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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    Pam is traveling to Florida via Cruiser with Huz and FIL. And probably Lily. To
    visit DD and GD and Sis's who think lipstick is a 'must'.

    Victoria and fam are getting over bad sore throats. And probably are socked in
    cause of weather. Have picked out a house so they are coming back to the US!!

    Mikie isn't feeling well enough to even do things with her snowbird friends. We
    need to send special thoughts her way.

    Barry is probably enjoying his life with nature and Richard's cooking.

    Rock is probably still unpacking in the new house. And avoiding parking anywhere
    where one might get an outrageous fine in LA.

    Jole, is recuperating (we hope sooner ).

    Me, I seem to be herxing from the penicilin for Root Canal. Does that mean I have
    gonnorhea? You just don't know what you can pick up from dental instruments ;)

    We are all on pins and needles about the weather and the Super Bowl. Or maybe not.

  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Are with everyone who is ailing. The Acyclovir seems to be working so I'm hoping I'll be up to snuff tomorrow. We don't know which chronic strain of Herpes Virus I have but EBV, CMV or HHV6 are the usual culprits. I tried to explain this to Nurse Ratchet (I usually pronounce this with two syllables) but she put in my chart that I have Herpes Simplex--period. Now, the ENT I saw thinks I have genital Herpes. Of course, listing Acyclovir, PRN did nothing to convince him it is a mistake. As soon as my colonoscopy is done, or maybe before then, I'm changing PCP. But, I digress...

    Pam, I have the same problem--asthma and COPD. If they ever make MJ legal here, I'll be making some Alice B. Tokeles brownies myself. I have one of those pans where every brownie is perfect. I saw, until we can mix a little medicinal MJ in them, they ain't perfect.

    Linda, hope the herxing is a good sign that the ABX is ridding you of something. I'm laughing about getting the clap from the dentist. Most everyone worries about getting AIDS. That is extremely unlikely but getting Hepatitis is a risk. Most dentists are really careful to sanitize their instruments because of this. Even though they take the shots, they don't want Hepatitis either.

    Again, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Mikie , the chain of events you describe... aiyiyiyi! Makes me laugh and groan at the same time... Sounds like what happens too often probably to all of us, at least at some time or another - all too often if it happens even once tho imho.

    Linda, let's hope not, LOL; but, if you're actually herxing... well, that means something needs to be treated at least occasionally. Ever consider Rife? Just a thought. My son herxed after a "test" treatment. He continued with the abx at the time, tho, right now he isn't doing anything tho.

    It is just pouring here, miserable cold in the 30s. BUT that is better than $now any day - oops make that *now--tho if one has a plow I guess s/he would write it as $now? None of our dogs want to go outside, can't blame them. Well, unless they spot a squirrel.

    Nada más is going on here... I'm slowly getting better, that's the curve this cold has taken with everyone here. Oh well. Everyone else is better I think, but I was the last one to get it.

    Trying to think of something humorous that's happened, but nothing's coming to mind. Unless I can call HUD being inefficient "funny"? Sigh.

    Goldilocks... who's waiting for the stars to come out so I can make a wish....

  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    When they changed from paper charts to digital, they had "painful ejaculation" in my list of symptoms. At least, they did drop that one. Sometimes, you just have to laugh. If I did have genital Herpes, I wouldn't be ashamed of it but I resent having it in my chart in error.

    Love, Mikie
  5. spacee

    spacee Member

    I looked up the side effects of penicillin and extreme fatigue was one of them. I think that
    is what I am "feeling". I went to my grandson's baby shower this am and purposely didn't take the abx and was much more alert. Then took it afterwards and back to the yuk.

    I've been so out of it, if forgot that I asked my doc to check my viruses. He said "which ones".
    I said "ebv and hhv6". They have been positive many years ago at other docs, so no surprise
    they were still positive. He wrote on the lab test results "prior herpes". I am certain that he
    has no idea what HHV6 is. But do agree that we only want what we actually have on our

    The traffic, the traffic, the traffic. Every northener who could must have come to Orlando.
    We have 8 lanes now. They are even widening HWY 27 to 6 lanes for hurricane evacuation but we use it with the *now birds. Every square inch.

    Which I have finally remembered to tell you. The road construction in the next small town of
    Dundee has been halted for 6 months. There is an eagle's nest on a power pole and they
    can't move the pole while the family is there. They will leave in the spring. I can just
    imagine the eagle mother thinking "now where is my nest? I know I made one" when she
    comes back next fall.

    I have looked at rife machines. Not sure why I didn't go that way. Maybe I was concerned
    it would kill the transfer factors I was using at the time? I have used another kind of
    electrical pulse thing, forget what it is called. Couldn't tell any difference. Maybe should have
    used it longer. Not real sure why I stopped.

    Glad to hear Mikie and Victoria are on the mend. If you don't hear from me...it's the fatigue.

  6. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I would be upset too Mikie.I hope it gets taken off your chart.

    Send in all the normals you can.I've hit a speed bump.Feeling off all week.Always trust your instincts.I woke up in terrible pain and the flare is here.I have so much stuff to pack into the motorhome that just arrived.In a snowstorm!Huz had to drive an hr. in it so I guess he knows he can do it now.

    I can't complain I got a good run out of the last Medrol dose so I called in a refill and when the **now lets up I hope to get it and start tomorrow morning,fingers crossed.
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Computer's working. I'm baaaaack. It's been in the
    garage twice in the last 2 weeks. Keeps getting infectanated
    w/ viruses.

    The computer guys says it's not safe to visit any sites on
    the net. You can even get a virus at Wikipedia.

    Big day today. I had a burst of energy and did the laundry and
    the dishes. Then I cooked a cauliflower. And if I can still
    totter around I will take Zippy for a walk tonight.

    We can't walk down Carroll Street though. Clint Eastwood
    is filming. The working title is "Edgar J."

    My cold is hanging on. My sore throat comes and goes.
    I find chocolate milk soothing. Have you tried that, Victoria?

    Pam, I hope you have a nice trip to Florida. Is the motorhome

    Linda, they didn't have eagles in S. Minn. when I lived there,
    but they do now. Last time I went to visit my relatives we went
    to the edge of town. There in a tree alongside the Upper Iowa
    River was a huge bird. My brother said it was the baby; only a
    few months old.

    Mikie, back in the 70s I lived in a log cabin previously owned
    by Tennessee Ernie Ford. Not many people know this, but
    his real first name was Kentucky.

    Anyhoo the landlord lived in the main house. He and his friends
    had lots of mj which they said they got cheap from Mexico.
    Frequently baked it into cookies or brownies. I tried 'em.
    Never did nothin' for me.

    W/ re: 2 medical records, I read thousands of them when I
    was in the accident business. Errors are very common:
    wrong sex, wrong side of the body, "metatarsals" when it
    should have been "metacarpals", etc.

    Gordon went to the library. I have to be alert to run out
    and help him unload. We had 11 books on hold.


  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Sounds as though everyone is feeling a bit down and out. Yesterday, I just lay around and read. Fell asleep early in the evening. Didn't watch the SB cause, as Dr. Phil says, "I don't have a dog in that fight." Perhaps, a poor metaphor since Michael Vick. I hope y'all are feeling batter.

    My virus software is always finding viruses and eliminating them. I hardly do any computing but those determined to cause havok will always find ways to infect others. A geek once told me never to download anything from the web, like free screensavers. He said they have the highest probability fo being infected. That is how my PC was infected. My friend likes to download animated cards and jokes. I never open anything she sends which is forwarded but this time, it was in her e-mail itself. It looked like any e-mail from her. Because she did this once before a couple of years ago, and because I asked her then not to send me that kind of thing, I can no longer open anything from her. It's sad but our friendship has been dwindling for a long time and now, a lot of what she sends is political stuff to which I do not subscribe. It's time to say goodbye, sadly.

    Sending up prayers that everyone is feeling better.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I have a cousin who loves to send junk mail.I don't open any of it.I'm really careful about that stuff.

    Huz brought all the stuff to me in the camper and I put it away.I'm caught up on my end but huz has a lot to load like grills and such.Starting to jot down stuff at night on scrap paper by my bed.Afraid I'll forget things.

    Good to hear from you Rock.Yes motorhome is new and FIL really liked it and felt comfortable.He's jamming stuff in his sweater pockets for the trip so he must be excited.Today it was a pack of razors but he only shaves once a week lol.
    Well to bad about the MJ brownies guess I won't wait around on that pain relief.

    How about everyone else?Everyone feeling ok?I'm pushing through and started Medrol pack so fingers are crossed.

    Linda I finally did remember Toby the barking neighbor dog.Takes awhile.
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just finished a book titled "The Zombies of Lake Woebegotten
    by Harrison Geillor. It is a comic horror story and a parody
    of Garrison Keillor and Lake Woebegone. Depending on your
    mood, it will either cheer you up or motivate you to check that
    your doors are locked.

    Good luck w/ the new med, Pam. I never heard of it so I
    looked it up. Never heard of a drug that could help so many
    problems: allergies, arthritis, lupus, breathing problems,
    cancer, and more. Hope it does great things for you.

    Why does hubby shave only one day a week? I used to
    shave twice a week in college. that was because I had a
    very light beard.

    Now that I've grown old, shaving is a problem. Don't know
    what's changed: the razors, my skin, my hair. Of course the
    modern safety razors are a joke. Gillette know has a razor
    w/ 5 blades. The joke is the more blades, the worse the
    razor performs. All those little slots get clogged up w/ hair.

    I read a short story last week. "Philip's Safety Razor" which
    appeared in an English magazine in 1919. The safety razor
    must have been pretty new then since the author gives a
    description of it.

    Mikie, I like your observation "poor metaphor since Michael
    Vick". I used to have a friend who sent me lots of political
    stuff. Mostly rants that were anti Hillary Clinton. I asked her
    to stop w/ the political stuff. Never heard from her again.

    As Rizzo (Stockard Channing) said in "Grease", "Some people
    are so touchy."

    BTW, I never heard of nitrogen in tires. My recollection from 9th grade
    science (which may be all wrong), is that nitrogen makes up 78%
    or our atmosphere. Would that be the same as 78% of our ambiance?

    All for now
  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Aren't they awful?It's FIL who shaves once a week for all the reasons you mentioned.He looks terrible by weeks end and I offer all the time but he won't let me near him or anyone else.Can't say I blame him.Electric razors tug at his beard even with preshave products.
    Huz shaves daily but not on vacation and has a light growth too.He doesn't like electric either.Wouldn't you think in this day and age?

    Now what happened to the middle aged woman book you had?Was it good?So Gordon brought all the books you had on order then.I'll have nothing to take on my trip that's worth taking.Maybe I'll reread something.Never have done that before.

    Aren't I chatty today,must be the meds.Call off the normals yeah.
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    "The Revenge of the Middle Aged Woman" was an excellent book. I
    think the title was misleading. It suggested a thriller to me.

    Anyhoo it is a women's book. About relationships. Not about cars or
    detectives or cowboys or spies.

    Right now I'm reading a book about Jerome Kern, the guy what wrote
    "Show Boat" and lots of other musicals and songs. When he was still
    in school he wrote a musical that his class put on. One the songs was
    titled "The Song of the Sheriffs".

    I am sending this info to my brother in Minnesota who is a Deputy Sheriff.

    We used to have a regular book thread here, but it has kinda withered away w/o
    our leader Ken.

    That concludes the book report. Now it's time for the weather report.

    Warm and sunny here in S. CALIF.

    And now for the flower report. One of Gordon's orchids is in bud. It is a laelia; the
    flowers about the size of cymbidiums; smaller than the prom orchid. There are
    6 spikes (stalks) w/ about 18 buds @. So there will be more than 100 flowers.

    The Chinese silk trees are in bloom. The trees have a green trunk w/ large thorns.
    Look kinda like some medieval instrument of war. The flowers are large; pink w/
    white and yellow at the center.

    Used to be a treat to go to a court hearing in Chino because the court house had
    silk trees all around. Spectacular when they were all abloom.

    The calla lilies were blooming last month. The tea cup magnolias are in bloom now.
    Here's a pic of the magnolias: http://www.trekearth.com/gallery/photo146629.htm

    Couldn't find a pic of the silk tree.

    Better quit before this all goes Poof!

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I did some research online and feel that the nitrogen is just a way to get more money out of selling tires. Air is already 78 percent nitrogen. The claim that nitrogen doesn't expand and contract like air is bogus as evidenced by scientists. They claim that there is no water vapor in the nitrogen like in air which can corrode the air pressure sensors. Most of the experts think that is also bogus. My eight-year-old Highlander doesn't even have the sensors. The car only has 31,000 miles on it but the tires are original equipment and only have 2/32 tread left. They have dry rot setting in so I need new ones. There will be a sale in May so I'll get them then.

    We got a big storm this evening. Again, strange weather for us.

    Love, Mikie
  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    Pam, I am sure you have already checked but the weatherman was wrong and it is NOT going
    to be in the 20's!! I don't see anything lower than in the 40's.

    While it is on my mind, I will insert this bit of info here. In the Netherlands, you do start
    school on your 4th birthday (not at the beginning of the year). But your parents can choose
    to not send you, or send your 2-3 days and/or come home early. Very flexible. Also, you and
    your parent of choice get to have a 'practice day' and both of you come to school for the day.

    I guess they are nipping school anxiety in the bud.

    They have the grades two ages together. 4/5 are together and when it is your 6th bday, you
    go up to the 6/7 yo grade. But I don't think you get a practice day.

    Those jokes were just hysterical. I'm going to have to print or write them out.

  15. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I'm going to get the Middle aged women book you gave the book report on so thanks for that Rock.

    Last min. stuff going in the RV.Running around the house like a chicken with it's head cut off.Head out early tomorrow.Huz said don't over do he's going to need my help.What?Is he kidding?Women you can imagine how much work I've done all week.The grunt work a man wouldn't think of much less do.I have no idea what else he is talking about.Oh well,no way to start a trip he he.

    Take care everyone and I hope you are all well.
  16. jole

    jole Member

    Or I would be if I could use a shovel....lol. We had a beautiful sunrise this morning and the temp will be above 0 so I'm thankful. It's good to be back here with all you jammie wearin' friends! A laptop would be nice. This past week has been the bed 'n me mostly. What I get for trying to play.

    We went to a wedding last weekend. I lasted 3 hours, which was too much for me. Sat off in a side room (MUCH quieter and less people). OMG I forgot how fancy schmancy those things can get.....and this one was!

    There were 589 guests for starters.....ceiling covered in luminescent fabric, crystal centerpeices, catered dinner, dance, etc. I actually know what styles of clothes are in fashion now. But grabbed our GD and went back to the motel as soon as possible. She laid on my chest and went right to sleep....and that my friends, was the best part of the entire day!

    So now you know why I'm barely alive. And also that feeling of "I really don't care". Today is a bit better though, so guess survival is on the way. Ha! Can't talk like that anywhere but here, 'cause you're all a strange bunch that actually understands.

    Gotta say I'm sorry to hear about all of you getting diseases from your docs/dentists! I've decided to stay away from them, thanks to you.

    Pam, hope your trip is wonderful, and the RV is such a great idea. That will be worth every penny to have things handy, no need to drag things in/out with each stop, and be able to rest along the way. Good for you! Can't wait on an update! Hugs.....Jole

  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    Pam is off!! How exciting.

    Jole is back in her pj's. And we are the strange bunch who understand. The wedding
    sounding so beautiful. Lots of money. Helped the economy.

    I haven't posted yesterday or this am. My brain is just fried. I have some to realize
    that I just have plain old dementia. Not the fancy, smachy 'cognitive problems'.
    Just nothing comes to my mind.

    Well, one thing did. I thought I saw wild turkeys in our "burn pile'. Redish beaks was
    what fooled me. But also that they were brown. Then they took off in flight. We
    think we have a buzzard nest....maybe. Cause they keep coming back. But, hey,
    I doubt they have their nests on the ground.

    Meals are getting real simple too. Tonight is Tyson Appitizer chicken 'things' and
    a small fresh veggie tray fromt the produce dept.

    The 4 yo has learned how to say "I need to go potty in dutch". She is ready to start
    school. jejejeje.

    Night ya'll.

    Linda (nap time)
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    But it turned out to be a nice day--breezy and cool but sunny.

    Another neighbor and I spent the day helping our newly widowed neighbor shop for, and hook up, a new laptop and route. We had nothing but trouble and I finally found a frayed ethernet cable on her old modem. Switched it out and, voila, wireless internet. Love these things when they work but they can be a real pain in the ass.

    Yes, only here do people understand why we may spend the day in our jammies. I've done more yesterday and today than I have in ages. I feel so lucky that whatever flare I had seems to have receded (knocking on wood :)

    Pam, have a safe trip. Prayers and hugs for everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  19. victoria

    victoria New Member

    to report it is *#@%snowing again in Georgia... radar doesn't even show it as snow, supposed to be rain. I was wondering why I didn't hear anything. Now I know why - it's the white stuff again!

    Back later, off to bed & sweet dreams of spring I hope!

    Pam hope you don't run into any weather problems on your trip. This year has been crazy all over!!!

  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    Mikie....so glad the flare is receding. Your knowledge of computers is impressive!

    Today the big white birds (Herons?) and the little duckies were back feeding. It is
    very overcast and even had a shower a little bit ago. Seems, to me, that they
    only come when it is like that.

    The hepasunte is causing me to wake at a normal time (8am haha) but can't tell
    any difference other than that. The hepa is to fight viruses.

    I looked up dementia. I have it. I cried. Now I'm better. There are some tests to
    run to see what might could at least be aggravating it. I'll just print it out for my
    next visit. The doc will just love it. Boy, does he love my print outs. haha

    So sorry that big bad storm is getting you Victoria. What a winter to come back!!!
    I hate *snow. I would be considering moving to the equator! Oh, that is almost
    where you were..just kidding. But Mexico is closer than Ga.

    I was watching Idol last nite. One of the contestants was from Columbia. The drug
    lords had caused so much violence, they left and moved with nothing to the US.
    Seems to be that alot of the immigrants and we have a lot since I was a kid, are
    escaping violent areas. If you watch Idol, the judges said that this girl might be
    the next one.

    Sweet dreams of you, every nite _____. Patsy Cline


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