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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    Rain, rain most of yesterday. Is it Jan rain that brings February flowers? Maybe in Florida.

    I heard a snowbird say that she really missed seeing all the flowers when they arrived
    from up north. They have all been frozen this year.

    Seem to be waking up earlier which concerns me. The more hours I am awake, the more
    meds I need. Or wish I could take. Pain I am referring to. If I sleep from 10-10 I can
    get by with one. If I wake up at 8am. Then I need two. And two puts my serotonin level
    below normal. That's the body's "happy" maker. Antidepressants up it but I can't take them.
    It will work out, I am sure.

  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I can imagine the snowbirds are missing the flowers. Not that there are any here yet in Georgia, but the daffodils usually start by end of Jan/mid Feb. I miss the warm days in Mexico, but there wouldn't be any flowers in our yard as it is still getting heavy frost even if the daytime highs do get to average of 70. sounds heavenly anyway.

    I hope your huz is better Pam, it's no fun to have food poisoning especially when you're on a trip.

    Linda, that's interesting you're awakening earlier, wonder why?

    Not much new here... still looking at houses. Not terribly excited about much, tho there are new ones every few weeks. Maybe it's just me? Or is it the weather - usually cloudy, cold, rainy. Ugh. None of these houses are heated really since they're vacant and are even colder inside.

    DH and I seem to have changed agendas a bit... I still want a lot of privacy, I liked one place with 4 acres, he likes another for same price that has only 1.4 ac but a bit more house for the money. LOL

    (Barry, yes, my DH wants to move back. I think he misses more than the kids, I think he was getting bored and missed his friends and the action with working with the boxers here. So the only color I'll be able to supply is local Georgia color lol)

    Fighting a bit of a sore throat, but bored stiff. Think I'll go out anyway to the store, there is stuff I need-- if I can remember what it is...

    Linda you're right, those sunglasses are expensive. I did have a RX pair made with the Swiss Zeiss lenses 5 yrs ago... thankfully I can still use them to drive, but sure cannot read anymore with them. They have held up remarkably well.

    BTW, the NoIR over-glasses sunglasses that are recommended for the MP have a wrap-around pair in the 80% that you can get your rX lenses made to fit inside. In other words, they have a lens holder inside the sunglasses to hold your RX lens. I haven't tried it yet, that's next, cuz I really prefer wrap-around sunglasses! I bought them, and then didn't get the lenses made - they're actually in MX right now still.... just tried to find a link for you but couldn't find it. Hopefully you can.

    Take care, everybody... stay warm/cool, whatever.

    Hasta la vista!
    Always & Still Goldilocks

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  3. spacee

    spacee Member

    Is with DH on less land cause 1.4 acres is a good bit and more house. Or maybe you would
    come across a house that is smaller but still less land. You can tell that living in Florida has
    jaded me. Everything grows so fast.

    I really think the reason I am waking up earlier is that 1. I go to bed earlier and 2. I take more
    benzos for sleep. I upped it by 1/3. Huz found an extra bottle in his sweater drawer so I
    didn't want it to go to waste. In reality I think the time change affects me and then when
    it changes back, I slowly go down on the bennies.

    Stopped by the Library yesterday. I found a gem of a book. "Doing Less and Have More".
    I think that is kinda my motto. I also stopped by the house of a normal, age 71 yo woman.
    Sheesh. To have half of her energy. But then I would have to change my motto. Wouldn't I?
    Ok, not worth it.:)

    Later gators,
    Hasta la vista.

    Kinda brown, blonde, and red lite. FYI
  4. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Good to hear from you again Victoria.Looking at houses is tiring but interesting at the same time.

    Huz is not better and is in the hosp. in Portland.He felt worse and I urged him to go to the ER because something is not right.There is a 3hr. time difference so I pace all day wondering.So he went at 3 his time and called me at 4 in the morning my time to say he was admitted.An infection in the small bowel caused by a virus is what they thought last night.I'm glad he's in the hosp.His flight is early Th. morning so I don't know if he'll make it.Mon. is another Trade Show in Atlanta so who knows.

    No word yet this morning.I hate the time difference.I'm sure he'll be well soon just need to be patient.All the yrs. of him traveling this has never happened which is lucky.

    Waiting around.
  5. spacee

    spacee Member

    I hate those places. Praying DH will recover promptly. I guess when you are that sick and
    out of town, that's the best place to be. I know that is hard on you.

    In my new book, it says that we should not have multiply phone lines. She is not referring
    to cell phones and land lines. Just land lines. I think that tells you how old the book is.
    And she has a lot of questions with answers a,b,c,d, e. and you pick your response. E is
    always "do not get stressed". Which is the answer she seems to be encouraging.

    Guess I will go call the dentist and tell them about my abscess. I'm not stressed about it
    though. Probably cause it doesn't hurt yet :)

    (((((((HUGS TO PAM)))))))

  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    The dentist was not impressed that google said to wait two weeks, then see the dentist.
    They called the Endodonist and said "we have a patient in denial" and made me an
    appt for Tues 11:10 in Winter Haven.

    Good thing I have been waking up earlier. Just in the nick of time.

    It's so warm here today. It came to my mind "what did I wear last summer?" and
    I couldn't remember. Yikes. Well, my clothes are all still in the closet so they
    must be there. Probably will recognize them. My closet isn't that big ....not a walk in.
    Well, I gotta know the shoes are the ones I have been wearing to yoga for 2 years :)

    Victoria's got a real cute thread going on. Her mind is still really good!!

  7. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Just us huh Linda?Where are you friends?

    Huz came close to kidney failure from dehydration.He is flying home today.His co-workers have been so great through this.He'll be on short term disability for a bit as he recovers.

    It's been a very long week wondering and worrying.
  8. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    But have been too down and tired to post much. But today is the 21st of the month, so sun-wise it's all up-hill for now. Sat outside yesterday and noticed some flowers on the bay trees. Also, orange crocus in the yard, and first butterfly of the year ( a Red Admiral.)

    Kingfishers have been flying up the creek. The turkey vultures are returning. The ravens are in big clans, spiraling up in gyres without a single wing-flap and then soaring off over Rainbow Ridge.

    Pam -- Glad your hubby will be home soon, and I hope feeling better. This must have been a very stressful time for you and him both.

    Linda -- I lived in an area where there were citrus groves -- for a few years in Santa Barbara, Ca. I'm sure they've all been ripped out and replaced by suburbs. I most remember however, the wonderful scent of the flowers on warm nights, driving my little car with the top down. Heavenly.

    Jole -- Hope you are o.k. and coping with the winter. Miss your posts.

    Victoria --Well! You must be missing the Mexican warmth right now, at least. Anything else? And I am confused by the boxers you mention relative to your hubby. Are they pugilists or canines? You have me confused. Perhaps your son breeds boxers? Dogs, that is.

    Lunch time, and some B12 for my brain.
    Hugs to all,
  9. victoria

    victoria New Member

    That sounds like your husband called it a bit too close for comfort, but I know it's hard sometimes to know when to say "when" to go to the ER. I'm glad he's ok and will have some time to recuperate. Any idea of what it was from (food poisoning of some type, flu, ___?)

    I've never gotten to smell the fragrances of orange/citrus groves... always wanted to. I love when the honeysuckle blooms here, it used to be strong but was not the last couple of springs I was here. I'm not sure why.

    It did become a warning tho for a while, as within a day or 2 something else was making me sneeze/eyes itch, tho that seems to now have gone away. I don't think it was the honeysuckle itself as I could enjoy about 2 days of it before the symptoms occurred.

    Well, I'm seeing robins here... so they must be slowly heading up north. I hope that means that spring will be on time, because they never stay here for the summer. I've noticed the lengthening days too, Barry, I'm so happy!!!

    And yes, I definitely miss the warmth of the daytimes in MX. I'm finding I need to wear a neck scarf most of the time here, or my neck aches even if I have a turtleneck on. That is new to me.

    Boxers - LOL - actually we like boxer dogs tho we've never had one... but I am talking about pugilistic humans. My DH is a rare breed, a PhD in neuroscience, career as clinical psychologist, and a pro & amateur boxing coach. He boxed as an amateur himself in Chicago in the 1960s, Tony Zale was his coach there. (For those who don't know, Zale was middleweight champion in 1950s).

    Hope Jan, Butterflydreams, Jole, Fightey, Rock, and other are ok and check in, just to even write a couple of lines....


  10. victoria

    victoria New Member

    International Falls, MN's temperature today had a record low today at 46 BELOW ZERO!
  11. spacee

    spacee Member

    Have shed some tears over your DH, Pam. How bad was that....close to kidney failure and now
    a bit of short term disability. Sometimes it is just hard to know when to go to the ER especially
    when you are in another state and just want to get home.

    That is quite interesting about the boxing, Goldi. Do you share a similar interest? Just
    wondering, cause I hate golf. Playing it and watching it. Opposites here. I can see why
    he wants to be in Georgia.

    Yes, Barry, those orange blossoms give off quite a beautiful fragrance. I don't seem to
    smell as well as I once did but I do remember it. We didn't have a car with a/c the first
    6 years we were here so we did find the fragrance striking with the windows rolled down.
    Ours was a VW Bug :) No radio either. Stick shift. Ahh youth.

    Already backing down on the sleep meds. Which is good. I need some B-12 too. About
    out so need to reorder. I guess my next step is to buy a large pill holder for my
    supplements. I don't take that many but they are just enough to not fit with my meds.

    I found the yoga jeans, Goldi. I personally cannot recommend them. They are expensive
    ($79) and made out of the Pilayo (man made) fabric that is suppose to wick moisture
    away. (My opinion that it needs to do that cause the fabric doesn't breathe and you get
    hot.) Also, the rise is very, very low. But you are petite so that might be a plus for you.
    Athleta is the catalog I get.

    I found my summer clothes. In the closet. That was a weird feeling of not being able to
    remember anything about them. Ahh the joys of dementia.

    Time for lunch here too!! I love meal time :)

    Hope your DH continues to improve, Pam.

    And that the sunshine comes out for all.

  12. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    There some of you are.Thanks for all the support.Huz is glad to be home.It was a virus.He is not feeling great but more comfortable at home and I made him homemade chicken soup.

    I am glad we will be going on vacation in a few weeks this cold snowy weather is getting old fast.I would love to sit outside like Barry and see birds and signs of color right now.

    Got the dog groomed this morning and groceries with DS.FIL keeps asking if I'm going to get my hair cut.The man is legally blind!I must need a cut really really bad for him to keep asking.Kinda waiting to get colored at the same time but it must look pretty bad.

    Your huz is a boxer too Victoria?That's quit a combination.I've watched some matches in my time but we need some new blood to get people excited about the sport again.

  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    I really did enjoy that movie about boxing. Ya'll know which one I mean..with Clint Eastwood.
    Last part was sad.

    I wanted to mention that DS is applying to work as a ticket taker at a Science Museum.
    He is hoping that no one else with a Master's Degree applies too. Holding our breath.
    Jobs are slim. Turned down as a pizza worker, Starbucks drink maker. Hey, this son
    likes to cook....their loss :)

    Pam, my 'girl' is losing her touch with coloring my hair. When I get home it looks like it
    has a month's growth already. Sigh No one better in this town. I think your FIL has
    his mind stuck on that question.

    It's going to be in the 30's tonite. My thought of summer clothes was premature.

    Guess that is it for now :)

  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I'm keeping track of your summer clothes situation.Picture me jumping for joy when you say you put them on in the next few weeks.Hope I don't hurt myself.

    Seriously a ticket taker with a Masters?Where are the jobs?DS will be looking for computer job come summer when he finishes his degree in Computer Science somebody better be hiring.

    Huz is laying in bed so I get the TV remote.Nothing is on TV guess it's back to Cleopatra book.
  15. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I know jobs are difficult to find, I hope he finds something eventually in his area. What was his master's in (if you told us, I forgot, no surprise right?). Pam, I'd think in computer sciences there might still be some, but, who knows, a lot of people are out of work even in that area. I told my daughter she won the lottery getting her job in accounting.

    Ok, be sure to re-read my post Linda - I used PAST tense, LOL, re my DH boxing. That was in the 1960s! Long before I knew him, actually.

    I did enjoy some of the more colorful years of boxing, 1970s-80s... I got somewhat involved because some of them had personalities.

    Actually, the fans overall agree the quality of boxing has gone down as there's less participation everywhere. Lately it's been boring even in my DH's opinion, LOL.

    The only ones I've watched in recent years are Manny Pacquiau from the Phillipines as he has held 3 or 4 world titles/each in different weight classes, which set a record. And, now Saul Alvarez from Mexico, as he is as Irish looking as one can get- carrot hair and fair skin.

    So, that's about all I can discuss re boxing, aren't you all glad? LOL.

    Is that the only way you get control of the remote, Pam? What is this with the remotes and DHs anyway!?! I usually won't watch TV with mine as he 'surfs' way too much. I told him he has senior citizen adult onset ADD!

    Well we put a bid on a house... heard back that HUD is going to counter-offer, but don't know how/what. Sometimes they try to jack the price up, acting as if there are other bidders, and ask for one's "highest/best/final offer." But I'm betting we're the only ones that bid.

    If they really do, maybe our counter-offer will be lower, or we'll wait. If we do get it, we still get to do a home inspection, and could still withdraw our offer.

    My I've been chatty today. See yáll later. OK that was supposed to be " y'all " but since I still have a spanish microsoft program on my computer, I have to double space to get the apostrophe rather than accent to show up. Aiyiyiyi! So don't be surprised to see them occasionally...

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  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    That's what's blaring on my TV's today.

    How is your tooth infection Linda?Pain?That's the worst isn't it.Appt. soon or is it done?

    No Victoria I don't get the remote if huz is in the room.And he flips just like yours.I've learned not to become to interested in what he has on anyway since flip it's gone.At least we've come to an understanding over the yrs. that he can not take over the TV upstairs when he comes up and I'm watching it unless I give it to him.

  17. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I forgot Victoria,good luck on your house bid.Hope they make it quick and simple,and cheap.
  18. jole

    jole Member

    Been busy with docs again. Posted on latest developments.

    Barry, it felt like I was sitting there with you watching all of nature's splendor! Nothing here but cold. The kitties are staying warm by snuggling up with our Aussie.....she's playing mother to all of them, and is so darn cute!

    Pam, glad to hear hubby is better. My brother was in the hospital with an allergic reaction in Canada while on a business trip. They thought he had a heart attack......not fun to be away from home no matter what the situation!

    Linda, talk of summer clothes gives me hope. I do know where mine are....just hope that they'll still fit when the time comes to wear them! And hope that it's soon!

    Victoria, I'm not even sure when the last time was I saw boxing on tv. Or wrestling for that matter. Or golf. Not much of a sports fan here, although my kids love about all of it. Hope you get your house if it's what you want. Have to say you didn't sound overly thrilled......

    We babysat our granddaughter Sat night. Now I remember why I don't do that any more. Did love the hugs 'n kisses though :) They have a Wii. My hubby went bowling for 5 straight hours by himself......now he thinks he 'needs' one. I say he'll survive without. Hugs...Jole
  19. spacee

    spacee Member

    Jole is keeping mum about her health but it is posted on the other messagebaord. Our little
    Jole is very sick. You sure do keep a stiff upper lip. I've never been good at that. Hope you
    feel better very soon!!

    Did I forget that Spring comes before the 100 degree heat? Must have. Spring is sweater
    weather. Not a heavy sweater either. It was here today. Not sure if it will last.

    Muhammed Ali. I did think of a boxer's name. I guess it hasn't been watched much here.
    DH is not allowed to surf when I am in the room. I know I am tough but I have to set
    boundaries. That gets the football out of the room I'm in :) I used to be able to follow it
    but those days are gone.

    Accounting was the lottery for your daughter, Victoria. I hear computers is good too.

    It's the odd way of becoming a Hospital Chaplain. You do an intership for few months.
    Then you wait about 6 months and start a residency. Weird as heck to me.

    Speaking of schools. (I can throw in something about a GD). Ichatted with them Sat. She said "Guess what we did today!!!" We wentshopping for school!!! The Neth.lands is odd, if you ask me. You start school when youare 4 yo. She turns 4 in March and that is when she starts. How do the teachers keep up with all that? When you turn 5 do you go to the next
    grade? Stay tuned.

    Jole, your DH 'needs' to bowl. Don't you understand? He is revisiting his youth, maybe.
    That ship has sailed but maybe he could have his own Wii? :)

    Later after the root canal tomorrow. Nope it doesn't hurt yet.

  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I'm glad to hear from you Jolee and thanks for the reminder to do follow up labs regularly.I too hope it was due to the med.

    Oh that's right Linda I remember about your DS internship.That explains ticket taker position.Wishing you the best on todays procedure.

    Huz saw the Dr. for the second time this week since he got home Fri. and goes back again Th. unless he's better.Just checking more blood work and pain levels.Still thinking it's a nasty virus in the small bowel.I think rest and bland food is all it will take for this week and he'll be back to work and ready for vacation.