#67 Loungers Ring in the New Year 2011!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    I think good things are going to happen this year. Why? I base it on the fact
    that our bill for our McDonald's lunch (fish sandwich means) was $11.11.
    Surely that is an omen. Ok, I know "Don't call you Surely".

    But here it is 1pm and I feel bright eyed. Not energetic so much as bright eyed.
    That's a good start. Maybe it's the 12 hours I slept. What do you think? Nah,
    I already know. My body really wants to stay up til 11:30 and sleep 12 hours.
    It resents being forced up for Yoga. I wonder since the teacher has noticed that
    I wear the same shoes....what about the pants? Just thought of that one.

    Victoria, sorry you were the last poster. I guess it was a fitting end to 2010.
    I want to encourage you to weather the winter in GA. I know that is asking
    you to do something that I, personally, would not do....but your kids are there!
    Just think about it.

    Pam...Still thinking about your motorhome and the possiblities! And with Rock/Gor
    getting a new home in 2010...it was busy year for homes.

    Jole, Barry, others? Any chance of you moving? I'm pretty sure Barry wouldn't want
    to. It is so picturesque where he lives.

    Watched Coco before she was Channel. If it had not been for her, we might be still
    wearing corsets. I am going to have to google her and see how she made it through
    2 world wars.

    Its a New year and hopefully a better time for us all!
  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Coco was Chanel before there were channels on TV to sell her stuff... tho of course there were waterways.... LOL, sorry, couldn't help myself.

    Well my Huzzy likes the idea of the motorhome, but not to travel, just to park it on the land here and we live in it and go to the main house for bathroom etc.
    Just like camping.
    Just exactly what I do NOT want to do at this time of my life, at least not for more than a night or 2.
    I can see it all now, pouring rain or sleeting etc. Ha! He wouldn't last either, trust me.

    OK the Chinese NY is coming up, it will be the year of the rabbit. I was born in a rabbit year. I hope this means my money will therefore multiply like... well, rabbits. Ya think I have a prayer of a hope?

    Maybe there's a rabbit god/dess named Harvé (kinda sounds like a unisexual name I think, at least spelled that way). I'll let y'all know when Harvé starts speaking to me... it will have to be in Jimmy Stewart's voice however or I'll freak out.

    OK giving serious thought to staying here... I even went to the mall today to look at serious winter coats... I called Macy's first to find out when they closed, they said 9 pm. Turns out they are the ONLY store in the mall to stay open that long today, everyone else closed at 6 pm! I feel malled.

    Poor DH and son had to come pick me up, they were being delinquent playing pool nearby... LOL at least they had a couple of hours tho.

    Dulce sueños every night for all of us this year, I hope!

    Always Goldie

  3. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I watched the before and after shows about her.I enjoyed both.

    Well we didn't stay up for the New Year but 2yr. old GD went to a party with her parents and was the life of the party.DD coworker said bring her.She chowed down on Cuban food and announced she was ready to dance.Everyone joined her and they danced the night away.She sent a phone picture of GD playing the bongo.Maybe the secret to a successful party is a two yr. old.

    I'm finding the added expense of a motorhome is going to be stocking it with all the things you take for granted at home.Toaster,coffeemaker and oh a can opener need to write that down.Can you imagine standing there with can in hand no way to open it?Some have tabs now I know.Still I need to stock it well.Huz thinks it's a great idea to live in it when we build.I think one trip will change his tune.

    I have really crashed big time starting on Cmas.I am going to insist on more then a sympathetic look from Rheumy.Give me drugs for gods sake.Mouth sores again with burning swelling inside.I think pred. might be called for.12hr. sleep sounds heavenly.

    On a positive note once this passes,and it will, I'm sure this yr. will be great.

    Victoria you may stay in Atlanta?How often will you visit Mexico?


  4. spacee

    spacee Member

    Victoria, think of the advantage of going to the "bathouse" for bathroom facilities.
    NO cleaning a bathroom ever again! Ok, maybe that's not a good trade off. Only
    sounds good when it makes the first pass through my brain.

    Pam, I didn't know there was an after movie. I will have to look for it. I had to
    go to WiKi for my info. I prefer movies since they have pics.

    Karl Langerfield took her place designing. FYI :) We are such fashionista's with
    our pj's.

    I adore hispanic ppl. They don't have a clue as to how old I am. I love that in a
    person. So I decided that I would try to learn a spanish word/phrase a day.
    Hola! That's as far as it went. I need a 2 yo's version. I guess they make toys
    like that.

    Pam, you DG just sounds so precious. The life of the party already. I can tell you
    for sure that when me and my sibs were two, we were not the life of the party.
    We were very shy. I don't think we ever left home except to go to the library every
    couple of weeks. No storytime in those days either.

    Yep, you have a job on your hand accessorizing the new home. That I don't envy.

    Shall we make a note about when we feel good and when we feel like crap...then we
    will kinda have a journal. This is a crap day for me.

    Pam's doc appointment was this am. I do hope you got plenty of sympathetic looks.
    and some pred.

    I think I am winning more than the computer in checkers :) And I got the laundry
    done this weekend.

    Adios amigos. (three words now)


  5. spacee

    spacee Member

    It's an Ox. Ok, peace loving sounded good but sullen and stubborn...well that sounded
    more like Huz jejeje. Maybe I was born the wrong year. I really wanted to be born in
    1950 cause it sounds so much better than 49. I try not to think about it.

    Pam, the Honeybells made it through the freeze. Only available in January though.
    Here is the 800 # if you need it. 1-800-294-2266. $24.99 free shipping and a free
    jar of Marmalade. (that's if you believe anything on this earth is really free:)

    Darn it, I have been seeing the pajama bottom pants back on tv. I was hoping they
    had forgotten my order, but evidently a new boatload from China came in and yes
    mine are on their way. I had already gotten used to the fact that I wasn't getting
    any. Might return them.

    That's all I got right now. Hope you are better Pam.

  6. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Pam I hope your doctor was able to give you a quick fix, or at least a semi-quick fix! That sounds miserable, so sorry.

    The ph # for the honeybells - because I have skype?- it showed up as instantly call-able. I have found it a handy feature at times. OK there's your commercial for today, for skype, LOL.

    I just looked at those PJ jeans. Sounds like a great idea for winter especially, except for how they fit. They look like they're meant to fit like leggings...? Personally I like a bit looser fit. Let us know what you think, Linda. I've been fooled by trying leggings on that seemed looser than normal in the store, only to have them shrink when washed... you'd think they'd be pre-washed.

    Ah we have no idea of what our schedule will be re: here or there, Pam. I am content with not knowing, as long as DH doesn't try to schedule the shedule, LOL, as it keeps changing.

    Hmmm, some phrases for Linda... didn't you say they had a noisy dog? You could shush it by saying calmaté to it- that means calm down, pronounced Calm - short a - tay.. more or less. Or if it's really annoying, "shut up"= callaté (ka-ya-tay).

    My DH's friend came from Sicily when he was 12... his new 'friends' in Chicago would tell him all sorts of wrong things to say to the nuns... the nuns were smart tho, never got upset, just always asked him exactly who told him to say that, LOL.

    Today was an 'OK' day... neck hurting, makes me feel down because it originates from between C6-7 which does affect mood... took some L-theanine and ibuprofena, then went for a walk with son in nearby nature preserve about an hour before sunset. I really had to wrap my head/neck even tho it was still about 50... but I think it helped in addition to the meds. I am going to try to do that more regularly as long as I'm here, he is trying to do that as well.

    Well then I came home and had a bit of eggnog with a shot of southern comfort. I think that helped too... what can I say.

    dulce sueños...

    Off to the dentista tomorrow to get my new crown. Sigh. Más dinero/ more money.
  7. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    There are advantages to going early after all.I was so stiff and miserable and mouth hurt so I could barely talk.Hey I wanted to be taken seriously right?Lots of sympathy and a lecture on calling sooner and not suffering.Who knew?She put me on Medrol so fingers crossed.

    Huz is back to work.He'll travel most of this month.We signed papers and got title for the Motorhome.Paid all that money and left it on the lot for storage.That doesn't feel right.

    Honeybells are Jan. not Feb. Mar. oh heck.

    Last week huz turned to me and said maybe you would like those pajama jeans.It was on TV.I laughed and laughed.Even he's noticed them.

    Linda I think you get Netflix.I watched two different Coco stories maybe on Instant Watch.

    Today is an ok day.If I feel bad later I'll try the Southern Comfort,hold the eggnog.
  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    ChocoVine Raspberry. The taste of dutch chocolate and fine red wine. Product of Holland
    14% alcohol. YUMMY I don't think it is really *fine wine* since our little grocery store was
    carrying it, but chocolate and raspberry called me to it. I wish they had left the wine out or
    put in some non alcohol kind. Alcohol and I do mix well. On the back it says 'grape wine,
    artificial flavor (dutch choco is artificial?) and cream.

    I'll let you know about the pj jeans (haven't arrived yet). There have been complaints about
    them sliding down too much.

    OKay!! Pam,you got your meds....fabulous. I hope you feel better very soon.

    Victoria, I have a thought. When the neighbors are out in the yard. I can yell out the door
    to huz Kayate! He won't know what I am saying to him and the neighbors will get a
    laugh. I can tell it won't happen cause it doesn't seem they are all outside at the same time.

    Sleepy today. Meds haven't kicked in. That is why exercising at 3pm is better than 10:30am
    for me. Glad you and your son got out and walked for an hour, V.

    I read on adhdmarriage.com yesterday and it explained a lot. FIL, DH and son have it. It
    explained a lot....worth repeating. I won't go into the details :)

    Maybe a coke would help me but otherwise...just a sleepy day.
  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Victoria you sound like your of the same thinking as me when it comes to future plans.Whatever is my thinking about all the ideas and plans huz keeps coming up with.
    It will all work out no matter what we do and taking our time and discussing options is best.The motor home purchase means retiring to Fl. won't happen next yr. but because he is fortunate to have a job these days it doesn't make sense not to get a few more yrs. in if possible.

    The actual moving process along with elderly man seems pretty overwhelming anyway.DD isn't happy but we'll visit more often now.

    FIL never heard of motor home so he calls it the bus.Key words he heard were bathroom close and I will make meals next to him so he's good.

    That drink sounds good Linda.Chocolate and raspberry yum.I find I can now tolerate a glass of wine once in a while.DD is allergic to all alcohol always has been.SIL doesn't drink either.

    My oldest son has ADHD and both GS.Now Great GD shows signs of it.
  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    The spouse of the ADHD gets to make all the decisions cause the 'other' is too
    distracted. I am not going to lump all adhd into the same group cause my son
    who isn't this way BUT he has ritalin. And maybe he has a milder case. I wonder
    about GD. She is kinda hyper.

    The 800# for the honeybells. Ya'll would need it. I wouldn't. It is about 5 miles
    from my house. Not even long distance to call. Wondering a little if they got
    yanked them off the trees a bit early before they had freeze damage. Can't say
    for sure. Personally, never had a honeybell. Used to crave oranges but a dentist
    told me I was Vit C deficient. Now I take the vitamin.

    Oh yes, that would help to easy FIL's mind to know the bathroom was close and
    he could watch you cook. That is what life seems to come to the older we get.

    Ya'll don't know this but there is a struggle for power in the CFS community.
    The NIH wants to appoint a patient to be a in their little committee. Some ppl
    want Cort Johnson (Phoenix Rising) and the others do NOT want it to be Cort.
    Stay tuned. I will let you know who gets the job. It almost has to be Cort cause
    he is the only person well enough to attend meetings. Which means he doesn't
    have a typical case. Which is why some ppl don't want him there.

    FIL reminds me of my 92 yo grandmother and what she said when she took a
    plane trip with my mother. That train went so fast it practically flew :)

    Not too bad today. Sleepy, dopey and sneezy haven't shown up yet.

  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, I tried to post here last night. During the last paragraph everything went

    then I tried a second time. The board (or my computer or whatever) wouldn't
    let me post anything.

    Hafta try again when conditions are more amenable.

    Ha det bra

  12. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Darn we almost heard from you Rock!How frustrating.

    Jolee are you still around?Hope your well after the holidays.

    Maybe you all know about this but yesterday I picked up the computer and no sooner got on and my DD and GD Skyed me.I said how did you know I was on and she said it lit up on her computer.I didn't ask anymore questions but how did that happen?

  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    That was the literal interpretation when I googled. Google could be wrong.

    Pam, you are on their "buddy list". You have a buddy list with them on it too.
    You would click on it if you start the skype. When you are on the computer, it can
    tell them that you logged in (online). I appreciate being able to help you with
    computer stuff since I know next to nothing about it.

    The Pajama Jeans came today. I will give you my first report. They are snug.
    But since the legs are bootcut, they do not look anything like leggins. The fabric
    is a nice, slenderizing blue. It is also heavy for Florida. They do not feel like my
    pajamas at all since I don't wear my pj's snug. Right out of the package, I would
    say that I would wear them to run errands or any place really. I will have to
    report on wrinkling in the am. I think they are a bit too snug of a car trip for me.
    It's my knees. They do not like snug on a long car trip. I'm not sure why but has
    been that way since the DD.

    Sorry your message didn't some through Rock!!

  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Thanks for the explanation Spacee.

    So the jeans are a flop.Well we all wondered.

    The medicine is helping so much with the aches and mouth is a little better today.5lb. weight loss so there's my glass half full thought.

    I have run out of Mobic which is all I get for pain now.I'm frantic.I don't remember using it up and no refill until Mar. because computer says I received a script in the mail Dec.24.Huz got his but I don't remember if I did.Anyway no sign of it.I'm trying the put it out of your mind and it will turn up method.

    I told huz I would clean out the mud room but can't get started.I guess I can fall back on the I didn't say when excuse.
  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    I have the Rule of 3. Let's say I am organizing the bathroom closet. Sort through three
    things. Either toss or put back more organized.

    That's how I found our nano/shuffle (not sure which). Sadly, it doesn't work and since it is the
    first one Apple made (now referred to as Generation 1), it can only be sold for parts. I have
    no idea how to find someone who wants the parts.

    The pj jeans didn't seem to wrinkle much. Only had them on an hour. Huz came home and
    thought they were very slimming. But I just don't think they will do well in the washing machine. The t-shirt doesn't look as nice as the pic either.

    GD is in a 'facility' in the NL with double pneumonia. The facility is somewhere you go at 2 am.
    They get you stablized (on oxygen and stronger antibiotics) and decide in the morning if
    you should be taken to the hospital. She's 19 months old.

    Pam, a NY'sresolution. Med's First. Always know where your meds are. Things get frantic
    around here when I can't find mine.

    It's gonna to be a tired day. Awake at 6am, back to sleep till the phone rang. No one I knew.
    Probably an afternoon nap.

    Ha det bra.

  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    Ok, if you toss/organize 3 things and feel enough energy, then try 3 minutes.
    And on a good day and you feel even better try 30 mins.

    It's just a little goal setting tool. Seems to be helping me a bit.

    I had chocolate yesterday, so you know what I wish I had right now:)

    Does anyone have a nano or a shuffle. Mine must have been a Generation 1
    and doesn't work anymore. Just gathering info. I am wondering if I listen
    to music with only one ear, could I tolerate it more.

    Also, I could listen and play checkers at the same time :)
  17. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    No Nano or even an ipod.I figure DS would kill me if I got one and had to ask for him to program or fix it like my computer.He told us our stereo system,see how old that expression is,needed to be pitched.They aren't in business and it was top of the line!So I carry around my portable CD player when desperate.Don't worry only inside where no one can see.

    I'm sorry about your little GD.I hope she recovers quickly.Poor baby.

    I took your advise and took a couple things off the shelf and ended up cleaning the room.99% was DS and huz junk.Now they can clean the garage where I put it ha.

  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    You really cracked me up about how you got the room cleaned up cause 99% of it was
    DS or DH. Huz did learn to keep his stuff neat from Uncle Sam (Army 3 years). He
    didn't learn it from his mother who babied him.

    I have to hand it to Twin for us having *modern* music. Her DS had downloaded Itunes
    for her computer. So next visit here, she went straight for our computer and downloaded
    it for us. Then we won a shuffle. I can't even imagine how old it is. I think it has been
    lost for 3 years!

    GD is improving rapidly. Hoping to hear when she will be discharged. Prob still take a couple
    of days.

    Nothing planned today. And huz is getting home late so supper will be frozen organic
    pizza. I am going to read the site the adhamarriage.com today. I got some insights from
    the article on the home page but I'm sure there is more that would do so splaining to me.

    Stay tuned...

    PS Victoria,do hope you are not freezing during this last cold spell, but it can't be fun.
  19. spacee

    spacee Member

    Is there a tv show that you cannot bear to watch a minute of?

    For me its the giving birth shows. I know that I might be in the minority here
    cause it seems to be a popular show.
  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    GD. This is their experience:

    No paperwork to check in. No paper work when you leave. No doctor's orders. Nada.
    They KNOW you are not going to sue them, it is against the law :)

    Very good staff. Put the tube in to feed GD. Thought the American way of IV's was
    odd since food goes to the stomach.

    Nurse to DIL "What does June drink?" Answer "breastmilk". Nurse to other nurses
    "crazy american is breastfeeding at 19 month old". (I wouldn't be doing it either;)

    Nurse to dil, "Oh I can practice my English on you!" Are you going to the US?
    "No, Sri Lanka".

    Another nurse to dil "oh you are from UK" Dil "No America" Nurse "you sound so
    british" DIL " Have you been to the Uk?" Nurse "No". Hmmm.

    That's all. GD is home and jumping on the sofa again!

    Have a good, restful weekend, ya'll.
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