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    LMAO!!! Don't use kiwis, they're too expensive. Apples are in season right now and they make a nice mess.
    Seriously though, I get the same reaction, and it always makes my gut twist into a knot because I want to do just what you suggested. How do you handle it? "When did you get a medical degree?" might be a nice comeback.
    The person who treats me this way the most is my FIL, who does not believe any illness exists unless he has personally experienced it. If I use a snappy comeback and make him mad (and any form of disagreement with him makes him mad) then he'll take it out on my hubby. So, I try to avoid him as much as possible. If he comes over and I'm alone, I don't answer the door. If my hubby answers the door, I hide in the bathroom and pretend I have the runs. Whatever it takes!
    With great empathy,
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    im laughing so hard i have tears in my eyes!

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    Thank you sooo much Spedding! I really needed a laugh today! And throwing kiwis is better than hittin' them with a baseball bat!

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    I am going through he** right now recooperateing from loosing my job, hurting my knee, having knee surgery after just having spinal fushion sugery 11 months ago and when I try and tell my husband whom is been gone now for 6 months leaving me as a fulltime single mom and working outside the home things-ie why rules with the kids are not being enforced, phone calls get put off, i sleep sometimes 16 hours a day lately due to a near nervous breakdown-he replys with I know how you feel, BUT YOU MUST DO ..............

    I am in counceling with a great therapist, and am raising two kids one is 13 with fms herself-she hates me for it right now and a son who is 8 who is getting tired of seeing mommy in bed and him having to get himself off to school in the morning because I CAN'T GET MY HEAD OFF THE PILLOW AT 6 AM

    The good news is we have each other here and we understand, we really do. I loved your reinactment of a standard conversation with the non fms person-so typical.

    It shows you have a sence of humor-you have to to deal with this disease or any adversity,no matter what cross we bare. I bare many right now-just diagnosed as having ADD and interstitial cystitis and sjogren's syndrom in the last 6 months, not to mention colapsed and herniated discs in c5,6,7 and a torn meniscus and level2 tear in my ACL of my knee in the last 12 months ---on top of years of knowing about and living with fms and osteoarthritis and the degeneration that goes with it and CFS for 11 years now-which pain usually overides fatigue so I do not talk about the cfs anymore. i have no idea which ailment is which anymore-they all just equal pain-that is all i know

    I do not know what your story is, but maybe mine made yours a little easier-if not I tried-all done in fun and laughs.

    In friendship

    cathy aka griswoldgirl
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    Spedding, going thru the posts and came across this one of yours, and it is soooooo true! I get that reaction from non-FM/CFS people!LOL! You hit the nail on the head!:)
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    get this worst from my 85 y.o. Grandmother who pretty much raised me.
    I love her with all my heart but I'll say how I'm feeling once in blue moon & she'll reply
    "You wait until you are my age & your bones don't work any more & you ache & creak everytime you move." UM ER..... Didn't I just say that!!!!!
    Oh well, she means well.
    As for friends & strangers, can't I just hit them over the head with something???? (If I have the energy to pick it up in the first place.)