he had 3000 prescriptions for a total of 18,000 pills in a year. That's why he was arrested and sent to prison. He was offered a plea bargin and lesser sentence if he would plead guilty, but he refused to plead guilty and then the judge was forced to give him that sentence according to the current laws for forgery. And due to the number of pills he obtained illlegally, he was also sentenced for trafficking in narcotics.

    His wife is appealing. He finally got a morphine pump in prison for his pain -- something I wonder if he fought for before rather than just ask for pills.

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